Nov 06 2016

So this is the first time I’ve done this list.  I hope it doesn’t disappoint.  I intended to do a nice intro about how and why I became a domain investor, my successes and failures so far, and where I hope to be in the future, but I decided that should be a post on its own asking you guys and gals to answer the same questions in the comment section.  I’ll start working on that post.


Only the first three names in my main list have bids.
CharterYachts.com  CharterYacht.com is a little better, because you are rarely chartering multiple yachts, but this one still works fine.

FieldOfBitCoins.com  It would need to be a virtual field, but it would be valuable.  Check out the price movement over the past year.  It probably has a lot further to run.

ImageCraze.com  Image site or another app to do crazy things with an image

These do not have bids (as of Saturday afternoon)
DarwinToday.com  One of my heroes, but I’m thinking an ecological magazine or online publication

VaporNow.com  As good as most vapor names if you like these things

room50.com  Not sure what you would do with it, but room1.com through room49.com are taken.  I didn’t bother to check the rest of them.

AskNutrition.com  Nutrition is big and people have questions about it.

DeliciousShirts.com  I like it for a tshirt business.

DeliciousShirt.com  Might as well be defensive and get this too.

TheSicilianOven.com  Mmm…  Sounds delicious.

If you like one of these, you might as well buy all four.

ArizonaDecks.com  People in Arizona have decks.  People that build them should have this name.

BreathBlocker.com  Many people need this product.

tequilainc.com  Tequila Inc.

ExoticJamaica.com  Pretty good Jamaica travel name.

MainCharacter.com  Sounds like a bar at Harvard.

BattleKitchen.com  You know there will be a show called battle kitchen on one of the cooking channels at some point.

RealEstateNapa.com  I like NapaRealEstate.com better, but this still works.

FaveSports.com  I’m thinking one of those strip mall shops selling jerseys and other things to area youth.

ShipwreckTavern.com  I love the name for a tavern, and there already are a couple of them.

DFWpizza.com  A business is probably not going to call themselves DFW Pizza, but DFW is a huge area and there are a ton of pizza places.  I would want this if I was one of them.  And if you are in DFW, try I Fratteli pizza.

CloudAttend.com  Virtual meeting software

TheCoinChest.com  Great bitcoin exchange or wallet name

GrandeRoyale.com  The name of multiple hotels and other places

NYCpools.com  They probably do not build many of them, but this is the name if you do it.

krowdd.com  I see a brandable for a crowd source app or social meeting app

DomainOfYourOwn.com  Get one today!

LiquidCharm.com  Alcohol until you have too much, and then it can be liquid ahole among other things.  Maybe a cologne?

AnyDomainIsFine.com  If this is true, we are all screwed.

AtomCycling.com  Cool name for a bike shop, but do bike shops call themselves cycling shops?  Maybe some do.

AustinExhibits.com  Info site about the exhibits in Austin?  Should be pretty easy to put together.

BrexitWatch.com  This will be something to watch for years.

ColoradoBrick.com  Best name for a company in Colorado that sells bricks.

DiabeticsOutlet.com  The number of people with diabetes grows every year, and they need all sorts of equipment.

ElegantAlchemy.com  I’m thinking perfume.

GoVisitSeattle.com  I’ve never been, but I want to go.

HangoverChicken.com  I don’t know…  I just laughed when I read it.

HauntedCasa.com  Spanglish for haunted house.

ListYourAuto.com  Lots of competition in this space so you will have to do it better, or sell it to someone who thinks they can.

MemoryActivator.com  Now this would be cool if sold alongside a memory deactivator.

MysteriousSeas.com  The least explored region of the earth – at least the deep sea is.

PragueCowboy.com  Doesn’t sound right, but I actually ate fajitas at a restaurant called Cantina in Prague, and they were good.  I didn’t expect that to happen.

ProteinBunny.com  I like it for some reason.  I can’t explain it.

SilverAndBell.com  Sounds like an antique store to me.

SparkysLiquor.com  Probably won’t get much for it, but there have to be a few of these around.

TheIslandVillas.com  I wish I owned one.

SnowUnicorn.com  The rarest and most beautiful of all unicorns.

WineriesInfo.com  Stick it to the person who bought wineries.info.

TheCatfishBand.com  You just know this is dropping because they broke up, and that is sad.

PlatinumBrewery.com  Sounds good to me.

UncommonGamer.com  Gaming magazine for the best of them.

RusticFish.com  I really like this for a brand or restaurant name, and I’m going to buy it if no one else does.

WinAKidney.com  But where does it come from?

TicketHunters.com  A business that locates event tickets for you if you are too lazy to use StubHub.

WeedAdviser.com  Is this a thing?  Maybe someone who shows you how to put a grow house together.

YoureSoDumb.com  Buy this and put your friends picture up on it for the world to see when they do something dumb.  Rotate as often as necessary.  This is what I plan to do with youarefat.com if it doesn’t sell in the NameJet auction.

VisitParents.com  You should if you can.

VanillaRocket.com  I like rocket names, but I’m not sure how this one could be used.

ToplessClassic.com  Sounds interesting…

WeTrainSafe.com  Gun safety, drivers ed, etc…

SherpaRewards.com  A coffee mug

UkraineBroker.com  I’m sure they have them brokering all kinds of things.

SundayLeftovers.com  I thought about this for a packaged food business, but I don’t think that would work.  Leftovers is typically a negative connotation.

SwapSquad.com  For anything swappable.

SpaceManifest.com  Gotta think about the future

WineLiquor.com  The name says it all.  I like it.

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EnglishLanguage.com  Lots of people want to learn.

Fanz.com  No idea what the reserve is, but what a great name.














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  1. fuzzy

    Hey there Travis,
    The only thing disappointing about this list is that I was a little slow in checking it – as a result, the domains I may have bid on were all ready gone.
    Thank you for taking the time to compile it!

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