Jul 09 2016


I did something a little different today. I added comments to names that I found with no bids on them, at least they had no bids when I found them. I wrote a quick comment on what I think it could be used for. That or I just wrote something ridiculous because it’s probably a ridiculous name.

It’s crazy to see some of the name that get bids on them, I don’t even know what half of them mean. Some do have “traffic” off the traffic numbers posted by Godaddy. They list  the traffic during the time the nameservers change from wherever you had them pointed to the default expired Godaddy nameservers. You probably shouldn’t buy names just because they have traffic. Most of them are spammed out, so check the links before you do it.

All of the numerics have bids on them. I still like to track them, see if anything crazy happens. Someone’s making a nice big numeric .info collection.

Keep Dallas PD and the families of the slain officers in your thoughts and prayers.

Main List

1Draft.com Writing so good, it only takes one draft
AdjustMyBack.com A good Chiropracter name
AlertFraud.com Alert me when my identity is Stolen
AllAutoServices.com They fix your car and wash it for you. The dealers that charge $300/hr do this
AllQueen.com 4 of kind in Poker, or a Drag show
ApneaTech.com The dude that hooks all the wires to your head for your sleep study. How do they expect you to sleep like that?
Appcubator.com The house filled with people and their app ideas
AreaRiders.com A bicycle name?
AskAJerk.com When you wanna know what people really think without filters
AVHookup.com Audio Visual installation
BeanPicker.com I like it for something other than actually picking beans
BeautifulEmotions.com 🙂
BecomeHired.com Find a job
BestLiveBand.com Some bands are better than others live
BiggestEarner.com What can make you the most money?
BloodPride.com A nice family name
BobsTackle.com I looked this up, there’s a “bob’s Tackle” in almost every state
BroadcastMultimedia.com You get it
Bromigo.com The combination of Brother and Amigo, its Spanglish
BuzzHour.com also known as Happy Hour
CareGifters.com Give the gift of care to a love one that needs it
CivilRiot.com Non violent protests
CleverCrap.com The uncouth way to say stuff not as offensive as shit
CleverWealth.com Earn your fortune the smart way
Cloudisimo.com A fun cloud brand
CloudPhenomena.com It’s all cloud these days
ConsultantAgency.com Don’t know what you consult with them about, but they all work for the same agency
Decorrido.com Means “past” in Brazilian. Practice for the Olympics
DigiDid.com Digital the past tense, It sounds cool anyway
DoActivity.com Get away from the computer and do something active
DomainNameAwards.com lol, well I could make this one fun, but I don’t want to beat a dead and missing in action horse
DreamKick.com Maybe a soccer camp with your favorite soccer players. I would name a few if I knew any
eConnector.com Electronic connector
EconomyInvest.com Buy things
EffectiveHire.com Background and reference checks
EpicRemodel.com The best fricken handyman around
EuroCollapse.com It’s pending
FamilyFuze.com Bring the family together
Figurable.com Some sort of math name
FixReality.com If you don’t like what’s going on fix it.
ForASpecialKid.com Make your children feel special, just don’t spoil them
FormerFriend.com A list of all the FB friends you deleted. Were they really friends?
FreshLayouts.com Brite new concepts
FullHDService.com High Def tech
GoBeWild.com Just don’t get arrested. Be responsibly wild
GoneDead.com I have know Idea what you do with it, just kinda liked it
GreatFlorists.com Amazing flower arrangers
GrowCredit.com Build your credit
HelpGranny.com Don’t make granny do it by herself. A site that matches volunteers with Grannies that need help
HorseSkill.com I can ride a horse if I have to, but I wouldn’t say I have skill. I just sort of hold on and hope for the best
HurryOrder.com Can you hire Uber to pick things up for you?
illuministic.com Something bright
IndexNation.com The whitepages. When was the last time any of you used an actual phonebook. The last one we got sat on the porch for 3 month where the delivered it. I thought someone had lost a school book and would eventually come back for it
iNeedNutrition.com I probalby should look into this, I ate oreo’s for lunch
InfluentialMan.com The guy everyone listens too
InnExpert.com The guide to accomodations
InstantHacks.com The work “hack” has evolved over the last several years
iSwingIt.com A baseball bat
ItIsMyOpinion.com Mine and only mine
ItsRuined.com It is ruined, don’t worry we can fix it.
JetWireless.com Very fast internet
KeysFinder.com Yes! an app to find your keys. Please make this someone
LatestHairTrends.com I have no idea what they are.
LondonWorker.com The site to find a job in London
LouJr.com The youger Lou
LovRub.com some sort of lubricant I assume
LowRentHome.com Find a cheap home and save money. It’s at the end of a runway
MadMinute.com One crazy, crazy minute
MealPacking.com Take a meal with you, you’ll save lots of money
Misquotation.com A whole site with incorrect quotes, could be fun
MonkeyStudios.com You can use “monkey” for anything and it works. Well except babysitting at the zoo, they frown on that.
NakedSkydive.com Not sure if it’s a thing, but it could be
Necrophage.com Single word, means scavenger or eats dead and decaying flesh
OurBro.com Celebrate your brother with his own website
PaceMind.com Keep your thoughts in order without jumping to conclusions
PackHealthy.com The healthy brown bag solution. Send your kids to school with a healthy lunch
PaidTravelers.com Get paid to travel. Sounds awesome
PimpSlapped.com It’s better than getting hit with the cane
Placidity.com calm
QualityFarmers.com They grow the best veggies
RefreshUSA.com A vacation, spa or a organic smoothie
RelocateQuick.com On the run from the Mafia? Have a contract on your head? relocate quick
RichLeaf.com Delicious tea
RocketCakes.com Cakes made out of cocaine
RVRoaming.com Get yourself an RV and just start driving.
SayNoToFees.com A boycott site for people that don’t like paying fees, Which is everyone in the world
SeedHaus.com A place to buy seeds
SelectPatio.com Select is a good add on word. It makes it sounds special, exclusive
SelfDirections.com This is where you drive around in circles for hours refusing to ask for help
SharedTalent.com The site that trades or leases employees to other companies that need temporary work done in an area that they lack the talent
SharkInvasion.com Sharknado
SketchSquad.com A comedy troupe, or artists
SleepKit.com Comes with ear plugs, eye shades and whiskey
StartupSherpa.com The guide to startups
StopBloodLoss.com Tourniquet’s work well
TaxClient.com A tax help program or app
TaxpayersRelief.com Lawyers that deal with the IRS
TerrificCloud.com Not just any cloud
The61.com The500 sold the other day. Is The61 better?
TheLivePlanet.com A few “the” names
ThePotsRight.com This is a good poker name, to me anyway. How many times do you hear “The pot’s right” during a game?
TLDAuthority.com Not explaining this one
TrackSociety.com A trend site
TrainRider.com Freight jumping hobo’s, or a site for those that frequest the rail lines
TuneSearcher.com Find the song you want
TutorTeaching.com Has the “ing” but it’s not horrible
TypingTester.com Increase you typing speed, not on a normal keyboard, just with your thumbs
ValueType.com How many types are there?
VioletSolar.com A color and solar name. Worth thousands. I’m joking, but it’s not a bad brand
VocalShape.com Take voice lessons
WebRelic.com Outdated websites
WeProtectHomes.com Smith and Wesson
WorkHardcore.com The worker with lots of energy
YoureNotSpecial.com Despite what Mr Rogers told you, you’re not special. It’s just a name, I think you’re special

Names with Bids

BearMen.com LocalSeek.com
BehaviourChanges.com NetMet.com
CraftyPirate.com OKFuneral.com
CubTraining.com PandasOnParade.com
Etalon.com RackBox.com
HairTransplanter.com SlipOffs.com
HealthSavers.com SmileyHead.com
iDoDogTricks.com SquareGraph.com
InquiringParent.com SuitGenius.com
InvestmentsDirect.com TinyChoices.com
KarenFisher.com TravelGlass.com
LandscapingAZ.com TrustUsAuto.com


PersonalizedDiets.com Everyone’s body is different, get a diet made just for you
ConceptShopping.com Shop for cool and innovative things
CounselingCareers.com The site that gives you all the information to learn about counseling or to get a job
premiumlifeinsurance.com Premium is always a good word to describe something
bidcommunity.com A bidding forum or auction site
virtualchatworld.com A site or app that connects all your chat networks together worldwide
fffz.com Nice Pattern 4L
bankwithus.com A bank marketing name
WorldVibe.com Are you getting positive vibes from the world?
GreenProperties.com Lots of trees and grass
ComfyBed.com This is what I need right now.


fblovetest.com Over $4k, A site that lets you trick people into telling you if they like you

fpiz.com Only at $150

CraftyCleaners.com Website making $2k a month booking cleaners.

Save Money With Daddy Bulk Domain Registration

Your LLLL.coms of The Day


LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday


LLL’s, CCC’s, 5L’s

lmf.me gmyyy.com mclyw.com
z0h.net gtstw.com sbxgw.com
bpkhw.com gttgw.com snszz.com
ggbmm.com jkbqw.com znmtw.com
gmpsw.com lyyyd.com


Amiqs.com Hamboo.com Rezub.com
Aqita.com Holdya.com Smoothix.com
Auato.com Jekaro.com Spazendo.com
Bagax.com Jiklo.com Styleologist.com
Beltora.com Judza.com Tecler.com
Blukat.com Marzd.com Toastage.com
Elenique.com Moboba.com Tomid.com
Evigi.com Movigy.com Vasantos.com
Fendex.com Nazpaz.com Yehew.com
Flymatics.com Nitpo.com Yoloj.com
Fozak.com Noviem.com Zygex.com
Gazute.com Pahji.com Detka.com
Globiter.com Panazan.com Janoom.com
Greah.com Pevza.com Zeeron.com

MORE Short Brand Dot Coms HERE

Some Numbers

020276.com 16289.info 66772.info
020304.com 18333.info 66876.info
100111.com 18633.info 67996.info
269890.com 21569.info 68299.info
314158.com 22216.info 68399.info
354355.com 22259.info 68889.info
606780.com 23376.info 69595.info
677939.com 23385.info 72111.info
690700.com 26139.info 72227.info
844872.com 28119.info 72789.info
869890.com 28963.info 73337.info
969890.com 28998.info 75789.info
8888682.com 29299.info 75999.info
2059.info 32553.info 77773.info
2099.info 33869.info 78889.info
3549.info 35111.info 78937.info
3590.info 36111.info 79299.info
3997.info 36697.info 79315.info
4337.info 38123.info 79978.info
4694.info 38279.info 83922.info
4769.info 51113.info 86567.info
4967.info 51233.info 88138.info
5167.info 51621.info 88272.info
5616.info 53555.info 88791.info
5759.info 56356.info 91679.info
5954.info 56873.info 97789.info
6229.info 57123.info 97858.info
7059.info 57666.info 98769.info
7569.info 57799.info 98888.info
9004.info 58555.info 98976.info
9071.info 58722.info 99863.info
9318.info 58733.info 99997.info
9627.info 58758.info 364.mobi
9768.info 58766.info 5408.cc
9897.info 58999.info 279.me
11231.info 59125.info 8qi8.com
11655.info 61633.info m344.com
11979.info 61823.info vim3.com
12222.info 65882.info wk21.com
12678.info 66367.info y889.com
13599.info 66636.info ziv8.com
13699.info 66686.info 85qb.com
15579.info 66768.info gq27.com
15787.info 66771.info jc60.com

One Worders and Other TLD’s

Ensight.org Caradoc.net
TheCommunitySchool.org Hippies.us
Chino.org Hireable.org
Francisca.net Muskets.org
Rater.org Rewarding.cc

Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and  VR

Vaperrs.com VROctane.com
VapeSpray.com VRAssistants.com
Virtual420.com VRMaintenance.com
WeedHookup.com MarijuanaGrowShop.com


Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good

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