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Mar 26 2016


Some pretty good names on the list today if you are looking for short and numerics.  A little short of keywords but that’s been the case for a year as they get gobbled up and put in the deep dark portfolios of domain investors.  On a personal note.  I have been running quite a bit lately which has been good for me both mentally and physically.  If you remember I tore my hamstring (first injury in a long long time) at NamesCon and I have been in rehab every single day since then. My injury has healed but healed with scar tissue so I’ve been having scraping of the muscle called Graston technique on the hamstring.  It takes a trained professional but he uses metal bars to scrape the muscle smooth.  It’s very intense and can be painful for most although its been anything but.  I think it feels great.  It hurts a little but hurts so good. You can hear the bumps and grinds against the metal and it smooths out the muscle.  The result is scary.  My leg is so bruised it looks like a train wreck but doesn’t hurt.   And I can run on it the next day without any problem.  I figure 5 or 6 more scraping and my muscles will be like butter and I’ll be flying in the marathon again. I’ve been working harder to get my body healthy than I did trying to run a three hour marathon.  I can see why people are fat or live in chronic pain because it is hours of work each day trying to get strong and heal up.  It take a lot of motivation and doing things when you just don’t have time or feel like doing them.  You simply have to make time.   Now if only I could take a pill to get back into shape.  Here are today’s names. Click to see current prices .

SouthGlenn.com  Several places share this name.  17 years old

CubanRentals.com   Cuba is about to be the hot new vacation spot.  And everyone wants to get there “While it still has the old Cuban charm”  whatever that means

WeedCraft.com  Craft beers, craft Weed.  Under $60 at press time

WMJC.net  15 years old.  Strong name because of the C

HummingBee.com  No bids at $12.  I loved the name.  My daughter says there is no such thing.  I told her thats why I like it

IGGK.com, XSFA.com , XVTC.com, XSFA.com

LKD.cc     No hotter names that LLL.cc right now.

WantJuice.com   No bidders.  So many people drink this.  If they would just a daily supply of DoIt Juice and QuitMakingExcuses Juice

925588.com   The 88 is going to get this past the $2K mark.   Makes it a real asset, even if there is a decline

886689.com and  881186.com Two fantastic name.  Double 8s and no fours or zeros

535253.com, 885510.com, 889920.com, 885590.com, 883350.com, 880059.com, 889905.com, 990020.com, and 662260.com  880079.com One of the better days of 6N.coms.  I would love to have any of these in my portfolio.

UGD.cc  Even a vowel .cc has a lot of value

7G.biz  This would have been close to 4 figures a month ago.  Not quite as much excitement on dot biz

LQDR.com  Low Quality Doctor.  Guessing this CHiP won’t be used for that

HKYZ.com  Ugly $1800 name

ZDR.co   LLL.co  have come down a bit but a reduction in renewal would send the prices way up.

786313.com  One more 6N CHiP but not getting the bids of the above

660030.com, 990050.com 883090.com 188650.com, 550013.com   We’ll see if the market can swallow all these nice 6N.coms.  These are very nice despite the zeros.  Double letters throughout

MGBP.net, NMBM.net, WMJC.net, LHGM.net,  and WBWL.net    Your daily taste of the 4L.nets up for sale.  There has been quite an active market over the past 2 months. Good or bad price its been a liquid market and that’s always good.

7770.biz, 9994.biz, 4448.biz , 5554.biz and 7774.com   Repeaters with a “bad” letter.  I’m conflicted.  Will still all probably hit $100

ClothesForShortMen.com   It’s called the kids section.

LastGown.com  226 monthly visitors.  Nice site for prom dress, wedding dress site

778883.com  Has one bid

RoadKillJewelry.com  Worse 20th anniversary gift EVER
Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

Karim.com   One of the most popular names in the world.

Lemans.com  City in France.  Getting a few bids but not as much as I though

NiceFrance.com  Another city in France.  18 years old.  Only a few bids

WZRD.net  Also 18 years old.  Only one bid


SafeRepair.com  I don’t know what they’re going to repair but I have to admit I feel safer about it since its in the name. 4 bidders at press time

BSCD.com  Great western letters.   D for development ………or Diablo  19 years old

CMCG.com, SBPT.com

SportsCollege.com  14 bidders.   Could be sports marketing which is a big degree now

RXMagazine.com  9 million results for sites that have similar names.  Most eligible for an upgrade

7767.info, 7773.info, 7776.info and 7657.info  These are all getting double digit bids

FoodAddictions.com  No bidder. The reason most of the US is fat

AGXC.com I love all 4L.coms that end in C

SolarMarketplace.com  Solar is only going to grow more mainstream each day.  Yes, I know we’ve said that for 30 years but Tesla battery is going to change things

6377.info, 3656, 6112, 6131, 3656, and 3212.info  My favorite of the 4N.info on the board today

WebProxy.com   75 bidders.  Billions of people use web proxies and VPN to bypass local restrictions or to leave stupid comments on blogs

NNNK.com  Getting a pretty good bid already. Over $5K would be a solid result IMO

88210.com  Just like many of the names above minus one number

GoldSupplies.com   I had no idea that so many people are still buying gold hunting supplies.  Looks like the dream is still to find gold.  But the money is in the supplies

TheYen.com  The dollar of Japan.   Good blog or informational site for Japanese economics

GDR.net  I’m sure somebody will want this one poor old dot net

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