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The second highest sale in history at Dropcatch happened yesterday with the sale of at $71,938.  You used to be able to assume a price like this meant an enduser came in and bought the name but that has changed lately with single word and high enduser possibility names going for what used to be enduser pricing.  I’m going to go as far as saying I don’t think the buyer is a brand of eBike.  But that is just a guess.  

There’s virtually no history on the name which for some people means a fresh virgin name and more value.  Search the keyword eBike and you can see this is a billion dollar category with the onset of thousands of new brands of electric bicycles entering the market.  The biggest winner of the auction has to be DropCatch.  There aren’t much better profit margins than catching a name for free and selling at this price.  Of course there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in registrars needed to catch this quality of name so its not really free.  Otherwise everyone would be in the game. But a sale like this sure helps pay the bills.

Here are the Top Ten sales at Dropcatch according to Namebio

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  1. The list of domainers that might have dropcaught this one is probably not long. If I were the one catching it, I would a zero to the figure and have it listed for $750,000.

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