DomainShane Celebrates 3rd Anniversary and 1 Million Pageviews

Aug 15 2012

My 3rd year anniversary came and went in early July and I really didn’t even think about it. So did the million pageviews.   While there is something to be said for endurance, I don’t consider something a success until I reach goals I’ve not attained before.

DomainShane is me and my personality written in adomain blog format.  I am happy to say that after three years of writing I feel accepted. Not for just being a guy that works with domains but as a guy that proves that life is a complete package. There is family, personal, and business that all must be shown attention. That there are people in this industry that don’t have millions.   You can start with a small amount of money and build it into sizable income.  When I first came into this industry there were really only five people that even acknowledged my presence at my first Domain Conference. Oscar Correa, Ron Wells, Patrick Ruddell, Morgan Linton, and Adam Strong.  They shook my hand and introduced me to people in the industry.  Most of the others kept to their friends and looked away.  Many of those people are now my friends but I have to admit that it took a while and I had to build a little trust.  I don’t mind saying it out loud but Rick Latona was completely rude to me at that show and it was his show.  It was the first show I had ever been to and the first person I reached my hand out to meet.  I thought to myself  “Shit, this is going to be a long weekend, these people are asses”  .  And I’m also sure he has no recollection of it at all and probably meant no harm.  He was stressing with his first auction but it still is a first impression I will never forget.  But I digress.  This industry is incredible.  There are so many brilliant people, so many different kinds of personalities, and so much to accomplish that I am proud to be a part.  After three years I truly feel like I part of this industry.  When I was mentioned by Ron Jackson in DnJournal I felt like I was on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

After 3 years I actually make decent money writing this blog.  I didn’t start it to make money but that certainly was one of the goals. I don’t have many advertisers and wish I had more, but I understand.  There are only so many of them and I myself if I had limited money would spend it at The Domains and Elliot’s blog.  Fortunately,,, DomainTools, and Appraiso have supported my efforts.  But you guys also pay the bills.  Pay it by going to their sites or buying domains off my daily list that give me affiliate money and I truly appreciate it.

I would thank a few more people for all their help in what I’ve achieved but I’m afraid I would forget a few people so I’ll just say thank you.  It’s difficult to achieve anything in any industry without help and I certainly didn’t do this on my own.  I have been buying domain since 1999 and yet didn’t turn a profit until 2007 and didn’t make over $15K a year until last year.  I started making money because I started meeting people.  Building relationships and establish win win partnerships.  Learning to buy the right domains certainly is an important part of making money but if you don’t have anyone to sell them to then they aren’t nearly as profitable.

I’m at 741,000 unique visitors overall and at my current 50,000 uniques per month I should reach 1 million visitors in January.  It will be my second blog to reach over a million readers which I am very proud of.  My last blog had 3 million readers after 2 years and to think that some day I will have over 5 million readers to sites I wrote by myself is something I never thought possible.

So thank you to everyone.  Thanks for putting up with my spelling errors, my random thoughts, my crassness, my bad humor, and for stopping by to read about this educational journey towards making money using domains

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  1. Mike

    Congratulations Shane. I do remember being at my first domain conference in 2010 at Domainer Mardi Gras and that Ron Jackson specifically called out your blog by name at that conference as an example of one of the great new blogs to come out during that time. I actually remember tweeting about it. keep up the great work.

  2. Jim

    That is awesome – congrats Shane! Those numbers are something to be proud of (and something I hope to one day achieve myself, haha!)

    Here’s hoping you keep blogging for many more years!
    Congrats again and cheers,

  3. Ian

    Without a doubt your blog is one of the most candid and entertaining blogs out there. It’s obvious that you put a lot of time into it and any rewards you get are well deserved. Looking forward to many more great posts in the years to come.

  4. Neil Armstrong

    Congratulations! I don’t think I’ll ever be a domain blogger, but I know from other fields that seeing those numbers creeping up over time sure feels good – and breaking personal milestones and goals is always fantastic!

    Hope you’ve already plotted the time to two million!

  5. savio dsilva

    A guy of your caliber should be making triple the times of money than what you say you make right now.

    But, at the same time, the market is tough right now and you are among the few domain bloggers out there giving us a lot of valuable information to chew on.

    Keep up the good work. I am sure that the guys who ignored you in the past will be dying to be in your inner circle in a year or so.

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