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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday July 29th, 2020

I’m back from my mini getaway to see my daughter in NY. Had to wear my mask the entire time. Just too many people not. There is no doubt there is a direct correlation to overall intelligence to mask wearing. The students don’t really wear it around each other but they do a great job around everyone outside of their circle. When they go into stores, or order at restaurants they all wear their masks. But as soon as they get back in the group it comes off. It’s going to spread like wildfire among them, but in general they do look to be nice to everyone “on the outside”

Now non students and overall? Its horrific. Nobody at the hotel desk I stayed at wore a mask. A few did but it didn’t cover their nose. The good restaurants all masked up, the hole in the walls but with the good takeout food, not wearing them properly. Just hoping they cooked it real good. And I’m sure it did no good at all but I literally sat my food out in the sun for 10 minutes to bake off the COVID.

In the 3 days I didn’t talk to anyone without me wearing a mask. Not a moment inside without it except talking to my daughter and one of her friends. I stayed away from the rest. Just to be safe. I’m taking a test next Tuesday just to double check but compared to the exposure that people that have gotten COVID, mine was very very minimal. At least that’s what I feel. I was cognizant the entire time of exposure. And as I type this I just got notice that Illinois has been added to the don’t come to NY list. Adding one more to the 33 states. It means that all travelers or students have to quarantine for 2 weeks or its a big fine. Fortunately my daughter stayed in NY just in case this happened but screws with our planned travel coming up. Travel is not a good idea during COVID anyway but my wife hasn’t seen my daughter this year so we’re trying to figure out a way for her to see her in a safe way.

Speaking of COVID, my Starbucks puts took a dump because they said the future looks bright after earnings. I expected them to say that. What else are they going to say? Compared to now it does. They saved themselves by not having as bad of a quarter as expected. I think it was bad but every company is protecting their stock with colorful words of hope. Words will do it right now. Data is hard to hide but I think everyone is playing around with their earnings. Making zero expenditures to make sure losses look better than expectations. Canceling ads and going to direct marketing etc. Its a $5K loss or at least looks to be at this time.

And speaking of not what you expect. I announced to the world I bought I didn’t, I bought I put it in my head what I bought and off I went. Even paid for it without noticing it. Then the email came and said it was in my account. I’m such a dumb ass. Another great example of too much time goofing around and not enough time paying attention. And yet I am still doing pretty well. Imagine if I actually put full attention to it. Might make a billions dollars.

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Quote of the Day: Names at Auction or Available for Pickup With bitcoin hitting five figures again this only goes up in value A lot of places and things share the name. Don’t think there will be very many bidders so you might get it cheap It is THE literally With .gg I like names that I think a young gamer would like or they would remember. I think this one fits the bill Same here. They will think it sounds like a crypto coin when really its a pretty flower

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action 17 years old. Great name for VPN or Proxy Server. Reserve met 27 years old. Don’t see a lot of 4Ls this old up for auction very often 1994 birthday. No reserve Memorable name, easy logo, no reserve. 25 years old and taken in 35 extensions . Oops forgot to sort my list. This and the one above don’t come up for a week or so. Get your bids in early 🙂 20 plus years old. Sounds like a tech company to me Sounds more fun, less profitable than a domain king Taken in 15 extensions. Life coach name all the way Has a $500 reserve which I think will be easily met Taken in 31 extensions. 21 years old R for Realty and taken in 30 extensions which is a good number for a 4L Nice enough numbers that the dot org is receiving some nice bids Still the leading name in the Sedo dot co auction

Godaddy Domains With Bids LA and NY are two of the biggest destinations in the world Another place that people love to travel to. And buy travel packages to boot I have no problem stigmatizing the antimaskers Not really sure why it has the most bids on the Godaddy board today I could have offered this to you for $1000 3 years ago and we all would have passed I’d go with surfboard covers over ironing board if profit is the goal It’s a lifestyle. I’ve seen their stanky ass feet in the stores The singulars make it less desirable but bidders still like the gambling name Exudes inclusion, creative, and standing out in a crowd the word cyber keeps popping up and it keeps on selling Science or phones The healthy source. A great brand that excudes fresh Good name but that could go to a good cause Living off its host is the definition. Don’t have an answer for its use On my short list of places to go and more an more people’s as well. 1999 birthday. Taken in 42 extensions Too generic for me but has 32 bids so I don’t matter here Pretty open as to what its going to be about. Just know its coming every day

Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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Domain Spotlight:

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  1. I actually thing is better. I think people know there is no “perfect smile”, but you can certainly get a pretty smile…

  2. I’d say just visit virtually for now. Stop unnecessarily risking your lives. When this is over you’ll have a lot more years to get together.

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