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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Thursday, July 16th, 2015


OK, I need some help.   Myself and the owner of have a bit of a disagreement going on.  He had the name up for auction and started our relationship off to a rocky start by letting me know that my $20 bid to start off his auction was much less than he paid for the name.  I only got upset because it was an auction that just starting out and you have to start the bidding somewhere.  The domain didn’t meet reserve and the post negotiation started after.  I did the typical lowball and offered him a few hundred dollars.  He kindly let me know that he paid $4200 at auction.  Problem is it was in 2010.  I told him that the dot net domains has crashed since then and that he couldn’t even sell it for $2000 at auction right now.  (he took it as an offer and said that the $2000 was way too low) My question is this.  What do you readers think it would sell for at auction?   I am not talking end user price.  I know the word is a big word, corn.  I was reminded its a vegetable.  Not sure how I forgot that since I eat the stuff a few times a week and I am surrounded by millions of acres of it.  But the seller is selling and he feels the need to inform.  So inform me.  What is a fair price at auction for  Thanks in advance for anyone that gives their opinion.  Here are today’s names.  19 years old   Tower lighting are those portable lighting that people use for parking lots or events.  Big rental product  Popular last name so it will be people, places, and things  Stem cells are changing medicine IMO.  I advise all clients to have some stem cell names in their portfolio.  Of course I have no clients  Love these with the double vowels in the middle.  4 figure names in my opinion  Not sure what I’m replacing but I love this as a marketing name for some company that does replacement something.  Windows etc  Perfect Chinese letters.   Will do very well that could go at value based on price at posting.  Of course it always runs at the end  Sell it to the guy that owns   No bidders $12.  I can give you a slogan to go with the cheap name.  “Feel  D Burn,”  One bidder at $12.  There’s money to be made in WordPress Themes  Solid   Sevens are more American than Chinese but they still pay a good price for them   There are three expiring in sequential order but this is my favorite  Two hot keywords, one low price  I noticed from my reports you guys are buying many of the LLLL.coms off the list.  IMO the go up.  Am I buying?  Yes but being selective  Love the concept, getting some bids  Average price is $750 on these right now ad this is way under

New GODADDY COUPON CODE: $.99 New Registration Godaddy fb99brmr01  The high end stereo systems still use amplifiers.  Waiting for a buildout  I think this one is getting overlooked.  WAS getting overlooked


SEDO’s Live Auctions Going on Now  I guess I should look into buying this one. 19 years old  Solid breaking news domain. 17 years old   Love this one.  Everyone loves to be appreciated   No bidders.  Just kidding  Build it and I will visit quite often  Sounds like a tech company already.  No bidders  I was wondering if anyone was interested in a  83 bidders are  Pretty sure I ate there for breakfast this morning  Not doing nearly as well   I do think people will think University when they hear or see this but still great


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is corrects

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  1. What are you going do with it ?

    So it’s a word, big deal – it’s worth what someone is stupid enough to pay.

    I don’t see many options for the name and the fact that it failed to sell at auction reflects that.

  2. is a very good domains for pigeons, they all like it. They will eat and then the domain will return what it has always been.

  3. Value to me is all about what could you sell on it. Or is there a market for building a network of corn growers? Very limited. great name, .net not so much. would be even better than the .net. Personally lost money on .net, but not with .Com or .Org.

  4. Shane,

    I gotta agree with Paul and Claudio on the names value. Hope that helps:)

    Take Care

  5. Corn is an interesting dilemma. The corn industry is huge and some of the most profitable companies in the world are the ones that supply seed to the farmers. Even so these companies do not seem to feel that owning the generic domains in their industry will give them any competitive advantage. I know this because I own ( and and have had virtually no interest in the names. I would think that even from the standpoint of using the generic for email would have some interest. The corn industry may just be one of these businesses that haven’t seen the light or are so comfortable with the corporate branding thats been done, that they are not willing to change the course of direction for their marketing. Does have huge value potential. HELL YAH!!! But the wholesale and or auction price in the present market would be that of a very good four letter .net. The next owner either needs to be patient or actively seek out an end user and convince them of the value of the name.

  6. Shane,

    I wouldn’t pay more than $500 at auction for I see .net and .info as a liability at this point in time and as a previous poster stated “it’s worth what a good 4 letter .net is worth”…. not much.

  7. I agree he probably would not get $2,000 at auction but it is a great name to buy and hold. It will become very valuable eventually. I cannot find any dictionary LLLL.NETs that went for any real money in the past 2 years. But .net will get hot again … eventually.

  8. Easily Worth 2k-6k. You can find hundreds of companies deal with corn within an hour research. I think in this particular case, a corny asking price might be justified, regardless that it’s a .net. Also, would a fantastic isp name for farmers!

  9. First off Shane, thanks for posting earlier in the morning. Now I can read it on the Subway here in Toronto. I had mentioned it to you before! Anyways, IMO is an Incredible name. All extensions are taken. The Estibot is $4900. The .com Estibot is $112000. It is a 4 letter domain. Corn is one of the MAIN staples for many cultures, most notably the Mexican people. This domain has huge upside. Anything under 5K is a steal. Done right, a Flippa auction would likely go for 6-8K for this premium beauty.

  10. My answer is approx. $500-$750 …… if the question is what is it generally worth NOW re-sale via an active seller.

  11. I have not really been following .net domain prices, but it seems the issue is that selling a domain with a reserve is very different than selling it at whatever the market will pay. And either way that price is a lot different than selling to an end user. By selling it on Flippa, he is already giving up most of the hope of selling to an end user, so he has to be more realistic about the price. If I owned it, I probably would not sell it for $2,000 unless I really needed the cash, but that does not mean he will be able to get more than that amount on Flippa. I would guess that $2,000 is a fair auction price for it. It could sell to $10,000 to an end user, but that could take years.

  12. I think it is worth less than $350. Are you willing to spend more than $350 and hope that some time in future you will get your money back and some profit?

  13. Depends on the auction site probably. I agree with you .net values have crashed with domainers and so the liquid/wholesale value is probably in the $400-800 range at auction.

    But I think the name is worth low $x,xxx. He may not have overpaid at the time but he will have a tough time making that money back unless he hits the end user lotto.

  14. Well I would guess that because this is a plant and a vegetable and Shane deals in that he is going to use it and build it out. I would say that this name is an awesome .net. If I were gonna build it out I would pay up to 1,500. At auction I would say it might hit 875.

  15. I agree with you .net values have crashed with domainers and so the liquid. I probably would not sell it for $2,000 unless I really needed the cash, but that does not mean he will be able to get more than that amount on Flippa.

  16. I think if promoted well (hint: relist and try again, we can help), the domain should be able to find a buyer at $2k. This would have to be a Post-Auction Negotiation or Buy/Now kind of deal; one or two hungry buyers, as bidding won’t get it there. If he wants more than $2k, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that that is probably not in the short-term cards…

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