Domain Shane’s Friday Book of Ten….Kate Upton Pics Inside

Mar 13 2014

Today’s names are the usual mixed bag. A few names at auction that WILL sell and some names at BIN prices. If you see a name you like make an offer. You never know. Here are today’s names.



; Excellent name for a conference in one of the biggest industries in the world, marketing. Tons of industries already use this style including our own NamesCon. Price was a great value at press time,, And many more all reduced in price to move. You already missed out on the other 6 cities that were sold, check out this list before they’re gone. Make him a bulk offer if you want a good price Next bid makes reserve. 18 year old Great letters and plenty of things that it can stand for. I won’t burden you with what they could be. Just go take a look at the auction 535,000 searches. A $17,000 valuate price. Look at all the ads for amplifiers in Google and it will tell you that they’re still in big demand. Link takes you to a low opening offer Use the coupon code SHANEISSEXY and take 25K off the listed price of this one. Huge mortgage name with a $10 CPC.  Those in the space already know this, those that have been buying junk domains probably already have this type of loan As investors we all want to know how to make money on the newest “IT” thing and no doubt the money being made on marijuana in Colorado has us all wishing we could get in on it without selling pot itself. Here’s one way. Marijuana Oils are becoming more popular each day. Tons of people are trying to learn how to make it (and blowing themselves up doing it wrong) and others are trying to buy it. And it’s only going to increase. Speaking of marijuana domains. This one is a ways out until auction but  good name with a low reserve.  One of the best 3D Printer names you can buy.  I see thousands of 3d printer type names being bought to capture the hottest market on the net.  Geos, one offs, but here you can own one of the 3 best 3d printer names in the world IMO One of my favorite NNNN.coms to come up for sale in quite a while. Be prepared to pay up but IMO a great investment $500 Memorable and pretty sure this one is going to explode. Contact me $2500 Sure it’s a dot CC but it’s one of the best dot CC you can own. Contact me

And I didn’t want to distract your from the names so this is all you get.

If interested in getting a name on this list or sponsoring this post? Contact me for rates.

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