Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday September 19th , 2018

Sep 19 2018

I have a name that receives more offers than any other name I have.  Probably twice as many as any other.  But every offer is usually $1.  The name is  The name they are trying to go to is    I put it on Efty but definitely need to put a lander on it.  Because nobody really means to visit my site and they think they have to fill out the form to get to the section where they can get to the torrent site.   And before you ask I don’t think they want to upgrade to  Torrent sites are big upgraders unless they are trying to go legit and when they do its usually dot com.   But I might as well make a little money in parking.  I might be able to double my $10 per month.


Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price


Quote of the Day:   “We’re all ignorant, just about different things.” Mark Twain

Domain of the Day:         Good brand for anything.  And won’t be for actual magic when its used IMO


 Namejet and Sedo Names and Others  Broker bitcoin or broker sales of other things using bitcoin   Bitcoin accounting name.  Already a bitcoin app.  Has a few nice bids  Great name to teach the world about crypto   Sounds like software that is going to do some blockchain or bitcoin work   I like this because its a bitcoin name and a good old brand  Crypto Finance    Short 5L and bitcoin related. To me the perfect bit brand  Getting closer to the reserve.  Might actually hit it  Met reseve.  This baby is going to get a new home If the reserve is closer to the $500 I think it is a good LLLL for the money.  My opinion only  Vegans are so hard to buy for    Nobody can spell it but fantastic cheating site name for under $1000 (at press time)

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  Because you know there are already 100s of nail shops already named this   All I see is this is an alternative spelling to Odor.  But the bids are pretty high for just being this    Marketing, media, and capital names.  People buy up any good keyword versions   Forgot to mention people like Sky brands too   Girls name    DNA and Stem Cells are where I want to be in health care   The kind of brand that is selling on BrandBucket  This monthly makeup box name is getting some action.  Wish I would have bought hundreds of box names once Birch Box took off  Can’t be any worse for you than a street taco.   At four figures  1995 domain    Crowdsourcing  good for getting things done.  Crowded I avoid  Not getting a lot of love     A lab domain with a Cherry on top  It sounds like a lot of people are right now.  But that’s always been the case since the beginning of time

Godaddy Domains With No Bids  I don’t think I would even know what a grouse is if it wasn’t for the 3 Stooges.  Its a bird  People still buy scripts to save time Very positive marketing name. No bids  Nobody else likes it but I think it looks good and sounds smooth.  And it sounds like a cholesterol drug  No value but funny as hell.  Start a website, sell shirts   Love the brand.  ology names are popular.  One bid  I miss the old days of arcades on the net. Phones have kind of taken over We still doing coin names.  How about Harbor names?  I’d visit candy ground. Sounds delicious  I’ve seen worse brands sell for four figures. Two bids  Ever is a long time  Get high on tech  Love the sound of this one.  Sounds like they are going to protect you  “Healing the active person”

OTHER Godaddy Domains With Bids

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