Domain Shane’s Weekly Book of 10….And We Won’t Take it Back After We Sell It To You

Apr 03 2014

We follow a few simple rules here at DomainShane Book of 10.  If you buy a name below and pay for it, you’ll actually get to keep the name. Which is better than some of the auction houses lately. Especially the ones that rhyme with PoFaddy. Per usual, there are a few names at auction and a few names at BIN prices. If you see a name you like make an offer. You never know. Here are today’s names.  $40K   The wedding industry is a billion dollar industry.  Either exact match or as a brand, this is a killer name for a wedding planner.  (Auction) I was absolutely amazed how many random fact sites there are on the Internet. Yet the other tlds with this exact terms are parked leaving the door wide open for someone to build this out and move up the ranks.  Under $50 at post time  You get a second chance with this one. I had to take Godaddy down yesterday after I focused all my bad Karma on their auction platform for screwing me over but all the names have been extended so you get another chance to get this awesome name  $500  101 million results in Google and a entire right side of Google full of Ads. $500  As an owner of a landscape company and garden centers I am finding more and more people having certain styles of design that they want.  I used to be the one suggesting design and now they are telling me.  It actually makes it easier.  Feng Shui takes more studying to learn and this would be a great site to teach them. $500   Would be a good add on or upgrade name to many of the stores that are using the .uk tld. – $799  Luxury Real Estate Market in Virginia. Have 360+ Listings at with a median price at $450K. – $799 CPC at $100 per click, 50+ advertisers at google and 2,900/mon search volume -$1299 Excellent Branding name plus have 25 active advertisers at google for it.   Dot info has done so well lately that it’s now actually being used for it’s original purpose.  To provide info.  Only 3 bidders and it would make a great travel site for the island  $500   The most precious item on earth.  Email me if interested  $300  Push at emom.  Sweet name

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