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May 04 2016



This isn’t domain related but it sure is future related.   The cost of solar has fallen 50% in the last year and a half.  Tesla has introduced a wall battery that makes it easy to store power either from solar or during of peak hours.  Plain and simple, power is getting cheap.  Power outages are going to be a thing of the past soon.  You want future names, finally after decades of talking about it, solar is really here.  Just to make it clear, I’ve not been a solar guy.  I thought it was too expensive and costly to install.  I now think all new homes should have it installed. I think all roofs of cars should have it built in.  The next decade is going to be amazing regarding energy.  Even Apple’s new phones are going to have wireless charging from long distances.  It won’t have to sit on a pad.  Its going to be fun.  I just have to figure out how to capitalize on it via domain names.  Here are today’s names.    Click to see current prices

Pedophile.net  Perhaps the worst email EVER.  Not surprised at the number of bidders. 18 years old

CloudMetrics.com   A little better name than the above.  Going to do very well

Donut.net  The tastiest name on the board today

CarDrive.com    Too confusing with Car and Driver but maybe that’s why the bidders like it

ToplessSports.com  I don’t know any but I would probably buy season tickets. But if anything like the topless beaches the players would be the few people you don’t want to see playing sports topless.  Nobody wants to see the “Oranges in Socks” Topless Cricket league

FiveStarPoker.com  Poker names are dead if this thing can’t get a bid at $12

PilatesClothing.com  If yoga can have a whole clothing line then why not Pilates?

DGXP.com   Crossed the $1K mark.   Worth another 40% more IMO

TryItRiskFree.com   Nice marketing name for $12.  No bidders

LifeAndTravel.com    Nice travel domain.   Sounds so relaxing

GameCoins.com   One bidder.    In game money exchanger?

Jennifer.cc   Opening bid is $90 but great email name for that price IMO

JustBeSafe.com  What I tell my daughter every day.   and make good decisions.  No bidders

DogTrainingExpert.com  $20 makes you an expert

ThePocketDrone.com   Drones are getting cheaper and smaller.   Already small enough to put in your pocket

MomCompany.com     Says who owns it and what they are most proud of

ShortFilmFest.com   Can’t believe this isn’t already being used.   Can get your whole fest done in an evening when you do shorts

GuyQ.com, HOXP.com,

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

DailyDeal.net   While daily deal names may not be as valuable as they used to be, people always want deals, regardless of where they get them.

8883.info and 48 other NNNN.info      At $1, no bidders.  The 8883.info is worth $100 by itself IMO

FF.TV  Love this one.    LL anything is great but TV is even better  BUTTTTTTT…premium renewal sucks

DD.TV   Ditto but cheaper


667356.com    CHiP has 4 bidders.   Most are still hitting 3 figures

GUMD.com   Reminds me of when I used to date that meth addict.   55 bidders

BadChoice.com  Reminds me of the time I use to date the meth addict.  Not a great choice

XXOP.com   X is a great placeholder.  Two…….even better

WhiskyFan.com   One bidder.   If you watched DomainSherpa this week you will know that Drew told us that Countries that have an E in their name spell whiskey with an E.  Those that don’t, don’t.  Not 100% correct but correct enough to be useful.

StupidQuotes.com Could have some fun with this one.    Could fill with Donald Trump alone

FFFZ.com    Nice collectible.   That’s what it was before it because a Chinese premium triple repeater

WWWP.com   Even better name.   Five figure name to the right buyer

JBBB.com  And one more

GarageBands.com  Probably gets some type in traffic from the Apple product.  And a nice name on its owns

StoneBluff.com    Cities and places. No bidders

CCDDD.com  Some 5Ls still getting some good action

281.com  What can I say.  I’ve dreamed ever since I’ve been in domain investing to own a NNN.com.  This one won’t be it

DGIB.com   Good acronym letters.   B for Boston

82062.com   Reserve is under $1000 so this should sell.   How do I know the reserve?  I asked.  Amazing how much info you can find out about a name by asking

866399.com  No reserve so this also should sell.   Two sixes and then two upside down sixes

628188.com   Ending in double 8 is as good as you get besides ending in triple 8

BCDN.com  Boston College Domains

FindRecipes.com   I only look for desserts.


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