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Bought my first dot IO name this week privately.  Smoke.io   I really like the name and think it makes the perfect cannabis or vape name.  I bought it privately and bought it to flip.  I’ll probably put it up for auction but if anyone wants to give me a price that makes me want to skip the process let me know.   No, I hadn’t looked at estibot or really even Namebio (I have since) but I know what I want to pay and asked what he wanted for it and we came up with a price.  Sometimes its that simple.  It took all of one day.  Compared to Trunk.com that took two years.   I have dozens of private buys in the works.  I always make money on private buys.  It just takes a lot more work and I can’t get enough inventory at flippable prices so I have to rely on the auctions for more inventory.  That’s why I want as many companies providing auctions as possible.  Inventory is the key to making money.  Speaking of auctions. Here are today’s names. Click to see current prices

WSE.org Very nice LLL.org. Would not be surprised to see it cross four figures

GYOC.com Ends in a C. The kind you want to own IMO

Gazoon.com 12 years old. Sounds made up…..and that’s a perfect brand

FlowCode.com Sounds techy and everyone can spell it. Except me and Berkens

Glammy.com The kind of name I have been buying for a decade. Don’t get a ton of end user inquiries but haven’t lost value

HerbChest.com You can keep your weed in it. No bidders

VClip.com I thought this one was going to sneak through. Nope

LHot.com Little Hot

CopAPlea.com Rick Schwartz has PleaBargain.com. Get this for a million dollars cheaper

LiquiDerm.com Can’t believe this doesn’t have any bids. Great medical name

SickPic.com Not a ton of value but short and nice sounding

Crack.biz Not sure if crack dealers are ever going online but if they do…………

Kooli.com Reminds me of Houli, the great fake search engine

PerfectLocation.com Pretty good property hunter’s name for $12

Nutrinas.com Makes me think of nutrition and healthy. No bidders

KW77.com These still have value as long as its a repeating number and it is at the end

PassionParty.com Sounds like I am going to need to bring some hand sanitizer

Ladeng.com Chinese and getting a big price

LondonBarber.com I’m fairly sure they have barbers in London. If they can afford a shop is another thing.

RipVape.com Ironic it starts with RIP

VapeTonic.com I like this one a lot more

Equipads.com Nice medical name for the price

Stacker.co It takes a good brand to make a dot co work. This one is strong enough IMO

Some LLLL.coms I Like










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E.Guide    Only 26 of these and E is one of the best letters. E has been used at the front of nouns for several decades now and ingrained

PokeFind.com    Doesn’t get much hotter than Pokemon right now

LEDFlashlight.com   Big name and Reserve met.  Millions are being sold and this is the perfect name to sell some

Sonia.io    Popular worldwide girls name.  No bidders.  At this price it would make an awesome email addy.

Boston.net  Auction starts today.  All depends which side of the range the reserve is


VRNetwork.com  I’m not a big VR buyer (I think the VR companies will buy brands not VR names) but this one is pretty good

Phillipines.co   Again, dot co has to be special and you’re getting a whole country here.  2 bidders

SnowWhite.co  You may have heard of her.   She was pretty hot in Snow White and the Huntsman.  One bidder

PascalsWager.com   Most know the concept but didn’t know it has a name.  Surprised it has no bidders

SocialSecurity.cc    Everybody pays into it.  Some will actually get it.  2 bidders

Nationalisation.com   How they spell nationalization in the rest of the world.  Some think it will save some industries. They are wrong

Heavier.com   Heavy.com was a popular website in the late 2000s.  Improvement.  Or just everyone in the US

UKInvesting.com   Millions of investors covered with this one

CivilRights.us   One of the few names that works well with the US tld

TheFlorist.com   I don’t do cut flowers but I still see the value here

HighAsHell.com  At least someone is being honest.  No bidders

BPBA.com,  FEDH.com, WSEI.com, and JOHD.com   Four LLLL.com worth owning IMO

Worried.com    I get anxiety just talking about this one

ModelingCoach.com  Sure, modeling coach.

Backordering.com    Pretty self explanatory

TopGrill.com  I might just be hungry

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  1. Accoding to sales report recently, .biz seems going up. NameBio reports some highest sales during past month:
    web.biz 19,200 USD 2016-07-05 Sedo
    07.biz 1,813 USD 2016-07-07 Sedo
    myapplication.biz 1,500 USD 2016-06-27 Flippa
    jets.biz 445 USD 2016-07-15 GoDaddy
    cap.biz 389 USD 2016-07-16 GoDaddy
    busy.biz 356 USD 2016-07-08 GoDaddy

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