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May 24 2016



I watched the latest DomainSherpa.com review yesterday, as usual it was entertaining and informative. One thing that I thought I’d give my 2 cents on was the course the portfolio submitter should take in the future. I think that he should shoot big but sell for profit as soon as he can. There’s no formula as to how long he’s gonna have to wait for some enormous offer, but if opportunity comes along I think he should make money.

He’s obviously shown us that he has the skills to find undervalued assets that he can sell for more down the road. Why should he stop using these valuable skills to wait on super mega offers. This guy will be able to go out find good deals on names and sell them all day long. I’m not saying have a fire sale or take the first offer, but at least be open to doubling or tripling your money. He’s proven he can just go back out next month and do it over dsadbearsagain. If he triples his money that’s 3 similar quality domains that he can buy.

They have their own liquidity, if he needs money he can just put them right back up on namejet. Anyway my main point is that I think it would be a shame to have great skills on the buy but not use them because you’re only in the long game.   Click for current Prices below

The Main List

AgreeAndSign.com Notary service or escrow

AntiSocialism.com Not Bernie’s campaign slogan

BlackElf.com It’s a color and a noun. Also known as a Drow Elf for all you D&D fans

BloodPride.com  Family heritage site like Ancestry, or a vampire site

CallAndReport.com The new slogan and site for reporting Terror plots or just regular old crime.

CallYourRep.com Either a union marketing campaign or a anything political. How many times have you heard someone say call your Representative to change or stop something.

ChangeOrGo.com You just plain stink like 5 day old B.O. and cat piss, Change or go.

ClassicFail.com  The blooper site with overplayed yet still funny failures.

CurvyBlonde.com, CurvyBrunette.com, CurvyRedhead.com you can cover most of your bases with this trio.

CustomizedDoors.com Garage doors are expensive, any type of custom door is probably no cheap.

EarnClub.com I wonder how much Earn.club is a year, not sure.

EliteFormal.com  Tux rental, wedding dresses

EpicInterior.com Probabably serveral interior decorators in every town, as well as stagers for realtors.

GetLowCost.com At first I thought this one was kind meh, but I was thinking coupon site structured like GetLowCost.com/Furniture, GetLowCost.com/PetFood. I think it works.

GreenFeelsGood.com Whether it’s cash you’re talking about or pretending to help the planet, it feels good.

HeySomebody.com Hey! Somebody help me!

iLoveShopping.com I do not love Shopping, but If I did I would go to this site.

KidsOnlineSaftey.com  Probably a better domain for this concept, but you get the idea. Not sure how much you get for it, seems more like a public service type thing, but I guess there are products that could be promoted.

LawSuitNY.com  Here’s a name that probably had tens of thousands of prospective end users. I have no idea how many lawyers are in NY.

LeapsOfFaith.com Not as good as the singular, but I still kinda like it as a domain. Who just wants one leap? Don’t know who buys it.

MixedWithATwist.com Bar or a drink, kinda long but memorable I think

MoneyCaddy.com EIther a wallet or a teenager that follows you around carrying your money.

MyCustomHome.com I like this one, sell houses, or remodeling service.

MyLogHome.com Same idea, Log homes are popular

NameEverything.com  Maybe a branding company, everything is a bit broad.

NightGuys.com  Don’t know who buys it, night security, male strippers, an over night radio talk show?

NotJustLuck.com I think this is a pretty good brand for anything to do with working hard or hiring the right professional. Maybe a fishing guide.

OrganicSeoExpert.com I’m not sure if Organic SEO makes sense, I mean I know it’s a real thing getting organic traffic through search results. It just sounds funny to me, hiring someone to get “organic” search engine optimization results. The nature of the word suggests it should just happen on its own, but then who wants to wait that long?

PastCentury.com Probalby not a huge money maker, but a lot of stuff has gone down in the past 100 years.

PeerBroker.com  I had a concept that would work good with this name, basically you get everyday people to help connect people they know with things they need. Could be domains or anything, they’d get some commission. I’m not talking about affiliate marketing just people making a connection with people they know and passing on the lead.

PetSeller.com Everyone likes pets. Some people prefer more laid back pets like rocks or garden gnomes.

Phisher.com  I think this is the guy that tries to steal your info online.

ProjectFunded.com I don’t love the “ED” but it kinda works, makes me think it’s done, closed, they finished the deal.

ReadyToDoBattle.com I like this name for anything that sells weapons or even fake weapons like paintball.

ResidualMoneymakers.com keeps pumping money out year after year.

RestoreClassics.com My first thought is cars

RoadCompanion.com  Maybe a GPS or a blowup doll that sits in the passenger seat. It keeps you from getting carjacked and lets you use the HOV lanes.

SellARing.com Engagment not work out so well? Need to recoup some of that money, SellARing.com

SocialBlocks.com Either a site for people with social anxiety, or a service that keeps stalkers from looking at all the stuff you never should have posted in the first place.

SouthernProsperity.com Southerners are proud people, some still hate Yankees. Not the baseball team, well I’m pretty sure all southerners hate the Yankees baseball team too.

StayGorgeous.com Hey, you… Yeah I’m talking to you, stay gorgeous.  Could be the worst line ever.

TheBetterGreen.com Holds authority, not just better green, but THE better green.

TheSpoonful.com  Maybe a soup restauraunt?

ThoughtConcept.com Sounds creative, or sounds redudant, I’m not sure.

TroutStock.com  If you fish for trout anywhere that stocks them, you want to know where and when the stock trucks are going to drop the next load of fish. Could also be the place that sells all the supplies and fish to different organizations. There are a lot of different groups that hold fishing tournaments for kids with stocked trout. It makes sense to me, but I like trout fishing.

WeFindNames.com I did this today, looked for names

WeirdPic.com an app that makes your pic look weird.

WineshopOnline.com The name sums it up, Delicious Wine shipped to your door.

YouMaximum.com Maybe a workout site or motivational site? Or a jail sentence.





Weed Names

BluntDoctor.com A real or fake Dr that gives you an RX for a fatty

CageFreeCannabis.com  Don’t buy this, I just thought it was funny. Weed with lower cholestorol

CannaHood.com Ghetto cannabis

DeliverMeWeed.com  Delicious weed right to your door.

FreshCanna.com No one wants stale Canna

GangaGrocer.com  Brownies, icecream, cakes, drinks, smoothies, and whatever else you want to eat to get high.

HempStack.com A large pile of hemp.

Traffic: names with traffic, no spam checking was done  







CollegeForYou.com Not a Bad name, the traffic is a bonus

SchoolPortrait.net  Decent traffic according to Godaddy, probably a photographer that could use it.

Made up Brandables







203.biz, 304.biz, 502.biz


18988.info, 51888.info

136978.com, 462222.com

5570666.com, 5580666.com, 6464888.com, 6660966.com, 8888400.com, 8910666.com

Pattern a few 5L that look pretty nice,

bjktk.com Big City these used to be popular domains

Gggqs.com GGG

Qqqcc.com AAABB still has value

Twdww.com That’s a wang at the end and 2 in the middle






M00.com Not Moo cow, but possiby and reverse MI6 agent.

One word

Bows.org Like it Bow and arrows, bows for presents, lots of different Bows.


Limo.ws Limo as in drive people around or possibly a pinyin word, who knows.

Niche.cc I like this one


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)



87778778.com A bit long but a nice pattern, patterns can sometimes trump length.

8888.pn  This is mine, I’ve never sold anything on Flippa, so I’m trying them out. Please bid.


BlueToothDevices.com Lots of Blue tooth devices for sale. This is a pretty good name if you’re selling them. 

ifbo.com If Bo, it’s a LLLL two worder! If Bo does what? 

feoh.com Sounds like Feo or Ugly in Spanish, but it probably means something else too. 

VRCenters.com Is this the place you go to use VR until it’s affordable for the common person. 

LoanPayday.org  Apparently there’s lots of money in Pay day loans. I think they break your legs if you don’t pay, so be careful. 

ManBracelet.com If men are going to where bracelets they want to go somewhere that sells the man bracelet. They don’t want to accidentally buy the Woman Bracelet for themselves.  


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  1. Ken O'Brien

    Josh – I like your assessment on the portfolio that was submitted for the DomainSherpa.com show yesterday but I think there are a few details that should determine the direction an investor takes with their portfolio. The one thing that is most important IMO is their financial situation. Frank, Andrew and Shane are all in a position where they do not have to sell. I think some good advice for any investor is to never invest money that you might need in the near future. Domains are a semi liquid asset they should not be treated like a share of stock. Based on Michael’s statement that the gentleman that submitted the portfolio was looking at these names as his 401K he is probably in the same position as the Sherpa’s. If that is correct I would not sell a name like Bunny.com or Crisis.com for 2X or 3X. I agree with you that if you have a good eye for finding undervalued names there are opportunities out there but I don’t think you will find names like those two very often for the price he paid.

  2. Post author
    Josh E

    All Good points Ken, and you’re right, none of these things take place in a static environment. There’s always numerous dynamic factors to consider.

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