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Sep 04 2016


This is a pretty slow weekend in the domain investing world with the Labor Day weekend here in the US. Add in the fact its opening day for college football and you lose a few more people yet.  Fortunately its usually a big weekend in the retail world.  We have some nice weather so its been pretty busy for me.   My toughest job of the weekend hasn’t been work, its been parenting.  Talking over goals and numbers is part of the business world.  Failure to meet those goals are part of business and you simply have meetings to try and figure out how to meet them.  But that’s not the same with our kids.  They have their own world of what they should and shouldn’t accomplish that can often differ from their parents goals.  Some have none at all and frustrate you with their lack of desire.  Others are so driven that they set the bar too high and set themselves up for failure.  And in the middle are different ways that our kids will react to the results.  My daughter is a runner and running has its ups and downs.  Good days and bad days.  As an adult you can usually deal with it. As a teenager some things become a little more complicated.  Especially with girls.  And especially because your parents of course know nothing and can’t understand (even though its happened a dozen times to you in the past).  I’m fortunate I have that village of people that enjoy helping my daughter and give her various people to talk to about goals, results, and life.  People that she thinks actually know what they are talking about rather than me.  Yesterday was one of those bad days, bad races, that becomes the end of the world.  Really just a blip but only in hindsight. Like some many things in life, so important at that time,  but in reality just a small building block that’s necessary to build something awesome.  Yesterday we made a few blocks .

I talk about kids a lot because they are a big part of everyone’s day. My day.   It effects domaining whether you realize it or not.  I had a domain sale that was supposed to close on Friday but will close Tuesday because the buyer had to take their kids somewhere and forgot.   And I get it.  That’s how life works.  There are a ton of great business people that are shitty parents or struggle through relationships.  And there are some great parents that struggle with the dedication needed to be a good employee or boss. Trying to be both is a lot of work.   Kudos to those that are great at both. Now let’s find some names.  Click for current prices

GSGH.com Great letters worldwide. Over under $1500

KZZM.com Actually doing better than the above. The Chinese love Z

TrapDoors.com Pretty sure you’re not going to be selling trap doors. 8 bidders. 18 years old

TuneSpin.com 12 years old. No bidders. Not a bad name for $12

ScrewThePooch.com Can’t believe this popular saying has no bids

PPVA.com Pay per view something

GenericLiquor.com It really has never caught on. Almost did in the 80s. People assume you’re an alcoholic if you buy it. No bidders

Kaopen.com I’m not going to lie. I don’t know why its at four figures

9339.me Not a numeric dot me guy but this one is memorable enough that $17 is a good value IMO

FlipSaw.com No bids. Short words combining for a very nice brand at $12.

YourFirstLove.com You never forget them. 12 years old. The name, not your first love

WeedPile.com Weed names aren’t as popular as cannabis but still some value

AlwaysSunny.com Popular tv show. Not a popular domain. No bidders

RestoreYourImage.com Essentially what the reputation repair companies are doing. No bidders

BestNewCars.com People always search for things using the term best. 17 years old

Birds.info A lot of bird lovers out there

Kittens.info Same here

Reptiles.info Not quite as many lovers here

Rabbits.info Eat my garden so I hate them

Koi.info Big money spent on Koi by pond owners

Ponds.info Can’t have koi without a pond

Puppies.info Now we’re back to things I like

Sportsbook.info I would think there is some affiliate money to be made with this one. No bidders

HorseAdvertisingNetwork.com The bids have to be for the 25,000 backlinks

DoubleYourProfit.com I’m happy just having a profit

ZipSell.com Quick sales are always good



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3245.com Got a bid first bid

SPPX.com   Nice Chinese LLLL.com

Grub.io  Certainly worth more than the $150 bid IMO.  If you believe in dot IO that is

MarbleShark.com  I would have taken the $100


Rod.com  This actually might make reserve

PublishPhotos.com  What the entire Internet is build around.  No bidders

EsquireFinancing.com   Upgrade domain for a few companies.  No bidders

PUPO.com   Not getting much love for a CVCV.  Might be too close to Poo poo

Deregulation.com  Big keyword, just not sure who would pay a big price.  We can pretend who we think would if that makes you feel better

TheRobes.com   Legal name (judges wear robes)

StationaryCycle.com   Soul Cycle and various other biking trainers continue to be amazingly popular.  Source…I have one

SouthPadreDeals.com  People still vacation in South Padre Island

DGCD.com,  NCOG.com, and PBSL.com

TattooStudios.com    I would get a tattoo there.  Actually I wouldn’t. No need to put anything on my skin

MORE Short Brand Dot Coms at Catchy.com

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