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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Friday 26th, 2014

I had to sneak away from the family to write today’s list. Pardon my errors as there may be more than normal because I was flying through the names.  Had a wonderful Christmas with the family with tons of food, drink, and friends. I hope you had the same. Back to normal tomorrow.  Here are today’s names.  18 years old.  Victor Charlie iPhone Charle  My worst summer camp ever.  Surprised how many bids it has  13 years old.  No bidders. I like this one a lot.  Would make a good organic brand  Quite a few places named this.  11 years old.  Gets some free traffic  I never real thought about it but there probably is a need for older batteries that are harder to find.  Harder to find those big flashlight batteries and 9 volt.   Getting a little action.  Everyone likes to get a little action  I like to see the V further to the left but still worth owning for under $200 IMO  The best on the board today IMO  I’m actually lying.  There is one below I like more  We all know how much wedding dresses cost.  Well, if you’ve every bought one you’d remember.  I’d rather own liquid hemp but for the price this one isn’t terrible  Pretty much says what you do best.  If you sell ice cream this isn’t going to help you much  This name is the shit   Another nice  Worth alot more than it’s current bid at Flippa…..IMO  Not to be confused with Candy Girl New Edition.  This is more about a new baby or pet  Flippa needs to get this junk out of there.  The price is wasting everyone’s time

YOUR GODADDY CHRISTMAS CODE: A 99 Cent TRANSFER GOFDAU10   These types of names were real popular.  Still worth owning, 18 years old  A lot of LLLL.coms coming up for auction over last week.  Too lazy to see why or who, just bidding and buying. 18 years old   17 years old.  All good letters.  S for society  I’m going to buy this if I can outbid the person named First    Over under $575   Yet another great  This is one I REALLY like  This one may hit $10K  Not going to make millions but would make a nice marketing name for a tv or radio show   Tennessee money maker  The LLN.coms seem to fetch better prices than  Pending delete.  Great name for a bread company  Almost missed this one.  Another new favorite  You will be sued by Skinny Girl products if you try and brand this for anything food or fashion related.  I know someone that had to change their yogurt ice cream shop’s name because of them   Every tech company needs coders.  This sounds like as good as any place to find someone that can help   Double five is almost as good as 88   Not worth quite as much as


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