DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Apr 08 2015

I am going to say it.  We are at a golden age for selling dot coms right now.  Not saying its not going to get better, just saying that we are seeing some great prices on domains on all the platforms and if you have any kind of portfolio you should be making good money this year.  Namejet auctions are doing very well for numerics, shorts, and one word dot coms.  Anything that can be a short brand is raising in price each month.  Its getting harder and harder to find private names to buy and the old school domain buyers like Schilling are back spending money.  These are great times, take advantage of them.  PS  If you want this emailed to you a few hours before it gets posted then sign up to the right.  Here are today’s names  18 years old.  We all need staff and cyber staff sounds cheap but efficient 17 years old. If you rent things then this is as good of a business name as any   Aged  The URL start is the driver here  Mob used to bad not its cool.  I’m thinking crowdsharing and funding.  But it really doesn’t matter what I think  No bidders $12. I am always looking to add names that are two common, easy to spell words.  Bingo  If i form a band this is going to be my name.  No bidders   Used to be bad letters and now look at them   Buy any 5N or with 888 and no fours.  Advice of the day     Two character dot cc have always sold well.  By well I mean actually sold at aftermarket auctions  Under $50 and at that price I’ll take it  If you believe Godaddy this gets 188K visits a month

NEW GODADDY COUPON CODE: $1.99 Transfer into Godaddy VARIANT  Everyone loves a great finale.  16 years old.  A nice aged brand domain    After the success of FootballMagazine on Flippa and the good comps, this one is already drawing attention  Great marketing name for a computer repair shop.  Ends today and reserve met.  sold for $2K and this is better than that one.   11 years old. sold for $8K.   Lead generation is a very profitable business   Newly listed.  16 years old.  Great brand for anyone in media.  No bids at $1.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see this one end with a BIN sale  Everyone knows the term after the Sandra Bullock movie of the same name. 16 years old.  No bids. At $1    Never even heard of .et.  But I have heard of A and I like it  Website for sale and the awful plastic surgery sites do very very well.  And there’s no lack of content with all the shitty face jobs and botox people are doing   A bartender’s guide.  There’s your slogan  I really like this one but just not sure of the reserve.  Its a groovy name   Not a big fan of dot co but this one works for me and has met reserve  Got a $500 bid to start off an auction   Just shows that many of the new gTLDs are selling

SEDO’s Live Auctions Going on Now    18 years old.  I’m Dr. Se will buy it if nobody else wants it   What a terrible world that would be  Love this as a blog or a brand.  Anything make money related would go well with this one.  No bidders 14 years old.   G for Good   Plenty of content for this one.  Two bidders  Last call for ganja  Perfect marketing name for a bank. Speaking of marketing.  Would be a perfect name for me too.  I think I’ll place a bid

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*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct

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  1. Tony

    “We are at a golden age for selling dot coms right now.”

    Sorry, have to disagree. The auction houses have seen high prices for the past year or two and that is because domainers are outbidding each other and in most cases overpaying. The end user sales imo are steady or flat. These two factors make it very competitive for the average domainer. I’m just glad I got most of my good stuff from 2007-2011. Since then, it has gotten a lot pricier to buy.

  2. David Gruttadaurio

    Hey… Anyone ever been automatically added to a NJ auction after the buyer reneged on the purchase? Did you want to get out of it? I do. Contacted NJ of my decision – hope they honor it.

  3. Mike Maillet

    You are right Shane. Already my best year ever and its only April. To be honest bro, I barely have the time to read your blog anymore, with all this movement! Is there anyway you can post a bit earlier, so I can read it on the Subway? Around 7am EST is good.

  4. Ruben

    I think has great potential and will be a lot more valuable in the future, when the resistance people have for the new gTLDs has decreased.

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