Domain Spotlight: Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, December 1st


A cop pulls a car over for going 20mph on the highway

The driver is a little old lady, and there are two old ladies in the back seat.

The cop asks, “Why were you driving just 20 miles per hour?”

The old lady responds, “I was just going the posted speed limit!” and points to a sign up ahead.

The cop smiles and says, “That’s not the speed limit sign, that’s the sign for this highway — Route 20!”

One of the old ladies in the back gasps out, “We tried to tell you, Eugenia!”

The cop takes another look at the old women in the back and sees that they are wide-eyed and disheveled. One of them is tightly gripping the door handle.

“What’s the matter?” the cop asks.

She responds, “We just came off of Interstate 190.”

Here are today’s names.  Click for current price and enjoy the day.

Names I Like with Multiple Bids    Upgrade name for quite a few companies. 18 years  old   Going to do well. The Internet loves these types of names   Brand or dating site   A popular destination in Ireland   Upgrade name for a few places  Not sure why it has 118 bids   the double G is getting the bids  Reselling video games is the biggest money maker behind the selling them the first time.  How’s that for data.   Going to cross $4K  Good for our industry continue to do well   Not doing quite as well but still getting bids  Another online payment name   The world love 360 names. Means “complete”   A lot of talent on the net    The 200,000 backlinks can’t hurt    Love this one.  But a few others do as well   Big enough category that even the hyphenated name is getting some good bids    Another wedding name with a few bids   Don’t love it but I do like the fact that it’s two simple words   Not sure what it would be used for but like the sound and flow of the name

Domains With One or NO Bids 20 years old. A brand, not going to sell a lot of apple baskets No bidders. Decent name if you have a site or a real car collection you want to promote Sell your domains here Not sure it has much value but like the name. No bidders For all you that hate this list ……but still come all the time to read it Save a lot of money buy adding an “A” Fun name. Not huge value but it doesn’t have a bidder so it works out well

The Shorts and Numerics That are Worth Looking At


Names That Have Bids

NameJet  Our talking this one up on DomainSherpa got it over 100 bids  At $30K.  Worth a lot more   Probably is a product and if not it will be eventually    Who isn’t looking for the best modelship?     Upgrade name for a few companies   I like the word glitter in names.  I think it appeals to the ladies….and a few men  How can you not like this one?   Timely name.  I never understood why more people don’t print their own cards.  Too cheap?  We’ve all had them.  No bidders  No reserve.  17 bidders  and No reserve at $79 at press time   At $79 at press time   Kids are fantastic repeat visitors and they love to click   Another timely name.    the buildout is the money here  People are bidding the Fly more than the K   The org works with this one   One of the most famous parts of New York   Probably the best .agency name you can buy.  But the renewal fee should be posted in writeup

That’s all I have for these two.  Nothing

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Take a look at some of the names coming  Here is the FULL LIST

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