Domain Spotlight: Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday, December 30th

Starting off, solid list today. You probably noticed I took the week off from the nursery and have been online more than normal.  Writing a bit more, getting some things organized, and tweeting too much.  If I did this full time I think I could do OK but I’m glad I don’t have to.  I have been writing a bit more and thinking about doing more of it.  Not blog writing but a book or some scripts.  Maybe I’ll do it for my third career.  Like my blogging career I read some things and some scripts and think I can probably do that, maybe even better.  But like everything, its a matter of practice and honing your skills.  And Lord knows, I’ll need a proofreader with my syntax and spelling.  Also, if you missed my post yesterday.  I wrote a little piece about some of the names I purchased in 2016.   Here are today’s names. Click for current price.


Quote of the Day:  “As long as you think your past is bad then you must be improving -Louis C.K. ”

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   When your weed tries to lift too much weight    Certainly healthier than opiates   Since we’re high on canna, here’s one more I like    How much do you think this is worth?  Look at the price and see if you were anywhere close   Big money name.   Good techy name IMO.  Sounds like a company that just got bought out   19 years old.  People like bizarre things   I think of London and the West End girls   Enough business on campus that someone could compete with Uber but really have to work on security.  A lot of drunk kids, trust me, I live on a college campus   A lot of cars in Vegas.  You just can’t tell from the strip      Also known as Bio Cryptics .  I’ll pretend like I understand exactly what it is   Another app name getting some great bids   I don’t own any but I think I may buy a few   and  I was looking through my DynaDot account and found a name in there that I forgot I had.  Looks like I found a few hundred dollars   There is going to be A LOT of virtual nudity soon    A lot of gift cards given out this past few days   I feel like there are plenty of celebrity sites but that also means people are looking for names.  and   The two LLLL.coms today

Domains With One or No Bids Hard to believe that this only has one big. And yes I realize that much of the world doesn’t spell it this way Great motivational name. One bidder Really surprised this one doesn’t have a bid. Nice match maker name I think all 5N.nets are worth $12. No bids Has a bid. A lot of similar names for a similar price but its cheap so……. Nice brand for $12 but you know I like trunk names 🙂 No bids. The computer has a pretty big role here on the Internet I only put this on here to remind you that this would have sold for a lot last year. Now worth zero Very nice name for the price Would be a fun game if you could build the app

Domains With Bids


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NAMEJET   A lot of weed names today.  But gotta go with the hot hand   No bids on this bad ass name.  Will be soon   Mail management name all the way Everyone likes to be mentioned  A lot of money in math tutorials.  I’ve spent my fair share.  But it led to a 32 ACT so I will get my money back.   I think Dukes of Hazard and vag  Good letters but the price reflects it   But if you keep it it’s stealing.  In all seriousness I really like this one

Flippa and Sedo  Good one word dot io.  At $6   Another nice one  Selling as a website. And its not what you’re thinking


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