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My AC wasn’t working today, so it was 95 degrees on the second floor of the house, so that’s always fun. Looks like someone let a large portfolio of big keyword .us names go. I’ve listed a big chunk of them at the bottom. Even if you hate .us for whatever reason I think you have to give it some credibility in light of the NTLD’s. It’s short and it can make span the dot names that make sense. I’ve talked about this before, but there are numerous government websites setup on .us domains. The county I live in has all of their different divisions on .us subdomains. I think this gives credibility to endusers considering the extension. Have a fun and safe weekend.

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The Main List  Some people like the bling bling A site that teaches basketball Fast robots I imagine they sell bottled water in Brooklyn Small rum cakes? Go to the beach and catch a ray. Or a tanning brand There’s 1000 searches a month for this lol, build a site for collectors to trade and share pube stories. Sell gear to Carnies, Clowns and other Circus Folk The go to news site for your city  A service that cleans electronics, maybe smoke particulates  from a fire, or wiping a hard drive. Has a bid, hopefully it’ll have cool games too. I’m getting carpal tunnel as we speak Past tense Indian Spice? Like it, Data security Logo’s website design, the spirit is the essence of the design The Burrito Grill, “El” works better here.  Supercharged golfcarts, girls in bikins serving beer at every hole. Makes me think of horses running The site where you get lenders to bid on your business A motivational site, fulfil your potential. Could do without the “ing” but you get the idea . Most every city or town has a marketing campaign to bring customers to businesses downtown. A few cities around here have First Friday in the summer. The businesses have discounts and there’s are displays and entertainment. Fun Downtown would be a good brand. You enter all your genetic data into the engine and it tells you about yourself Because no one wants regular rates Lawn darts at night? Willy Wonka ordered the golden tickets in a golden pack. Bad shavers irritate the skin and will cut you I suspect it would be something amazing online. A lot of money goes into repairing habitat either for hunting purposes, endangered animals, and waterways. Outsourcing, employment agency Clothing for hobbies Seems like it could work as a hobby store brand Lots of realtors out there with crap names 20 years old, registered in numerous extensions Therapy of some sort, Infuse with knowledge. Easy to remember Get your vape supplies straight forward and really broad  Fix IT issues around the world Horrible name, you should stay away from any fashion advice I give you Knee braces, People screw up their knees all the time. A play on words, doesn’t pass the radio test, but it’s fun. Know who’s fooling you. This one’s interesting, the top goolge result is Registered in several extensions.  Polygamists like all their wives to be loyal  Go to the next level with a luxury upgrade. registered in lots of extentions, someone important you can sell anyting if you’re the master Embarrass your kids with this name as an email. Let them know how “hip” you are. Lots of people need mental tutoring, because they’re idiots. We all could use a tutor from time to time. After you get your tutoring you can tell everyone “me sharp now” I like it, a brand that sells kids clothing. A site for offroad sports that take pride in the amount of mud on their vehicles. Make your muscles work and get huge.  Sports that all the bad kids play.  List all the new TLD’s and sell them People like monkey names for some reason. The next monkey is better than the last monkey It was nice seeing you, I hope to see you again soon. The site that helps you follow up with all the promises you made the last time you saw someone. No Freaking Way I make this list this long again. Where all the high rollers do shit. Many towns have historical societies that make property owners restore buildings to how they were 100+ years ago. dating site? Or fashion advice, maybe wine advice. Pimps need to advertise too. Pimps can get promotion help to create their ads. Movies that are right there waiting. Confederate gold, I saw a show on the histroy channel about this. Apparently piles of gold are hidden throughout the south. Networking site Get your groove on at the rhythm club, or stand there and attempt to have conversations drinking $18 beers Helicopter tours or service of some sort. Today I watched a helicopter inspect high tension lines. They got right up in there, sounds dangerous flying a helicopter next to power lines. This may be the best name for identity theft protection. If you ruin your credit first the thieves will stay away. Teddy bears, smoke detectors, keep an eye on the house and baby sitters. Catch them drinking milk out the carton and going through your underwear drawer. With the “s” still think it works if you need more than 1 skill done. Weed with the snap of your finger. Learn about cooking chicken down to stock to make soups. Or the other thing. Sounds like a layer of the earth, good Fracking brand. Synergy is a buzz word lately. A delicious mix of tea and wine. Well shit, this one is a Terrific Opportunity, it has to be, it says so.  They could be worse too, don’t be so pessimistic The whole village gets involved A sailing brand, the unknown. Rabits seem unlimited or an awesome pet  Like burn gel, but for your vagina. anothing vape name  A vape product brandable. There’s like a billion results in google for this. All kinds of mix varieties. Gardens for Vegans… Has to sell, 2 of Shanes favorite topics.  Has VR so it will also sell for thousands. Another fun depressing domain. Compassion and caring These guys fix your computer Because non one wants a Sandford and son yard.’s

LLLL Net and Org 

end users still use these from time to time.


Traffic: names with traffic, no spam checking was done

Made up Brandables


5 L ending with a wang, or that have a pattern or that were used as a Chinese site in the past.


One word Make beer or wine in a Carboy This one resolves to a registrar

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

Flippa  Still here with all those 8’s


NameJet App or Plugin that makes adding reports to your site easy Nice single word .co A site that lets parents put pictures and stats of their kids playing football. Also words for “soccer” High CPC one word name, word on the street is that .net is undervalued. one word name that makes sense with the extension. A few numbers on namejet,   People are always looking for work at home type jobs.  The real money is selling them the info for the jobs    You know I say all vegan names are worth something.   This one rounds them all up in one place online   Nice weight loss name.  Everyone wants to be slimio Lots and lots of money that everyone has to pay. Well most everyone, the rest of us get to pay a little more just for them, but that’s how socialism works, people helping people. 🙂 Build a site on this name that features all your favorite Chinese animals Serious woodworkers buy good quality woodworking benches. It’s almost summer, it was in the 90’s today where I live, workout the stomach. I give my stomach a good summer workout of Maryland crabs several times a year.

Crap load of high search Volume short and numeric .us most were registered in 2002

BIN Under $100

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  1. Nice list.
    .us names great except for the restrictions to US citizens. Same as .ca. Restrictions on the extensions hold them back from wide spread adoption imo.

  2. This post is like the ship in the intro of every Star Wars movie. You know it’s massive from the start but it keeps going and going and going. Epic list.

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