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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday August 7th, 2019

You know its going to be a tough day when you’re trying to spell the name Wednesday and just stare at it because it doesn’t look like its spelled correctly. 50 years on Earth and all of a sudden a word that you type out at least once a week looks totally foreign to you. Don’t act like that’s never happened. I learned a long time ago that all the crazy shit that I thought was just me is common. The good and the bad. The Internet blew all that up. Things that I thought I excelled at turned out to really just be in the better than average category. And thousands of others were a step above me. Things that others struggle with I found out I was good at or could handle with ease. The crazy thoughts and ideas that ran through my head ran through the heads of millions of others and the Internet gave us a place to meet and share. Which again can be good and bad based on what you’re sharing.

On a personal note I’m smack dab in the middle of marathon training and I’m about to start hitting high mileage of 70-80 miles a week. I have track workouts, tempo runs, and one long run of 20 miles a day a week. It becomes a test to run that hard and work outside all day but its also the time of year that really makes me stronger and faster. I have no idea why but I seem to run best at high mileage. It takes me a while to build up but once I’m there it all seems to come together. I ran a 23 miler on a rolling course Sunday and managed to keep it around 7:30 pace (4:20 km/hr) average for the 23. That’s exactly wherewhere I like to be when I’m in shape. Not too fast, not too slow. The hard part is coming back two days later and running a tempo run. A tempo run is a pace that you could run 10 miles at all out. So its fast but not a sprint. Your heart rate for a male should be at 150 bpm. My tempo was going to be 8 miles and I expected for my legs to be dead and it to be a pretty rough run. Except it wasn’t. For some reason this week I felt amazing. The weather was normal so it wasn’t cooler temperatures. I just felt good. So I took advantage of it and rolled. I was able to keep 6:41 pace ( 4:09 km/hr) which is exactly where I want to be but have had trouble getting the last few weeks in the heat. My hope is to get it down to sub 6:30 but it will need to cool off and be after a shorter long run to get there. But its nice be able to still run fast even though I’ve crossed 50. It’s really the only competitive thing I have left. I know it won’t last forever but the work is still paying off. Funny how that equation of work to results stays true.

Domain of the Day: aka sand in your crotch. Unless you’re having the drink called this. Not as fun

Quote of the Day: “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower” – Alexander Den Heijer

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction 18 year old domain. Almost 2 billion results. A vector map is a map with all different levels of detail. Met reserve at $33. 17 years old. Dot com sold for $30K At $1 with no reserve. Google full of ads for exactly this Met reserve so I will sell today. 18 years old. Bring all your media under one roof Met reserve at $30. 17 years old. Dot com sold for $30K with a reserve of $1 . Q for Qatar If you need a domain to sell your FinTech domains I would go with the slogan “Like putting lipstick on us” 1996 birthday. There will always be college campuses despite what Phoenix tells you Sounds fun Not sure what a power ski is but I hope it does all the work Upgrade or marketing name for hundreds of fall pumpkin specialist This is where I buy all my babies You know that this place does house plans right in the title Copper does so many things but unfortunately none of what they are selling it for on TV Ends today. Last chance to get this kewl domain Dot me has really fallen. Can’t even get one bid on a huge keyword I don’t know why but I have looked at this name for 6 days as I scan the list and I stop and look each time. Just catches my eye each time. No bids so nobody else agrees Sedo has had pretty good success with .uk Another bid I’m not sure I trust. Hope I’m wrong

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bid No hot stones, no Pilates, Just Yoga don’t see typos sell for this much very often any more Buying history and backlinks here folks Where the hottest biologist come to party and talk petri dishes The first crypto especially released by 21 Savage. Annnnnd I made that up. But sounded real Ironically, someone as classy as Mariah Carey would never be caught with a dot net Summit like get together and talk business or climb to the top of a mountain First we heal you, then we dance Mowing or Mow would be much better but has a few bids Fails the radio test miserably but would probably be accepted on a brandables site The VR at the end is brining in the bids I’ll officially let this be brandable At least they’ll know what you do. Don’t have to worry about them thinking you sell clothes or make ice cream Definitely easier to remember than your name or your number “they fuck it up, we fix it” Might be a bit edgy but they’ll remember your name and your slogan Lab names seem to be doing well at auction lately I have no idea what a is worth but if they have any value this one will Nice little for the price. But will go over $100 like all of them do now Sounds like a cooking site or show and that’s most likely what it will be some day

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about Shane. I have to double-check words all the time, especially if I’m tired. 🙂

  2. Hi Shane
    I love your comments on the names.
    Well ,which is better for VR before keyword or after?

    1. I actually think VR companies generally won’t have VR in the name but I think each name is different as to whether beginning or end is better. Can work on either side

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