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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday August 19th, 2020

One of the few positives of Covid is ALOT of people have free time. is putting out 35-65 podcasts a week and puts out a few hundred good tweets each day. I say it jokingly as I really do love his work. My point is, lack of “regular work has left celebrities a few extra hours to do podcasts. My two new favorites are the podcasts by Rob Lowe and the other by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes call Smartless. Both podcasts have people that have been around a while and know everyone in the industry. It allows them to have great guests that tell great stories. And by trade they are all great story tellers anyway. There are tens of millions of podcasts now but the difference between professionals and a person of the street is night in day. The quality of the recording. The cadence of the conversation is so good.

Like tens of millions of other people I’ve listened to Joe Rogan for years. Love him or hate him he set the bar for all podcasts. Long form, letting the guests talk and continue. No time limits or structure. Pure entertainment. He proved what has always been proven in entertainment. People will pay to get in front of a big audience. His audience is bigger each week than the top rated television show. At 190 million downloads PER WEEK he makes over $30 million from the podcasts alone. BarStool sports said their “Call Her Daddy” weekly podcast generated $100k per episode in the very first year. The girls were making $500K but broke up because they wanted that and a whole lot more. Meaning evidently that the revenue was increasing. Dax Shepard is approaching $10 million a year. Its a legit business and even the smaller podcasts are starting to make some decent revenue.

The best part about all of this is watching a form of entertainment blossom and come into its own. It makes me feel old as the old ways of consuming retire but makes me feel good to know that I’m part of the push to move to better forms. Now if I can just figure out how to make some money from it 🙂 Names at Auction or Available for Pickup You can own one of the Big Three. People, Places, and Things Dot ag has been anointed a gambling TLD as well as Agriculture Its a tough fruit to spell but its a delicious fruit and deserves the extra U I think of canna but could be a brand for anything Blow shit up

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action I know you’ll want to own ForLove too but a great name for a dating site (although my guess love isn’t exactly what they’re looking for) . Coming up in the Sedo GD auctions There have been a lot of good buys on at Sedo the last few years . In the Sedo auction as well in 8 days Sounds interesting. Maybe a few credit card numbers? 1992 birthday. I haven’t seen older on Namejet this year. Have you? Great tech name. No reserve so its even better. Comps $2095 and $3K No reserve sold for $299 for $5K. I expect this to sell in between those prices Don’t necessarily like the Pod part but love the health side Chunder only happens when its raining. But I may have it wrong A bit generic but you know exactly what they’re selling

Godaddy Domains With Bids I would still rather own something like this than a baseball card. I only think of Bill from MTV ‘Merica Based on the success of WeChat this has a lot of value. And no way WeChat will be banned Workout/tanning place Gotta be long online learning right now Most bids on the GD board today but not for the name A lot of history and juice here as well. But 3 times the price Great solar name. Will buy 🙂 Upgrade name for a lot of companies Good name for promotional product. Not as good as but not bad Just can’t use it for artificial smart legs. Its trademarked They always sell for more Boring name yet I can clearly seeing it being in the mall Dog snack all the way Comes with a free Y2K warning Its either a BBQ restaurant or a Yoga Position Same here I’m long all cheap 5L

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  1. I agree Shane, my pornhub hours have increased from 2 hours a week to 10 hours a week. How about you Shane no lying now haha

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