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Mar 25 2016



You have to give it to .club.  The have marketed their ass off.  Colin is not exactly the handsome CEO of dot co, yet he’s been just as effective as dot co was.   He and Bill McClure formed the perfect brand to promote both actual use, and then they spent a ton of money to be at the top of every other blog but here,  to be in your mind.  And then here I am talking about it.  But only because regardless of payment, I have to give credit where credit is due.  Dot club and dot xyz have marketed their way to the top.  But marketing IS a business model when building a new TLD.  They’ve done what most other brands have failed to do.  Make people feel comfortable building a product on the TLD.  Both by showing others that have done it and by consistently staying in the eye of the consumer.  Staying relevant. Kudos

Here are today’s names. Click to see current prices .

SoundCity.com  1996 Birthdate.  And I think I bought my speakers there in 1996. Getting big bids

VapeMarijuana.com  I would think this is a bigger market that $20.  The current price

FilmGeeks.com 19 years old.  Great name for a film blog.  Doesn’t sound as official as mine though. BoxOfficeWeekly.  But this one is under $50 at press time

TopEnd.com    I think its a top end name. 18 year old

OvercomeYourself.org    One of the biggest obstacles you’ll face is in the mirror.  No bidders at $12

NYBY.com   Undoubtedly going to be used for a NY business at some point.   But always have a few K value as a CHiP alone

HKFD.com    Not sure a Fire Department is going to pay a log of money for a domain but its a CHiP and HK for Hong Kong is not going to hurt

7787.co   NNNN.co are very hot right now.  And three 7s and a 8 is going to be as hot as it gets

BuzzFlick.com  No bidders at $12.  I think you could way worse of a name for $12

EndlessTalk.com   No bidders.   Too bad there’s not endless listening

WZTM.com    11 years old.  For 11 years nobody was scared of the Z.    Almost over $2300.  Is that bad?  People keep showing me Chaomi charts showing how bad it is.  Any of you ever bought at Chaomi?  Didn’t think so

BGZD.com  The Z here isn’t doing quite as well

Agility.co     This one is using the dot co correctly.   Agility Company

HAQP.com   The only non CHiP today which is unusual

TRKM.cc  I have purchased about 50 LLLL.cc  and have paid $100 to $125 each.  Still buying if you have any

SDWW.net, NXZZ.net, HHCS.net, CNHC.net, BNJX.net, and HKGT.net   Probably the best group of LLLL.nets I’ve had in a month or so

7S.cc   Fantastic two character .cc   A good asset whether you think so or not

654321.co   You have to admit its memorable.  I’d take this over most 6N.co

YarnGarage.com  Sounds like the most boring place to visit in the world.  Unless you are a cat

TTTB.org  Only putting it here because its triple repeating and at $12
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Pepperwood.com   21 years old.  The domain owner says it gets more inquiries than any domain he owns.  I guess the value of that is based on how good his other names are 🙂

Las-Vegas.com  Damn, even with the hyphen its a great name. Price says others agree

Cars.net   As good of a name as Flippa has had this year. Even as a dot net

Dork.com  Webcorp putting some fantastic names up.  Not sure if any will make reserve but they are fun to watch

Haggled.com    In some cultures its a norm.  I prefer the term “negotiate”


Rod.com  Name, brand, short.  Lots of money

MusicLand.com  I used to go there in the 80s and by my cassettes

IslamicLaw.com  A lot of curiosity about this as of late.  Unfortunately most associate this with terrorism.  6 bidders

Sevilo.com   Nice sounding name.  A few people with the first name as well. 16 years old

Tolima.com  A department aka town in Columbia of which several things share its name

Seven.org  I think officially this is a numeric

YourUpdate.com   No bidders.  Solid name for daily news feed.

YVGS.com, GTDU.com, HGVZ.com, CBFV.com , GDDV.com  VCNZ.com  Here are a few bottom boats for you to take home.  Usually $300 plus on Godaddy.

Elizebeth.com  Because nobody wants to spell their kids the normal way.  414,000 results for this spelling

DCBL.com  19 years old.  Bowling League

1116.info, 7117, 7112, 3115, 3117, 7773, 7767,  and 7715.info     Today’s list a good patterned dot infos

TheInsidePitch.com   Good sports name.  And pitch is a good play on words

2CB.com  No reserve.  Under $700 at press time.  I think it goes for double that or more when its all said and done

HTMY.com    I remember when everyone wanted Y to be a vowel and now they want it to be a consonant because it makes this a CHiP.

MLUR.com  Obviously a LLLL.com but also a last name

YWR.net  Nice letters.  R for realty

CMLD.com   16 years old.  Good then, good now

Pajo.com  204 bidders.  Don’t see it get that high very often


VisitNewMexico.com  Most tourism departments use visit + city/state

VA8.com  The 8 will take the V to $2K

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