Jun 27 2016


Shane should be back soon I haven’t heard anything from his yet, but hopefully he’s conquered his mountain.

I recently sold 3 domains on Godaddy premium with a BIN price of $99. There was nothing special about the names and I paid reg fee for them. I want to experiment  doing this more with a few names  as a sort of BIN wholesale.

This is my thinking: We’ll buy a name list it at a crazy high price waiting and hoping for an enduser to buy it. When it doesn’t sell we put the name on NameJet or godaddy auctions and hope for the best. Or we’ll immediately put the name up for auction maybe at a different platform and try to flip it. What if we set a realistic wholesale price with a BIN? I would have been really happy if the 3 names that I sold for $99 would have reached half that price at auction.

I think that with trying to sell names at a wholesale price with a BIN they’ll get the exposure they need without me having to remember when the auction ends. I won’t have to worry if I set the right end time, about the reserve, or if the name gets lost in the Godaddy API and never shows up in the feed. With Godaddy’s new commission structure I can sell the name and still lost money, even if I hand regged it. If I set a reserve I have to pay for it, and the whole time I’m competing with the Godaddy expired inventory with their “traffic” numbers.

I’m not saying that this is a good idea for all names, but I think there’s a certain group of names that this process would work well.

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OldWorld.net Where they make the good sauce
TreeDesign.com Sculpt your trees the way you like them
PrincessOfDarkness.com Sounds evil
UrbanCenter.com Downtown
CallTheAttorney.com A lot of attorney’s out there with crappy domains
Secondhand.org A charity thrift store name
RoofPrice.com Get an idea of what your roof will cost before you call the roofer.
EventSeer.com Know before it happens
MedicalGym.com Lots of rehabs out there
Resulted.com The ed isn’t the best but it’s still one word


Sports.fm  I think this is a great use of a CC TLD as a span the dot name

tech.xyz Nice keyword XYZ

uke.io Curious to see what an LLL io brings in

Main List

LibertyBitCoin.com The Bitcoin of freedom and America
AirEscorts.com You should always have an escort if you’re flying into enemy territory
AstralSigns.com The Zodiac signs
AthleticCloud.com Athlete stats shared virtually or clouds that like to run
BakeExpo.com Huge bake sale
BioSign.com A sign name out of nature?
BioStack.com A big pile of bio
BrainHabit.com Train your brain for better habits
BrainStacks.com A big pile of brains
CampingGurus.com Learn camping tips and tricks from these guys
CasinoBuffet.com cheap crab legs
CelticGenealogy.com Track your Celtic roots
CleverUs.com We try
CloverLuck.com I see an Irish Pub
CompleteAssistance.com You don’t even have to move if you don’t want to
CompleteProtein.com Get all the protein you need in one shake
ConnectMobility.com Makes me think of scooters
DanceSamba.com I don’t really dance
DealInformer.com know about the best deals right away
DecorIndoor.com Has a nice sound almost rhymes
DirtWipe.com Handi wipes
EndureRacing.com Keep on racing, Flagpole Sitta
FindPick.com Apple’s: find and pick them
FlexFlights.com Flights that you can change without paying an extra fee
FreshSun.com A beach resort name
FullySmooth.com Gravy without the lumps
FundingOption.com Choices for getting the money you need
GiftMinistries.com Send gifts to poor people that can’t afford them, give them hope
GoldShare.com Invest in a gold mine and get your share
GreatPattern.com Better than good pattern
HaircutKits.com All the stuff you need to cut your hair
HeartTip.com Keep your heart healthy
HereIsProof.com The opposite of myth busters
HopeFirm.com The company that deals in hope
HunterSkills.com Learn how to be a good hunter
Inburst.com Like implode but in short bursts
InstaPrice.com Like Flow’s name your own price gun
InventConcept.com Think of cool ideas
KiteExpert.com Kites are a pain if you don’t know what you’re doing, especially if your daughter wants you to fly one of the really cheap dollar kites, that has a 20 foot string and plastic that tears on the first flight. Drones are the new kites
LAUsedCars.com I bet there is a ridiculous amount of used cars in LA
LostBiker.com Sounds like a biker bar. Let’s put our cuts on and go down to the lost biker
LoveLocals.com If you’re going to experience a different culture you need to meet the locals and have them take you to the places they go. This site connects you with the locals for the real experience
MakePoop.com Sell fiber so you can be better at this
MemoryWell.com Memory Well, as in a Well of Memory, A place where all your memories are stored
MentalTutor.com A few tutor names sold the last couple of days. This one’s just as good
MyOwnWord.com write a book
MyPassions.com The things that I care about
NetLocater.com A new search engine?
OnTheWind.com Another Kite name
PastOver.com You got past over for the promotion. Or the past tense Passover, which is good because your first born didn’t die, you were past over.
ProtectTomorrow.com Get your survival strategy together
ProudVoter.com The site that gives stickers out that say “I voted”
PurpleFizz.com Color brand for anything really
RaisingRight.com A name for parenting
RayBlocker.com Sunglasses, or suntan lotion
RightScent.com The way you should smell.
RockWash.com If you have really tough stains, throw a couple rocks in with your clothes to beat it out. Do this at your own risk, I have know idea if it works and it will probably break your machine
ScoopData.com Get the scoop on the best data
SingBig.com Voice lessons
SocialGrill.com Like fondue but with a regular charcoal grill
TradeShelf.com A name for trading or selling things
TunnelOfLove.com As I look at this name a second time I realize all the inappropriate and even scary possibilities
TurboRecharge.com If your turbo has run out of steam recharge it.
UltraRays.com The best sun you can find
VegasBuddy.com The system that keeps you from doing anything stupid in Vegas or losing all your money.
VisualEnvy.com Like fondue but with a regular charcoal grill

The Rest

AlteredWood.com ArtMeister.com
411Know.com AskAccountants.com
AccessCheapHomes.com MyVirtualWorkshop.com
ArtAndPainting.com MyWorkCoach.com
BarBusters.com OpenTrue.com
BitNick.com OutdoorClimber.com
BoldSquare.com PinPhoto.com
BuzzMotors.com PixelShare.com
CloudTablets.com PrimoBuild.com
EnergyIsGreen.com ProsperityAgency.com
FamiliaLegal.com RichBean.com
FillSearch.com RoundClock.com
HeartInspiration.com RoyalMix.com
HomeSoSimple.com SitStayRelax.com
HouseScrubber.com SmartTranslation.com
ImageUploading.com SocialReg.com
IndividualFreedoms.com SourceOfGood.com
JointPlay.com SpeakingPros.com
LoyalWives.com SRegister.com
MarketProxy.com StockFox.com
MobileSpeedway.com StrongShift.com
MotoTools.com YourRealAgent.com
MulchMagic.com ZenFoot.com
MuzicTalk.com ZooPot.com

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Your LLLL.coms of The Day

pywk.com focl.com
mgfj.com ryxo.com
uyex.com vzin.com
svqy.com cagh.com
aafr.com utqu.com

LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday

mrlz.net givv.net lipn.net
rhfs.net jjew.net boed.net
labm.net demd.net pmfp.org
psqs.net idgd.net kyky.info
wrpr.net emaa.net zsxt.info
xpan.net tyba.net nbys.info
mcob.net vzer.net lyps.info
vooh.net cgon.net sddy.org
wpmo.net bwok.net koby.cc
kysu.net neop.net

LLL’s, CCC’s, 5L’s

43o.com dksws.com
nwu.info kmtnw.com
qiq.us ssxgw.com
bjkby.com xzkjw.com
bjrwl.com zxzbz.com


Baalm.com Ifixy.com Sereck.com
Ciibo.com Lamenga.com Sewsa.com
Corany.com Lobage.com Showzia.com
Cybonix.com Lobum.com Sintag.com
Dagoco.com Luxurer.com Taggm.com
Degisi.com Maritha.com Twitzu.com
Drixer.com Matrial.com Vastue.com
Dubbster.com Neometa.com Viberos.com
Fabrify.com Nimblu.com Viblue.com
Fleaty.com Photozeno.com Vizator.com
Fuluz.com Plooma.com Wibbits.com
Fuzea.com Qazil.com Wivah.com
Giblish.com Qelin.com Wuzdat.com
Hibica.com Rovitos.com Zisho.com

MORE Short Brand Dot Coms HERE

Some Numbers

802680.com 11187.info 4375.info
280816.com 16378.info 4784.info
806980.com 19927.info 55289.info
201510.com 22433.info 56989.info
001794.com 32996.info 68237.info
003043.com 33398.info 68683.info
98sj.com 33686.info 71159.info
k389.com 33789.info 83567.info
kz77.com 3539.info 85559.info
0140.info 36733.info 87979.info
0447.info 38228.info 99940.info
9409.info 99976.info 7962.info
9843.info 5863.info

One Worders and Other TLD’s

Australian.cc HawaiiStateParks.org
Craves.me Befriends.org
Mailing.cc GardenHomes.org
Stabilizer.co GoodReport.net
Foul.co arize.org
Hangs.co Murano.org

Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and  VR


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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