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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday November 13th, 2019

I thought it was pretty cool that had the back of Kate Buckley the other day. If you hadn’t heard, a NamesPro user named OffTheHandle (anyone who knows his real name please email it to me so I can give him proper credit) accused Kate Buckley of lying about her sales. While she was under an NDA, Escrow was nice enough to say that the name was sold for seven figures and they did the escrow to prove it. They didn’t have to do that and could have used privacy an excuse but they knew that give a vague answer without details would be enough to prove that Kate is telling the truth without hurting the buying party. Especially since it was already announced publicly that it sold for millions.

Kudos to Jackson for the nice gesture. As for offthehandle. I told Kate to leave it be. You don’t fuck with shadows. Namepros makes nobody accountable for their words so everyone is free to say whatever they want unless its a little off topic and THEN they swoop in like Superman and remove the post. But accuse someone of lying about a million dollar sale, try and slander their name, and harm their reputation all with no proof? Let that one stay. We’re cool. It’s just an opinion. Fortunately Kate didn’t listen to me and publicly released a response. Of course OffTheHandle has responded with exactly nothing..Crickets. Like the shadow he is. It’s a shame. Because their are so many great people on Namepros but they are being overshadowed by the bad apples and monsters.

Quote of the Day: A child who’s unloved by his village will burn it down just to feel the warmth” – African proverb

Domain of the Day: Don’t get a round 4N chance very often. I think you’re going to need $60K to get it

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Closes Today and met reserve. 13 years old. Find your business mentor locally 14 years old . Good name for a family counseling. Met reserve Another that has a reserve from 10K to 25K and really comes down to where that reserve is. I know these lower end LLL have been going for what I feel is a good value and If you like C at the end of your LLLL.coms Met reserve at $79. Certainly not a company name but could be an app or blog name Not a big ING name guy but I do like this one as a travel name. No reserve Everyone has them. Just kidding. I wouldn’t buy this but would have to admit it would be fantastic to give this out as an email Sounds a little dirty, OK a lot dirty, but its a strong Adult name Best Steak and Seafood name ever Upgrade name for a few dozen companies. No reserve Good domain investing name Norwegian female name. One of the top names at the Sedo auction Met reserve at $150 Would be a great buy but still some time left stands for OK Motherfucker. You remember it now don’t you? Lactose intolerant ? No bids Upgrade name for most of the first page in Google

Godaddy Domains With Bids

Click the links to fund the site and our work Top price on the board today. You can see why. Everyone in the world has one. Or two Marketing name. Normally I would say its worth buying under $100 but not sure you can even get a name under $100 on GD any more Porn site all the way Wonder if Sedo would have taken this name into their gaming auction? Heard Josh Reason say they’d rejected Namebio shows a pretty history of sales for VPN names wholesale Creative Financing Solutions Sounds like an obesity clinic or a laxative I see this as a culinary name more than a musical one Creative crypto Sounds like an action film Remember when I talked about how many bots. Maybe someday you could use this All good letters. H for health

Somebody let a valuable group of 6Ns expire

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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