Sep 16 2015

Today was the best sales day I have ever had. The trick is to string a few great days together. I hate having a great day and tanking the next few. So I am going in early tomorrow and I am going to plug away and put some stuff together and make it happen.

Some cool names on the list today, hopefully some of you picked up some good ones. Super long NameJet List today.


BidSource.com Not sure if its auction related or bidding a job but its getting bids and is 17 years old

BidSource.com: $1,033. I like this, bidding names and auction names seem to do well. It is ironic that the domain bid source is the source of so many bids.

HolyGround.com 17 years old. Some are thinking religion, I am thinking Bear Bryan’t old office

HolyGround.com:$2040. I was thinking of the local pizza joint I like.

Wingz.com Wings with a Z. It’s what they’ll have to say on the radio but pretty sure there are plenty of businesses willing to pay $5K for this one. I know a few that are willing to pay $2K at this auction

Wingz.com: $11,036. Went for more than I thought it would.

77061.com 77065.com 77075.com 77082.com Lets see if you know you’re numerics. Which one do you think is at the highest price? I actually guesses right

77061.com $475 77065.com $511 77075.com $ $615 77082.com $450.: I guessed right too! Don’t look at me like that, I did.

Spendo.com Nice 5L.com The kind I have been buying and holding for a decade. Hoping they become valuable some day. Taking longer than I thought. This one doing OK though

Spendo.com:$565. Not a bad name but one you would probably have to hold for it for a bit.

OTaxi.com Getting lots of action. As good of a name as Uber

OTaxi.com: $610. Nah. Uber is better. But I don’t hate this name.

BGSF.com Great letters regardless of language.

BGSF.com: Bigger Stronger Faster

MXFP.com Mexican Fire Post. Probably not what’s driving the price though

MXFP.com: $839. Is that where they make that hot salsa? Muy Caliente!


LiveSupport.com 18 years old. If this is what your company offers there is no better name

LiveSupport.com: Auction ended unsold $6,551. I would put retail on this 15k plus. Probably more. Nice name.

AnimalTrapper.com Love the name. The writeup needs to be trapped and put down

AnimalTrapper.com: (Not over yet) Hahaha I laughed. then I looked and it should just be blown up. wow.


FoundCash.com 19 years old. Who doesn’t want found cash? Only two bidders at press time

FoundCash.com: $460. I like to find it in the clothes… After its been laundered.

FBMF.com F for Feng or Foundation

FBMF.com: $999. FaceBook Management Federation.

CGGN.com As I keep adding I am seeing that today is a great day at Namejet for high quality LLLL.com. Love this one as well

CGGN.com: $861. Collective Global something something.

RapidTesting.com 12 years old. “When you absolutely, positively have to be tested quickly” Free slogan

RapidTesting.com:$760. Solid brand.

PregnancyQuestions.org No bidders. Would make an easy build out and flip……..I think. I admit I’ve never been pregnant

PregnancyQuestions.org: Perfect for the ,org extention.

TrueGenius.com Another nice brand with just a few bidders

TrueGenius.com: $720. Since my name and this domain mean the same thing I am pretty sure have inherent trademark on it.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

HipHopping.com 100% that Berkens buys this one

HipHopping.com: Oh yeah?

PreventDrugAbuse.com Good CPCs here and a good thing to do.

PreventDrugAbuse.com: Worthy cause.

PO.tv Two letter .tv don’t come around very often

PO.tv: And when they do check the reg fees.

FNME.com I love to be FN’ed

FNME.com: look likes Fined.

TinyMagic.com Not saying it has a ton of value but certainly a memorable brand. No bidders

TinyMagic.com: not a bad name.

BHHP.com Double fieldgoals always bring the big bucks. Although the no vowel, no V may have something to do with it. 19 years old

BHHP.com: Blood Heart Heart Pressure.

BSDegree.com Not bullshit degree but Bachelor of Science. 14 bids at press time. Good CPC in online education

BSDegree.com: I have an Applied Sciences degree.

FileNetwork.com Damn its 5 times higher than I thought. I may be missing something here

FileNetwork.com: Must have been a private sale because NameBio doen’t have it. Anyone have the price on this one?

ShitShitShitShit.com Perfect name to describe spilling paint on the kitchen floor

ShitShitShitShit.com: So a marketing name then huh? perfect.

OMKY.com Under $100 at press time. Vowel at the front is better than at the end…….or so I’m told

OMKY.com: You have also said that Y is a vowel of sorts. Well which is it Shane?!

E1P.com Despite what the gang and Franky says. There is liquidity in these types of name and the prices continues to climb.

E1P.com: I like domains that are WordN. Like Aaron1.com. These are cool too.

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