DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Mar 17 2015

EDIT:  NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE INTERESTED SO THE PARTY HAS BEEN CANCELED:(     MAYBE NEXT YEAR.  I started a Basketball Pool HERE if you want to get in on some March Madness.  The group password is domainshane2015. To add a little fun to it I’ll put in $100 cash to give to the winner.  If any company’s are reading this and want to put up some prizes I’d gladly accept them.  Because Kentucky is a heavy favorite I changed the rules a little bit.  Normal rules but in the first round a win gets the normal one point PLUS the seed.   So if a number one wins you get 1 point plus 1.  If a number 12 wins you get 1 plus 12 points.  It makes every round important instead on just getting your teams to the final four.   The seeds are added to the points until the Final Four and then its regular points. It makes it more fun to try and pick upsets. And if everyone picks Kentucky it will make the rest of the picking more exciting. If only four of you join then you have a pretty good chance to win $100.  Here are today’s names  Something something Texas.  19 years old  Love this one.  I like to give advice more than I probably should but I love sharing my success and failures.  16 years old   Some of the better letters you can buy.  I think LLL.nets are 5% of dot com so this one has a bit to run using my multiple  Has a bid at $600.  No 4s and ends in 4 means it probably has at least a few hundred more dollars to run.   I admit I didn’t know what a coffered ceiling was but saw the $200 bid.  I actually know what these are but didn’t know that’s what they are called.  But I know they are very expensive. I like domain products that are expensive and unique.  Taken in all major extensions.  I know it best because of a “Faustian Bargain”  kind of like selling your soul to the devil.  But lots of other uses and meanings.  Has a bid at $500 and will sell  At $12.  Lord knows some of the women I’ve seen in California have had this.   I don’t drink tea just because Kevin Rose pushes it all the time.  But I did own shares in Teavana because I knew how popular it was becoming. This is a great name for the next tea store   Fantastic name for the new locks that are becoming popular.  Open with your phone or wifi ed in remotely.  One bidder at $12 Fun blog/site name.  No bidders at $12   Only a few bids.  Qs aren’t as bad as they used to be.  Not worth a ton but no bidders and nice marketing or social media company name  Look at this name.  Think its worth $600?  It’s already there  And don’t even try and guess this one  Better have $4K with you if you want in  I am going to bid on all non four ending in double 5s Has $150 to run IMO   I would think this should hit $500 plus if not higher.  Not even close to that at press time  It’s long but certainly memorable.  I may buy it myself  I like it because it has Bow in it.  I love bows. Not bow ties, they are for look at me people.

SEDO’s Live Auctions Going on Now  Educational, tutor name.  13 years old.   Present owner is extremely handsome.  Will transfer handsomeness with domain  Reserve met at $50.  Ever school has an online grade book now.  My daughter checks hers every day.  This would make a much better name for that then the one she uses TeacherEase   14 years old.  If you Fix PCs then you should want to owns this name.  The comp sales suggest its worth more than the $100 bid it has I knew this one was going to do well but had no idea it would do this well. 14 years old and football is the biggest sports in the world. Soccer and American football. Both in play here   Getting a lot of good bids.  All comes down to the reserve  Adding the L saves you $132,000.  If you don’t know what that means, sold for $130K plus last week.  This went WAY up in value  Cool looking  Under $100 and met reserve  A little sneak preview of a name coming up.  Everyone should want to own this one No reserve.  At $1.    12 years old.  Lots of worse catering domains have sold for $2K plus

A GODADDY COUPON CODE: 99 Cent Dot Com Registration. gofdsp401c   One of the hottest degrees you can get right now.   Good CPC and would be an easy site to make a rankings of best schools.  No bidders   Sounds better than Disneyland  I dismissed this name until I thought about how a lot of the new hottubs come with big TVs built in.  No bidders so it won’t come cheap to set up some affiliate site for these.  Sell one and you’re good   Let’s go crazy, let’s go nuts.  Look for the purple van and something something.  The GOP aka Republicans.  Because you’re not going to buy GOP and this one has no bids.  Cheap political name  Talked about this on Sherpa.  Big money in clean air  No bidders. Here is what I would put on the site.  Only this  “Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty”  Counseling done and its free  I’ve said this here before.  Pain sufferers constantly are searching for help.  This is a good marketing name for that help.  Only 8 bidders

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*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct

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