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Feb 20 2014

Today and every Friday I post a list of 10 domains that are for sale. On my regular daily list I only put domains that are up at auction, but this list will contain both names at auction, domains with websites, or just straight up for sale. Some of the names are paid listings, others are names that I thought were a good value. Here is today’s list.  Quite a few names sold off the list last week and for the first time, the list sold out with a few people waiting.  If you are interested in getting on the list for next week shoot me an email.  Here are today’s names (Make Offer) Massively Open Online Course.  Look it up.  Hugely popular and the future of the web.

Nigel.TV  $500  One of the most popular names in England.  18,500 searches per month. Email for Contact info  $11,000  The hottest keywords in the industry right now.  I’d give you the comps but pretty sure everyone’s followed the sales prices  $100   You have two choices.  Top Load, Front Load.  Top loads clean better IMO and a heck of a lot cheaper.  But front loads are cooler and generally use less water so people assume they are better   $15K   Means dude or “cool dude” in Spanish slang.  If you live in California or Texas you’ve certainly heard it.  A cool CVCV as well.  Incredible Hispanic brand.  Contact MediaOptions  $8K  Some pharma company is going to want to buy this.  That or a informercial company Contact MediaOptions  EOE is at the end of every job ad you see.  Means Equal Opportunity Employer  $750  From dogs to an application that does a task this one has a lot of uses $800  Something that we take for granted but something that many people base their life around getting.  $250 of sale will go to The Water School  $3000  Gets approx. 20 visits per day and $1 a day in parking.  But the parking money is a bonus

Again, If interested in getting a name on this list or sponsoring this post? Contact me for rates.

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