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Welcome to 2017.  I still remember vividly as a kid thinking about what it would be like when it turned over to 2000. How old I would be and would I be married and with kids (I was both).  Now here we are 17 years into it.  I truly enjoyed the journey of 2016.  There were good moments, big sale at the beginning of the year, and lows that I will elaborate fully about on the bloggers panel at NamesCon.  I look forward to a healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling 2017.        Here are today’s names. Click for current price.


Quote of the Day:  “Cheers to a New Year and another chance to get it right -Oprah Winfrey ”

Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   People love deal name, and “eo” names.  I figured you guys would like this one.   One of the goals of most businesses.  Unless you are non profit and then you just spend it   Big name.  BeachFront would be five figures  Getting four figures   Sounds like a nice brand until you realize it sounds like employees fed up and leaving  13 years old and a dozen or so bids  Not sure how the bidders think they are going to legally monetize this one   Gets typo traffic but getting a much bigger bid than just typo  You know I like short .cc  Some really good 6Ns if you’re still doing these

Domains With One or No Bids Solid brand for $12. No bidders, 16 years old Nice little bragalicious domain Unfortunately it can’t be brought, you have to go get it No bids. Sounds kind of techy Some spell it this way. Gullible person I think it is too. One bidder flexibility is a good thing Most people don’t realize doves are more lucky than ducks I see this all the time for contaminated facilities. Big business but no bids Last name for $12 I was thinking football collectibles but looks like all the results are for motorcycle helmets   I don’t see color as evidenced in my shirt pant combos   Negative name but at least its memorable

Some Shorties and Numerics Worth Looking At

Domains With Bids


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NAMEJET  Not getting much love

And that’s it.  Seriously, not another one of interest to me.




MORE Short Brand Dot Coms at

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  1. Happy New Year Shane. Yes, growing up, year 2000 was a major deal. It came and went, now my 12 yr son asks what was the big deal about it. Thanks for your guidance day after day. I have cashed in large flipping on your recommendations! Even your small bits of advice, such as the value of ‘media’ names. Media names are spiking huge. 2016 was another 100K+ year. The secret sauce is to move domains fast and always be buying. Dont sit on names. At least thats my angle and Dot Coms only! Congrats on the Cubs win!

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