DS + AD : Book of 10… HDMovies.info, Lawyers.cc, 50Y.com, RNR.com

Jul 24 2014

  Here is this weeks 10 names up for sale or at auction.




HDMovies.info (auction)   The sale of Movie.info for $24,000 shows the value of this one.  In the last two years, monthly searches for HD movies has gone 49K to 200K

38832.com (auction)  16880.com went at auction last week for over $3K.  The double 8s on both of them are the drivers

SmokerInsurance.com  (auction)  $16 CPC on this great insurance domain.  Smokers are going to pay for the habit. Might as well collect some of that money. No bidders yet

X50.net   (auction) Thousands of products called X50.  Most dot nets go for 10% of the dot com so the current bid isn’t too far off

50Y.com  Speaking of CCC.com  This is the kind you want to own

Mockingjay.com  (auction) The name of the two biggest movies in the world over the next two years. Gets 30 plus visitors a day and growing

Toolchest.com (auction) Professional mechanics use ToolChests.  Most garages require that their mechanics own their own toolchest and tools.  Companies like MAACO come every week to see if the mechanics can use a new any new tool with the ultimate sale being a new chest. Homeowners use toolboxes.  If you do a Google search for ToolChests you’ll see that there are a lot of ads and they start at $800. But this name can be used for so much more than selling toolchest. It’s the perfect brand for online tools of any kind. 

Lawyers.cc   ($1000)  If you’re going to own a dot cc, this is one of the best you can own. Contact me to buy

RNR.com  ($35K)  A steal at that price IMO.  Can’t imagine it will last long.  Tell them Shane sent you and maybe Andrew will let me vacation at his house

RollingMachines.com  ($350) It didn’t sell at Flippa so it’s yours for one day only for $350.  Paypal or split escrow


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