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You should pay 2.5% if you pay with credit card at an auction.  It cost the person that takes your credit card that much.   If you are selling a product then I think the seller can add the cost of accepting credit into the price. But companies like Namejet are operating on commission.  The only way to get the 2.5% is to raise the commission rate 2.5%.  There is no where else to bid it in.  I take in over a million dollars annually and I negotiated a 2% flat fee.  That is a great rate but not everyone gets a set rate.  Most people don’t know it but different credit cards cost the companies that take them different rates.   A card that has tons of points and flyer miles can cost the recipient 3% plus.  A debit card cost less than 1%. Before our negotiated flat rate I cringed when someone gave us certain airline cards.  They killed us.

So if you don’t want to pay the fee then wire money to the auction house and save everyone some money.  Namejet isn’t making a dime off this fee.  They’re just not eating it like they used to.  Which they never should have.  Your airline miles aren’t free.  You’re paying for it whether you realize it or not.  In the case of Namejet,  the number of private names has increased quite a bit. The margins on those are 10 to 15% and 2.5 % takes a big cut.  I haven’t talked to Namejet about this at all but I deal with it every day at our garden centers.  Taking credit cards is a necessity but the cost has to be managed. You have to get it back somewhere.  Namejet just announced how they’re going to get it.   Click for current price.


Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  This was one of my favorite names going in. I thought I could get it cheap. Very very wrong   Because calculators means mortgage origination  Upgrade name for quite a few companies but there is one big buyer that should really want this one  18 years old.   Pro Life Tips for car owners   Shorty and Zippy    A teacher’s toughest job is preparing lessons.  Ask a teach    A huge problem but especially in the west.   Portland Oregon is a bit out of control with people living on the streets and    Triple 7s and 8s have these at four figures by 4 figures I mean 3K plus for the 8s   Another problem.  Getting quite a few bids   Not sure what you will do with it except send funny emails but there are plenty of bidders that have plans for it  Memorable but a bit specific to its use.  320,000 backlinks are bringing some good bids    A Japanese company is the main Google results.  Using a country code tld   I have no idea why its this much.  I’m sure I could figure it out but not really interested in the name.  Only here because I like crowds   The kind of I like to own   It has an A but the Chinese are still going to buy it   I would also want to own 9Blue but I do like the brand   We all do this domain thing and     People are still paying three figures for these types    I’d still rather have this one    Wart removal sites and domains always surprise me with how well they do   A little cooler than the Bunny Ranch   “let us guide you through your day”

Domains With One or NO Bids Already sounds like a fashion brand No bids. A much bigger market than most people realize 13 years old. I think this type of name makes a great brand. Easier to remember than most The cannabis market is still in its infancy. No bids for $12 are a nice thing IMO Not a bad marketing name for $12 You’ll have to spell it out “Weasel, W-E-Z-AL” Sounds fun or haunting Austin is all about their live music. I think solar names have a great future. My opinion only. Make your own Solid two word brand. No bidders Every kid loves nuts from Santa’s nutsack. On second thought maybe this isn’t a great tradition. 17 year old name for $17…..for now   See Cabey

Names That Have Bids

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NAMEJET  Closes today.  Seems to do a little better each time it sells.   That’s generally who’s building website.  Techy  Only one bidder on the triple 9  Not the same value as the triple 8s at the end like above but still highly desired in China  Love the pattern here.  Only a few bidders agree  This name makes me think of luxury   One V bad, three Vs good   Online education is growing like crazy and is a good moneymaker    Very nice   It’s pronounced  “KWEE”  Just kidding I have no idea how its pronounced   In Game or after game reward program ready to go    Best fuel price name you can buy    I see a brand rather than alcohol related  Big enough keywords to work with a dot net

FLIPPA and SEDO   Strong dot io name.  Poker may have peaked but it still has value  Getting absolutely no love at all.  Not sure what I think of this one


MORE Short Brand Dot Coms at


Take a look at some of the names coming  Here is the FULL LIST

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is correct. I hand choose my names but I am paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good


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  1. I totally agree with you about the auction credit card fees. I don’t understand what people are so upset about. There is also a much higher risk of fraud/chargebacks with credit cards, so the auction house has to deal with that too.

  2. You should start to accept Bitcoin and the auction houses should start to pay sellers in Bitcoin as a payout option. See if 1 out of 100 customers at the nursery knows what it is. Transactions can be a bit slow atm but transaction fees are minimal compared to traditional banking options. Some other cc’s are a bit faster with transactions such as “Dash”.
    Time to start to think of yourself as “your bank” rather than lending your ca$h to some crooked banker in a glass tower who is trying to squeeze every dime out of your account. Store your coins in a cold wallet and keep some spending coins on your phone. Keep your seed keys in a very secure place offline with backup and you should be good to go. Just saying.
    It’ s almost at $800/btc!! Best performing out of all currencies so far this year. Critics keep saying it’s dead but it keeps holding strong. Apologies for the rant but the solution is right in front of everyone. 🙂
    Domains and crypto currencies are a match made in Heaven!

  3. A great site to spend btc on Amazon is through . Get a big discount if you use btc to buy stuff at Amazon.

    1. Rev,

      I assume you’re not familiar with merchant services. I get one of the lowest rates in the country and guarantee that Namejet doesn’t get a better rate than me. Why? Because all my credit card information is passed through hard wires, no wifi. I do no Internet business using that company. And I store no credit card information for clients at the store. None. If you HAVE any of those your rates are much much higher because fraud through Internet is so high. Storing numbers also drives up the rates. Name jet has to store the numbers of their clients.

      In short, there is no way they are getting 1.5% and highly unlikely 2%. Chargeback issues for their business is also a huge problem. Your statement is exactly the type of misinformation that leads people to be upset. Simply don’t understand the costs and assume that all big business should eat costs.

  4. Companies eat the fee for a reason. They make a lot more money when people can easily pay with a credit card with the protections a credit card provides. They don’t even need money in the bank to do it! Try turning the nursery into a cash or bitcoin only business and see where it leads. Time will tell if it will hurt Namejet or not. They have a lot smaller customer base and a type of business that will probably be fine with this fee, but international wire transfer fees are also steep and I imagine a lot of their business is international.

    1. Include btc as a payment option not switch to it exclusively. That obviously would be ridiculous. Baby steps. The more people know there are real options the better.

    2. Travis,

      I completely agree. Credit cards let people buy more than they can afford. And my money is in the bank the next day. Debit cards at .5% cost would do the same thing but then people would have to only spend money they have. And banks give all kinds of cash back and free miles that come directly out of the pockets of the businesses (that’s a discussion for another day) There is a reason that debit cards are much much cheaper (besides Dick Durbin forcing the change). Its because the risk is so much less. I am certainly not arguing against credit cards. We could not run our business without them. I am only saying that its easy to build into pricing when our prices are not set. Name jet operates on a commission that is static. Any costs that go above and beyond planned costs either has to be absorbed, commission rates raised, or pass it on to the customer. They have chosen the latter. I was only stating the reasoning and that I understand why they did it.

      1. I get it from the business standpoint. I’m just saying that it was already built into their model. They were running that way for years. What annoys me is when companies try to put a positive spin on a punch in the gut. Hey! We added awesome new features like Paypal and AliPay! In order to continue adding these great new features, we need to charge an Online Administration Fee of 2.5%.

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