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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday December 18th, 2019

If you want to read some crazy statements you’re going to find no better place than Twitter. I’ll preface it by saying my Twitter account is as random as it gets and what you gain in finding some interesting and funny videos, you lose in lack of any quality education in domain names. I now truly enjoy twitter because I unfollowed anyone that had 10 negative tweets and blocked anyone in that category that had a negative response to me.

“You can’t take being criticized!” I absolutely can take criticism. I’m married. You ever been married? A wife of 20 years will point out every fault you have over two decades. “Hey honey, tough day? You look tired ” Here response “Oh yeah, well you’re bald” There isn’t a statement I make or a tweet that I write that she doesn’t comment on. And I like it because it keeps me in check. But that being said, there are just some people in this world that are so negative, that even following their tweets or having an interaction with them just makes you feel worse after reading them. You wonder if their life is so bad that all they can do is try and tear things apart. By getting rid of them the criticism I get is real. From people that can work both sides of the comments, good and bad. I’ve made two exceptions.

Matt Barrie, owner of and many other companies, and Rick Schwartz. If you read Matt’s twitter account you would think that Australia is the worst place in the entire world. One criticism after another. But I know he wants to “fix” Australia and loves his country so he points out the things that are issues. And boy does he find them. Rick is Rick. He is over the top in all he does so when he is critical he’s harsh and when he’s excited he’s really excited. Example. Claiming that his “Request a Price” change from Make an Offer is going to revolutionize the space in 2020. It’s a nice add but probably not revolutionary. Those two have 100% proven that their approach to business leads to success so to me its worth getting through the negativity for the tidbits of good stuff in between. The others have no value to me and if they provide no value then the negativity they bring to the table is better off stopped at the door.

Quote of the Day: “Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared; but only men of character are trusted.” –Alfred Adler

Domain of the Day: A business in one name. The catch all name for TED talks and other online lectures

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Met reserve at $38. People will go to any extension if the deals are good enough Memory site or online storage. Met reserve at $11 Robots will run the world. Here’s the site that will cover it. 20 years old and reserve is met Getting some great bids. Tens of thousands of dentist around the world providing dental services. 16 years old, met reserve. Price is on the front side of the reserve. We’ll see if it can hit it You can broker thousands of asset classes. But there’s only one smart Elliot got but you can take it a step better and get more Chili, I mean Chilly George Washington I feel like ordering is going to be a whole lot more fun Feel like it should be worth more than $500 This one will do much better because of the C at the end Sounds like a pill that will keep you calm I have an affinity for bee names. Yet I’ve never sold one It’s starting to become a thing. Comfort dogs for people that have experienced trauma No takers the first time I listed it. Maybe it sounds familiar to me because I knew a guy with this last name I love the word away. Exudes remote as in do it away from home or the office. Or Travel as in get away Bidders are loving this one. Equal opportunity comes to mind first for me

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Click the links to fund the site and our work The most bids and the highest price of all the Godaddy names at press time Peaked last year but bitcoin conferences are here to stay Sounds like a WebUrbanist, abandoned buildings and sites site I used to carry one of these in 90s. Now its going to be an app Customer service chat all the way Probably from the same portfolio as the above. Marketing company name Three good letters for a dot org. A for association Sounds French, is French Should be dozens of Chiropractors that would love to have this one. Because nobody can spell chiropractor without spell check Pretty sure most fruit is eaten raw but maybe raw could be used for organic Facebook or porn Sounds like a Hippy clothing line Tool company Not sure I like the form of the word here but hot civil topic right now A bit too generic for me but explains the product and the business OK Boomer, sure you get better with age health and fitness but can’t use it for CrossFit 21 year old domain There are eyebrow threading places everywhere now Hard to think about as we get blasted with snow Met reserve so its going to go to a new owner Right around the corner Another .io You could clean up with this one

Godaddy Names With One of No Bid

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