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Aug 19 2016


A month or so ago I mentioned here that I was moving some of my names over to Efty’s landers and am happy to report I sold a name. It hasn’t closed but we agreed to a price and has moved to Escrow.   I moved to the lander for a few reasons. One, I like what Doron is doing.  Two, I get stats on visits.  Three, the user has to make an offer.   And the offers have come in well.  I will be moving more names over soon because of the results.   Disclosure:  Michael Cyger is part owner of Efty and he and I do a show together 🙂  Here is today’s list. Click for current prices
MagicFinger.com One bidder at $12. The rest are just normal fingers

Ading.com Means something in Pilipino but I can’t imagine that is what is driving such a high price

s4-e3-expiringBabeZone.com Cheesy but has bids

Teleherb.com I might be pushing it calling this a cannabis name. No bidders at $12

Blossomed.com You knew I would like this one

PickNPop.com a pick your own popcorn place. No bidders

PokeTime.com This would sell for $100 on Flippa

HealthMenu.com Officially a four figure name

LittleCabbage.com Nice kids brand

CommunityServer.org 5.3 MILLION backlinks, most educational

Dress.io Buy and sell on Flippa

Dui.io Great keyword. Not really what .io is all about but some value

GoldBag.com Short and sweet. Will reach 4 figures

MixingPost.com Not too bad for $12

SeekUnique.com I like

UglyHousesWanted.com No bidders. I still see these types of signs up around town

BusinessAttorney.com Most bids, highest price, on the board today

Kizat.com I’d buy this all day at $17

ZDJ.cc LLL.cc off about 40% off their highs

StoreAnything.com Anything?


IZKP.com Might sell for opening bid







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Rubies.io    Dot io is all about the brand and rubies works here

VRMP.com      All about the Virtual Reality VR

TGGP.com  Another nice one here


98675.com  Very nice 5N.com

NutritionalMeal.com  We all need to move towards this

AutomaticTask.com     Online assistance name.  28 bidders

PNOA.com  Very strong English acronym letters

BusinessIncubator.co    Love the keywords.  Dot co is a consolation. 16 bidders

VisitingColorado.com   A large percentage of cities use VisitCity as their  convention and visitors site.  This is more of a travel and guide name

IntegrationKit.com   Didn’t expect this to get so many bidders

EasyCheckout.com  Great POS system marketing name or company name

BudSmoking.com  Doesn’t get any hotter than canna right now

AstronomyChat.com    Ever been catfished on an Astronomy chatroom?  I thought she was a star but turned out to be a black hole.


MORE Short Brand Dot Coms at Catchy.com

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