DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Auction Picks: Thursday, October 29th, 2015

Oct 29 2015

The hottest domains to me aren’t LLLL.coms.  It’s 5N.coms.  Why are they better?  Because you can’t find any.  Every night I do this list and go through all the names up for auction.  It’s becoming tough to find a that doesn’t have a zero or a 4.  A few people own three quarters of all the names, leaving the “float” to be traded back and forth. But that float has pretty much been taken and held so the prices continue to climb.  And they will continue to climb because those owners aren’t selling any time soon.  The key is the hunt right now. Finding a good buy is as important as its ever been on 5Ns.  Here are today’s names. Click for current prices.  18 years old.  Fashion names continue to sell well.  Fashion trends come and go but fashion will always be discussed  A terrible typo for Zoo.  15 years old  A beauty and the price reflects it   I hear this way to often.  Actually getting bids   Going to try and sell one of my CHIPs that I picked up a while ago for $50 or so.  Pretty sure its worth more now  I asked the questions.  If one V is bad is two Vs worse or do they cancel each other out and become good? Short for   “Next to Burger King”  Do kids do cheat codes any more.  No bidders so I’ll say no  The high price tells me this is exactly what the Chinese market is looking for  Where as this one hasn’t even gotten 4 figures.  Completely different though.  Just kidding, not much different in my eyes.   Another one to add to your CHIP collection   If you have kids you’ve probably taken them to one of these this month.  400 visitors a month  Certainly round  I think its a nice  Under $100…..for now   I like this one even more.  Even without the 8s

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)    Perfect for Americans. They are all XL  The name says everything about the company.   A perfect company or app name  The PHP is so nice I almost forgot there was an E.  Met reserve  Met reserve so it will sell  The beauty of Sedo is almost all of them are no reserve.  They’re all going to sell   Y is one of the top two letters in my opinion because of all the words that start with it in Chinese

FOR OTHER GREAT NAMES FOR SALE MAKE SURE TO VISIT CAX.COM 18 year old CHIP.   Just buy it and hold.  You’ll be fine   Pretty much feel the same here.   I’m starting to dream about 4L.coms  15 years old  Roughly means “rivals” in Latin.   Great brand for $69 IMO.  No bidders   Timely name with Halloween here this week.  One bidder  Big ticket item but they are sold.  And I know better than most.  And I just happen to have one of the largest kit sellers in the nation right down the road for me.  A few bidders  30 million results.  High CPC.  And unfortunately cancer is a huge part of many people’s lives.  And they are always searching for hope.  A few bidders   If you’re going to specialize in an industry you might as well specialize in the hottest.  Under 10 bidders at press time   I see this more as an upgrade name for all the people that share the name.  20 years old   I’ve changed my mind and started to add these to my buy list.  Haven’t but watching closely   14 years old.  A lot of aged LLLL.coms today. Looks like people that have had some LLLL.coms a while are ready to sell.  Plenty of buyers to sweep them up  Probably the most potential for a buildout on the board today   Thank goodness the B breaks up the Ks


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. (if you have trouble with the contact form its [email protected] this domain name) I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is corrects

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  1. Daniel Pfanzagl

    Shane, you are absolutely right.. anyone who has truly followed the chinese investments closely in the past weeks and months will have noticed that numerics in general are a way hotter niche than LLLL/LLLLL/LLNN/etc.. not just 5N but up to the 6-8N range.. just most of these buyouts have happened rather unnoticed by most because most people did buy up and not sell any of their strong patterns, therefore not many sales to report (yet)..

    try to buy a strong numeric pattern from anyone privately, it’s near impossible as long as you don’t pay a big premium on the current market prices.. especially the chineses see them as long term investment and say no to most offers..

  2. Jim Holleran

    Shane, on a ROI standpoint it’s by far. Sold close to 200 already average 11x investment, and hang-reg just a few months ago, mostly to Chinese and many have “4” in them

    Sold all my and bought 4,000,, got to go where the best ROI is my friend:-)) Great Sherpa show as well.

  3. DonnyM

    Yep, nnn gold, nnnn silver, nnnnn bronze. nnnnnn cooper.

    31 requests for my nnnnn this month. Float is so low, love that stock analogy because that is exactly how it it. Low outstanding shares and super low float will take a 2 dollar stock to $20 in no time.
    Happy domain hunting


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