DomainNameSales Has A New Brilliant Marketing Campaign And We All Benefit

Mar 01 2012

There are a million ways to get your name out in our industry but DomainNameSales got to the front page the old fashioned way.  They outperformed everyone.  Schilling has been outperforming everyone for years but he made a move this week that will change the domain industry as we know it.  What was it?

He reported sales prices to Ron Jackson and DNJournal.  Prior to this week, DNS was only reporting ranges. Now they are releasing exact prices and those prices have single handily dominated the weekly charts. He starts off his first week reporting with a cool $1 million dollar sale of and ends with a ton other names in the top 25.   With seven of the top 10 there isn’t much room for anyone else.

If for some crazy reason people didn’t know the power of Domain Name Sales they certainly do now.  It’s great for our industry to have real sales numbers released publicly. It defines the value of our domains.  Its not as if DNS needed any more publicity, but boy did they get it this week.  To the point where all the other domain selling companies can hope and pray they can move names like Big Frank.


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  1. Tony

    I will say this: since switching to Internettraffic/DNS, I’ve had a lot more inquiries than before at Sedo. The prominent yellow contact bar at the top really attracts people’s attention. I still get sales via Sedo and Godaddy though.

    Parking revenue is still about 70% more than at SedoPro down from approx 100% the first month or so.

  2. gary dell

    Indeed. The site is amazing. It’s the closest thing to a real live “exchange” for domain names that I’ve ever seen. I think it will help our industry appeal more to other traders and investors operating in sectors outside the domain space – and hopefully make it a little more liquid. It’s like domain porn. (and i checked, is already registered)

  3. Ron

    We have to remember DomainNameSales has some of the best domains on the internet over there, so it is only a given that they are going to keep coming up with top ranking sales, week after week.

  4. Scott Alliy

    Holding great domain names is the key to big end user sales.

    There are many great names yet to be bought and sold however and that is simply because we live in a dynamic ever changing world.

    A good domain name IMO is one that you own that somebody with money and intense passion wants to own more than you.

    I think it was Rick who pointed out recently that Frank S was buying more than he sold. Smart move from a smart domainer IMO

    The fact that anyone can hold the name that rings the cash register makes the domain investment playing field much more level than most will admit.

  5. John


    Schilling’s actual sold prices are mostly fake.
    Oh but it’s a mistake. LOL
    Oh but it’s NDA. LOL

    Say it often & loud enough & people will believe that the guy “never sells” or “only selld for $100,000+”

    Exactly what he wants you & end uers to believe when the Google “Schilling domains”

  6. Ron

    John, he doesn’t have to share anything with anyone, he was one of the top contributors to many domainers in the industry in 2011, and he didn’t ask anything in return.

    He could probably retire off a single top tier domain sale, your comments show what a little man you are.

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