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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednessday November 4th, 2020

Let’s skip the election chit chat. That’s because I wrote this last night and I have no idea who won. (Edit: I’m now up today and revisiting this post and we still don’t know who won. Except Trump, heard he declared himself the winner and asked to stop counting votes. I’m not sure why a lot of past people running for President didn’t do that)

Now the important stuff. We finally got a Costco in our town. I’ve shopped several times at a Costco but it was always with someone or with their card when I was traveling. We have a Sam’s Club but people that have one tell me Costco is a whole new ballgame. So I signed up. The gas alone is worth having a membership. I paid $1.91 vs $2.10 at the other stations. I also stock the coolers at the nursery and if I catch a good deal I can get a can of Coke for $31 cents. Costco $.25. The size of the store is also much larger. Just so many more items.

I do see one area that Sam’s is doing better. Items for resale. Costco is made for individuals and a lot of their packaging is made to open at home in larger quantities. Sam’s has individually wrapped products that the local convenience stores and restaurants can resell. Costco does have some of that but not as much as Sam’s. I went in both places and of course ,Costco was packed because it just opened, but Sam’s was still full of people loading up food and resell chips and cookies. My feeling is the restaurant people will soon be switching because the meat and food selection was soooo much better and cheaper. But the convenience store people will probably have memberships to both.

So my question is this. Does your town have a Sam’s AND a Costco? What do you like or dislike about each. Just curious.

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  1. We don’t have a Sam’s Club here in the UK Shane, but we do have Costco, I have visited both whiles on vacation in the USA and found Costco to offer the better value of the two, however they don’t have any competition over here…Plus Walmart is pulling out of the UK and selling ASDA there grocery store chain based here too so don’t see a Sam’s coming to us anytime soon.

  2. Costco much better. The employer treats the employees well. Some of the name tags you will say since 2005. Good sign of a company treating employees well. The best thing is if the shit breaks after a year you take it back with no receipt in hand and hand them your member ID they look it up and they give you credit, easy hassle free. Then you have the optical which is like 50% less. Any company that ends in mart or club sucks . Plus the stock wins in either great or shitty economy.

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