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Aug 04 2016


I try not to voice my opinion too much in politics.  Its a can’t win argument and people get pretty emotional about it so its one of the few areas I stay quiet about (and religion).  But I wake up every day and hope that Trump has been removed from the Republican ticket and has been replaced. Replaced with anyone, anything.  Put a piece of toast in his spot but the United States just can’t have him as a representative.  I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton either and put in a position between voting for Trump and Hillary I think I’ll just go out and give blood instead.  At least I’ll do some good with that move.  And yes, I realize its my civic duty to vote for a President and I will always respect the position of President, but neither candidate as earned my vote.   But Trump did make me some money.  I bet Michael Cyger $100 that he would be nominated.  A bet I now wish I would have lost.   Here are today’s names. Click for current prices


PrimeFund.com 20 years old. Sounds like a fund that will give great returns and maybe even not steal your money

JMBE.com 13 years old. Not getting much love

CourtneyLove.com Hole. Kurt

FipFap.com It might be my favorite name on the list. Fun to say

LLife.com M Life is the MGM plan. Why can’t someone call their program L Life?

LearnToThink.com Learning to learn is what college is all about. Nice positive name

SignThis.com A few uses. Autographs, petitions, Online signature provider

OrganicSupermarket.com A bit generic but hot category

ShareWares.com Plural is kinda meh but keyword is big enough that this has pretty good value

KeystoneBank.com I assume there already is one based on the bids

FNyJQ8D8UeNzsyMkg2Yyw0uYz6wF9Kd6K14R3VaxUbsAthon.com Mar.athon.com Just kidding, nobody sub domains anymore. Good brand on its own

ShutterBrush.com No bidders at $12. Good for some kind of graphic design

4118.cc Don’t see a lot of NNNN.cc. Haven’t really seen one on Godaddy in over a year

OneHosting.com Hosting names get tons of action. This one is already four figures

QuickFastCash.com No bidders at $12. Pretty sure the quick loan business makes this worth more than $12

RoyalStandard.com I know it as the name of a beautiful host

FreightConsultants.com A real job. Could also be the name of a trucking broker

FartFacts.com Yup, gets a little traffic

SnapRock.com Nice little brand for $12

VYFE.com Being bid like its a pronounceable.

DraftGeek.com I think the term Geek is played out but not drafts. Billions of dollars there

XIJO.com Being bid like its NOT a CVCV

LRod.com Worth a lot less than ARod

A Few LLLL.coms That I Like













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Reno.net  Reno Nevada.  Enough said

PokeFind.com   2013 name because instant goldmine with PokemonGo.   He may be getting greedy at this price not hitting reserve IMO

ACAIBerry.com  Big pyramid scam built around selling this juice.  Mostly marketing but what isn’t

YoungBerry.com  Another lesser known berry.   13 year old domain.  $100 at press time

TW6.com   Pretty much all LLN.com worth $1000 or more

GetANewLogo.com  I wouldn’t be surprised to see this sell at BIN but I am biased because its my name


BoostC.com  Quite a few products share the name

Blurrier.com   Odd form of the adjective but these always seem to do well

PotFarmers.net   Even the dot net has value when it comes to Canna

TopHydroponic.com   Same goes for this one. Hydroponic and grow lights used to be for the food and ornamental market. All geared towards canna now

MathematicsPro.com  MathPro would obviously be better but this is a pretty strong math help name

DenverOpen.com   Upgrade name for quite a few events and companies

TRTR.com  This would have gone for five figures not too long ago

QooX.com   Neat looking name

SmileSolutions.com  Dental name all the way

JetRocket.com  Everything seems to have jet or rocket in it lately.  Get both

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Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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  1. Robert

    Does it bother you that the Dems have been giving away Internet control to international bodies and that eventually domains will probably be taken away / censored if the international bodies don’t like the content behind those domains?

  2. Keith DeBoer

    Put a piece of toast in his spot but the United States just can’t have him as a representative. I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton either and put in a position between voting for Trump and Hillary I think I’ll just go out and give blood instead. ————
    —-Yup, a lot of Americans feel this way, including me. It’s a sad day for American politics.

  3. Jivan Bansi

    If Trump doesn’t get in there will be no USA in 4 years, just NWO with a corruption queen. SAVE YOUR COUNTRY

  4. Tony

    I wonder if Berkens is still Pro-Trump as he was months ago on his blog. I wouldn’t vote for Trump for president of my HOA let alone for the highest office in the land. The sh!t he says is bat crazy. He lacks good judgement and any practical political knowledge. I think Charles Barkley would make a better President. At least Barkley makes sense sometimes.

  5. TJ

    A few thoughts…

    I honestly hope you guys don’t waste a second of your lives watching CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc… You’d all be better off with Pravda at this point. lols…. The media is completely in the bag for the criminal and of course Trump eats babies for breakfast… and is portrayed as lucifer in the flesh. Funny how a community organizer who had a degree from Harvard got coronated with not so much as a single worry about his ability to lead. As we all know – he’s done such an amazing job – that the economy is now amazing and in full recovery mode – all thanks to him. Nothing more to see here. Wait until the economy collapses (post election of course) again. What’s coming in the next 5 years is gonna make 2007/2008 look like child’s play.

    They’ve (the powers that be, aka – Globalists) have done everything in their power, in conjunction with their phony media mouthpiece outlets to artificially DIVIDE us. Rich vs. Poor, Christian vs. Muslim, White vs. Black, Democrat vs. Republican. Do you see a trend here? While we are at it, let’s ship in millions of illegals to further throw the USA into a state of disarray and let’s watch the country implode upon itself. Out of chaos comes control. Ultimate control. Funny how when even went we don’t have an enemy – you can be sure they will magically create one for us… even if they live in caves (or sand dunes) and eat dirt for breakfast. Oh the economy has collapsed? Well we are the government and we are here to help you all out. Just turn in your guns and take our chip and we will feed you and protect you. Oh and by the way – your kids belong to us. Give me a break already.

    Forget about party. The parties are dead and it should never be more obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. What have the parties every done for you? We are looking at the same 2 headed snake here. Bloods vs. Crips. This election comes down to a very clear choice for the future of the USA. Globalism vs. American Sovereignty/Nationalism. Do you want a country controlled and managed by multi-national global interests who will continue to line the pockets of anyone willing to do their dirty work? TPP anyone? (it’s a trade treaty… and guess who wrote it? (hint: not Americans)… but you don’t need to worry about reading that now… it’s too long anyway so we should probably just pass it. quickly. lol)

    Trump could be running as a Democrat/Indie/Republican – would it really matter or make a difference? It wouldn’t to me b/c i could honestly care LESS about party affiliation any longer. Both parties are completely disgusting and completely corrupted. Hence the support for both Bernie/Trump this year… and yes – it was stolen from Bernie. Completely stolen… so do you think they won’t steal the general election? I have a bridge for sale…

    Is Trump perfect? Of course not. Is he a complete NEOPHYTE politically speaking? Of course he is. Does he put his foot in his mouth with alarming frequency? Yes he most certainly does. Is he a bit of a wildman? Yes. Is he an egomaniac? Quite likely…. Can he be co-opted? Possibly…. but at the end of the day – he seems to have all the fame, money, and power that anyone could want. He could be out golfing and hanging with the grandkids everyday. So what is his REAL motivation? Ego? maybe… but in my view – he seems to love this country and he seems to want the best for the little guy. And yes – he could be completely lying? But why? Who is he owned by? Not Goldman Sachs the last i checked.

    They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… His kids look alright to me.

    The guy has proven he can hire talent and put them in the right position with the best chance to succeed. Can his cabinet be any worse than what we have now? I doubt it.

    Trump is ahead by double digits – but you will NEVER hear the media admit to this with their polling numbers or in a lack of support for Hillary. The illusion will be created that it’s neck and neck (or she is ahead) so that they (Globalists) can steal the vote for Hillary in the end. And this is very sad.

    All i know is, the next President will very likely be Hillary… and when the next several Supreme Court elections are made – we can likely kiss our 2nd Amendment goodbye to a great extent – which is what the Globalists want in order to achieve maximum control over future generations of Americans. I’m sure aspects of the 1st Amendment won’t be too far behind b/c without the 2nd Amendment – we won’t have the 1st any longer.

    My advice – don’t waste your time watching FOX, CNN, MSNBC… go out there and talk to people – friends, family, etc…. get online and really dig deep to find out the real truth and the real issues. Listen to a dissenting viewpoint and research it. Understand that when the power structures of the world (Hollywood, Media, Pope, China, Mexico, Democrats, Republicans, etc. etc.) are lined up against you – that might be a good thing!… maybe there is a kernel of truth in the old saying that the “enemy of my enemy IS my friend”…. Get educated in a way that the mainstream media will never educate you. Understand that the future of this country lies in each of our hands. Education and knowledge can only help to bring us closer. We desperately need to become truly UNITED again, help our fellow brothers and sisters, and not fall for the traps of division that are being set for us to fall into.

    Oh and i respect your right to disagree! God only knows i am wrong with alarming frequency. lol

    1. Post author

      Thanks TJ. I appreciate the time and effort you put into that comment. Not sure if I agree with all of it or not but that’s why I usually stay out of politics. So much emotion involved 🙂

    2. Washingtonian

      There are some validity to your comments.

      The problem with Trump is that he an amateur challenging a pro.

      Like Shane, discussing politics in business circles is a no win situation.

  6. MoveCon


    Aren’t you supposed to be intelligent enough, to filter the crap that MSM are throwing at you every minute?
    If not, indeed stay out of politicking!

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