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DomainShane Passed 1 Million Visitors This Week

When I first started blogging in 2007 the whole goal was to prove to my wife that I could get 1 million people to visit my site. I accomplished that goal with my first site WallStretFighter and sold it at 8 million visitors. I tried it again with and hit 1 million visitors in the first 6 months and sold it. I knew when I started a blog about domains that the 1 million visitor mark would be tough. Tough because the audience was much smaller. Tough because I didn’t want to cheat. Cheat by putting hot girl pictures for Google to pick up. Cheat by having friends stumble the site or post links on Reddit. I wanted people that chose to come to the site and would stay on it once here. The 6 second visitor is worthless. With time and a little hard work a million finally came.

It took three years and if it proved anything it was that I stick with something. I feel like I put in the time and effort and just enough good material mixed in with the junk that it makes it worth coming back. I’m like golf. You hate it but there is that special moment when you hit a good shot that good shot keeps you coming back to get that feeling again. So thank you to all the people that come back each and every day. Thank you to all the sponsors that keep the tank full of gas.

I’m proud of the average of 3 minutes spent per visitor. If it were under a minute I would quit writing. It means most of your visitors have no interest in what you’ve written. The average per day has gone down since Google stopped sending as much traffic but I’m Ok with that. They still treat me well. As for the name “Domain Pantry”. That was the original name of the blog. Then Chef Patrick acted like a little baby and said that it was too close to Chef Patrick and he was king of the kitchen. I was on the fence with DomainShane anyway so it made it easier. Now I’m king of the kitchen and he’s trying to sell them.

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25 Replies to “DomainShane Passed 1 Million Visitors This Week”

  1. Nice job, Shane.

    I used to comment on and read all the domain blogs like crazy. I guess I burned out on many of them, even the popular ones.

    I rarely read in them in detail anymore, and comment even less, but you still have on of the best blogs that slows me down a bit to read.

  2. Congrats, Bwana Shane.

    Your blog is like an open university, always giving nuggets and gems here and there.


  3. Shane,
    Congrats on the milestone, success seems to run in your writing. IF you ask me, it’s all deserved. I’m a 2.5-3yr reader, I think I started domaining in 2009/2010 and have always kept your blog in my favorites. Keep keeping it REAL as you always do. I enjoy your blog, the stories and the names. The quotes have been good too!

    Don’t sell the blog!

    Best regards,

  4. Congratulations! your Blog has been most helpful to me being a newbie, I also like Dotsauce.

  5. Congrats! I’m making damn sure that I don’t close this page for another 2 minutes or so.

  6. Congratulations, Shane! What I’ve always enjoyed about your blog is I can see YOU behind it all. You put yourself into your writing and it shows.

  7. Congratulations Shane!! Still my favorite blog…unless Frankie writes something. 🙂

  8. Thank you everyone for the kind words. I really do appreciate them. I don’t look for appreciation but it’s always nice to receive it

  9. Congratulations Shane, your content is engaging (like it or not) and that’s what keeps visitors coming back. Simple recipe, really.

  10. Thanks for the time dedicated daily to share your enthousiasm for domaining. These numbers outline people like to read you and appreciate your direct style, and I am part of these.

  11. Hope that I am 1,100,001 and get big prize from Shane …BTW, if there some pics of Shane and some very hot girls like Bar Refaeli on this blog …it would pass 1 mil visitors since last year

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