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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wendesday July 8th, 2020

I’m picking up my Dad from the airport today. He lives here locally but winters in Florida . Due to Covid, this year he had to pick a place. He couldn’t fly back and forth like he normally does for obvious reasons. My Dad is one of the people you are wearing your mask for. Last year he suffered a terrible infection that caused him to have a heart attack that would have killed anyone else. But after a week in an induced coma he made it through. He’s completely recovered mentally but the combination of the heart attack and just growing old makes him more vulnerable He stays in a small circle and goes out when he has to and enjoys sitting around watching the news and feeding the animals on the back porch. It’s a stereotypical retiree but he enjoys it. COVID didn’t change his lifestyle but he has to make sure it doesn’t change/take his life.

I write this because since that heart attack, I haven’t taken one day that my parents are with me, for granted. Before that, I was so busy trying to build a life, a career, that I didn’t think about or talk to, my parents enough. I took my Mom to Hawaii in the spring to spend some extended alone time with her for the first time in 25 years and I talk to my Dad pretty much every day to see how his day was. Some times its about the nursery but half the time it’s everything but. I have 3 of my 4 Grandparents but the relationship with them but is a little different. They didn’t raise me and I only see them a few times a year. Even with the limited time, I truly enjoy the great stories they tell me the amazing world they’ve seen. There aren’t very many people left that get to hear about WW2 directly from the people that served.

I know there are many people that would love to be able to talk to their parents again and I keep that in mind every day. Having my parents actively involved is one of the things that makes me me. I’ve had family, a wife and a daughter keeping me in check my whole life. None of them ask me to do great things but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t check my actions with the thought “would Mom, Dad, Daughter, wife, Grandparent, etc think that was a wise choice” It’s not a coincidence most of the people I hang out with have great relationships with their parents. Their relationships are like mine, the ups and downs of growing up, but a relationship.

I love running the nursery, spending every day buying and selling domains, but I also know the reason and the importance of work. It is a means to an end. In order to put your best effort in you have to love it. And I do. But if work causes sacrifice to those around you then you better have their permission. And if you work and there are no love ones around, you are essentially hitting a hole in one while playing by yourself. Rewarding, but not nearly as fun. And while my parents and family are with me, every day with them is like hitting a hole in one.

Quote of the Day: “You’re not paid for your skills and your hard work. You’re being paid based on how difficult you are to replace”

Domain of the Day: The perfect name for a food delivery service. Bring your checkbook, it’s going to get crazy at the end of this one Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Another auction being won by (hidden). He is easily the biggest buyer on Not sure of the value but so many companies and private citizens use bill payment services Save big money I might be stretching it to pick a Spanish word dot io. But I do like El I didn’t even know there was a bz tld. I thought it was biz on And while weed isn’t as popular as canna, this is still doing very well at auction

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action 15 years ago and no reserve. Sold for $17.5K in the past Expiring with no bids. Not a bad 5L for under $100 in today’s market Also know bid. I have no idea what soul flex is but sounds like a good store name Its a rollie not a stop 1994 birthday. Pretty old expiring 25 years old. I won’t lie, I have to triple check how to spell architects I passed this one on my first scan but 22 years old and taken in 30 extensions so it has some use Tens of millions travel to the world to run marathons If big ass fans can pull it off “We have the hard to get stuff” Testing is a hot keyword. We’ll see if its hot enough to get it to the reserve

Godaddy Domains With Bids The government won’t like it but it does pay a little better. Highest number of bids on the board today I do love her songs but my guess the price is based on history and backlinks and not Sia the singer’s name recognition Before you go on that sailing trip Very Sexy Rental Bikes Indian female name Could be used for marketing online coaching All you need for a good life Service or tools. No coffee If its not a buffet it should be Only taken in 10 extensions but I for International or Inc Not exactly sure where the big price is coming from. It’s a popular last I could be online affairs or an online management tool. Either way I wouldn’t want my wife to find it on my desktop Pretty name. Will have to spell out but nice flow Top dot us name of the day. Actually the only dot us Locally sourced from local sources

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  1. You’re a good man Shane. I don’t know where you find the time to be so thoughtful. Probably running….. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and helping us be better too.

  2. I can relate, been taking care of my sick Mom for the last 3 years. Also, damn you, Shane, now you’ve got me hooked on “Alone” 🙂 … Great show!

  3. Great thoughts Shane. I lost both my parents in the last few years and will always wish I had one more visit, made one more call….

  4. Great story about your father and family in general.

    I’ve lived in Thailand for the last 18 years and don’t get back to England enough to see my Mum nearly as often as I like, but we talk on FaceTime every week for around 2 hours (She knows her way around an iPad, not bad for an 85 year old).

    Very true about spending quality time while they are still with us, or we are still with them for that matter.

    Stay safe over there, by the looks of the news it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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