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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday February 26th, 2020

I shared this story on twitter (follow me if you don’t @DomainShane) but I think its my favorite domain investor story so far this year. I put together a run at NamesCon and we had a good turnout. I had some friends that live in Austin set out a course and I lied and told everyone it was seven miles. It turned out to be 10. We had a great time and found out there are much better runners in the domain investing world than me. We had a good breakfast after and walked back to the hotel. As we arrived we save Jason Sheppard (@DVDJKingpin) was leaving for the airport. I know Jason as a good domain investor but talked more because he won the Domain Investors Fantasy Football league and took home some good cash.

I basically said have a good trip and that it was nice to see him in person and that he still owed me a beer for him winning the league. I didn’t think much of it. But Jason did. Evidently he saw us running and it put a fire under him to exercise more. As soon as he got home he started running. He started with a mile. He posted it on Twitter and said that seeing our running group inspired him to start running and lose some weight. As of yesterday he’s run 14 straight days and is up to two miles a day. He’s lost 29 pounds since he started. The highlight of my day is my run and seeing what Jason did that day. His weight loss is my gain. When it all comes down to it, domains don’t compare to your health. Because you would gladly trade all your domains and money to be healthy. To feel better when you feel bad.

I hope that at next NamesCon Jason joins us on our run. And until then I’ll be cheering him on and giving him Twitter high fives. I hope you do too.

Domain of the Day: Help or investment

Quote of the Day: Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.” — Norman Ralph Augustine Names at Auction or Dropping The job of every salesman More than just a cute rabbit in Bambi Female name, a geo, and a CVCV Sounds like you’re going to get a pretty good deal here One of the best .vc names coming through the pipe lately I was surprised how many .ac names were in use. Not much action here but the good one words usually get a backorder and then one more bid for $104

Namejet and Sedo Domains at Auction 16 years old and good CPC. Forex affiliates programs have remained better than brokerage because its still not free trading like stocks. Reserve met Great brand. Everything is right there at them 1996 birthday. Great sportsbook name IMO there’s an organization for this? Wonder what the dues are No bidders. 2004 birthday. Upgrade name for a few places Probably the best on the board today. And there are lots of them A ton of places in the world named Sam’s and Sam’s club has the dot com so its not going anywhere. Might be strong enough name even with the dash. Registered in 15 other tlds. No reserve Every town has a bar with this name ….or should 23 years old and registered in 18 other tlds Registered in 33 other tlds. 1999 birthday and 13K backlinks from 350 domains Looks like its going to sell. Getting pretty close to resyrup. reserve Gets more than 9000K monthly visitors Love the name but reserve may be tough to hit. Not out of line though there have been some great deals on LLL.coms on Sedo auctions over the years Another shorty that I think will meet reserve Closing today. At $2500 I still think this is a good buy. But don’t buy based on my thoughts. That’s a good way to get yourself killed A little blunt but a lot of popular tests are urine based As good of a canna soda brand as I can think of

Godaddy Domains With Bids How I like my drugs. No Fentanyl please Top number of bids on the Godaddy board today My Dad always says this to me when I do something good. I’m going to have to buy it THAT’s where they all went after I lost them Using the money to empower people Marketing name more than anything. Too niche to make a business out of it The Chinese love these types. Round and repeating Call to action. Shows them how easy it is to use right there in the name Godaddy values this at $8,000 and bids are supporting it. Not that high, but higher than normal. Pronounceable 4L which always is a good investment long term. IMO Really don’t know why this is so high. Something Japanese related Clean so well it almost seems like Magic Media names always rock “You Ready Dog?” I see this as a fair trade type name Plenty of companies out there right now touting themselves as cannabis consultants Because Z is so much cooler than S Sounds like my old girlfriend has a new book coming out A new line of puzzles of one color and missing half the pieces. Or just a crime show Yup people still get trojan horse stuff How viral should be spelled Sounds like a place where the drinks are cheap and the music is free Rivian and Cybertruck alternating on the cover each month Sounds like a pop up shop and These continue to hold well Nice sounding brand IMO I think Postmate or a website cart system

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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