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We’re fostering the two dogs in the pic for a couple of weeks. They were originally from the somewhere in the south and were brought north due to a high kill rate at the shelters in that area. Fostering animals can be a great option if you have kids and want to teach them responsibility without the long term commitment to a pet, or if you like animals but are too busy to have pet’s full time. It’s also a good way to trial having a pet.

The way it works the animals are in your care at no cost to you until they are old enough to get fixed and then put up for adoption. The animals get better quality care and attention then they would otherwise and that in turn makes them better companions for the “end user”. All the food, toys and supplies are provided by the Humane League, at least here, so all you have to committee to is a little bit of time.

So if you’re looking to mix it up a little bit, look into fostering an animal for a couple of weeks. If it works out you can do it again, if not at least you don’t have a pet that you impulse bought but now have to take back or give away.

P.S. I’m cutting the domain write ups short, these damn dogs have had me up all night. lol


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The No Bid List  The guys that make awesome apps  A site to track your office basketball pool  Stretch out those old bones, not sure if they should really be flexed all that much  Drink Milk  Seems like a lot of people that live in the area I work have chicken coops, they bought chicks after they built the coop.  I think of coldcuts, fruit platters,  A whole system devoted to making you funny  Some people just don’t know how to complain or who to complain to, help them complain better and to the right people  When you can’t find the price tag  It’s one word, kinda   A Pet hotel, or sending your dog off to college  The anti recycling site  Well do ya?  a service that takes and dumps your trash  A program that make you fake original content  Jurassic Park  Fix my irritable bowel syndrome  Has every possible piercing known to man, but can fix the shit out of any computer, runs a higher than normal risk of death by lightning strike  If you, fry them up for a tasty late night snack  “My favorite planet is the sun, I like it because it’s like the king of planets”  A fun animal brand  The app that makes you money  Trade things  Find out what people are happy about  because he’s unorganized  No idea, a bag full of hubs?  Lot’s of money  The feeling inside of great joy   It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s a problem of motivation  the plural of to make known or to bestow  Nice little three word domain  The path that love takes  A circus but really insane  I see a company that installs and trouble shoots wells  At the bottom, can’t fall any further, a sky diving name  Kids dancing  An offer that we both like and agree on  Buy a name and get hosting with it  Good name for an A and P learning site  That darkness that hides within us no need to explain, also known as a unicorn  Drones that fly around your property and look for intruders Add an X for anything  Read this list everyday, or a list of your favorite books  keep up to date on what you should recycle  Organic soil is the first thing that comes to mind  A site that teaches you project manegment skills  Take a chance, but increase your odds buy making sure it’s a safe chance  Get in the habit of saving money  If you foster an animal you may be saving a pet  I don’t know what you do with it, but it’s one of those drop down boxes you se 100 times a day  have a friend that lives in the city? Send them some nature  The site that makes excuses for you to take off work. They’ll pretend to be a friend or Dr and call your employer with a great excuse Everything you need to skate  Beat it to a pulp  Has skills and is really cool  For me it’s grease and dairy  A buzz name like this one a lot, many uses I think  A speech impairment help site  Get your files quick like mission impossible  Paintball or something like that  I think it’s a great call to action name to stop something  Happiness on Crack  A vape name that I didn’t add to the other category, because I’m a  Make a career out of venture capital  Get a custom ride  Brand for anything  The choice group of very important people  If dad’s in lock up show him you care with a website. You don’t actually have to visit then  streach and get the things you need   A Global Wine name  another “add an X for anything or nothing”

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BRANDBUCKET PUBLISHED  I listened to the DNW podcast with Frank S. yesterday, he’s going to buy organs as needed to live longer. Get a jump on the cloned organ market

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  1. I don’t know how much you get paid, but you are putting a tremendous amount of time and effort into your lists…..great work.

    Nice work with the pups!

      1. Paul,
        Shane said if I do a good job for several more years he’d adopt me and give me the plant business, so I work extra hard. Seriously though, thank you I appreciate it.

  2. I’m guessing that Josh has just adopted two dogs. Good luck taking them away from your daughter in a few weeks. That’s ok, because dogs are awesome, and it is great for a kid to grow up with them.

    1. Travis, we thought about it, but we have an old German Shepherd and I don’t want to piss him off too much. With fostering she can get a new puppy to play with every so often, but we shall see, they are cute.

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