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I am doing this recap right now and I am listening to Alabama. Even if you don’t like country music this band was/is incredible. You cannot be unhappy listening to this music. No matter what you will be bobbing your head and singing along.
Sales today sucked. But it wasn’t for lack of effort.

GoDaddy 18 years old. One of my favorite Clive Cussler books. $416. You read Clive Cussler?? We really need to talk books one of these days. I liked it as a cheap but also a character from Wheel of Time $135. YOU READ WHEEL OF TIME?! Now I am freaking out. Certainly the best name on the board today. A few others agree $4010. I like it alot. But best name? A 15 year old Also a banjo made out of a can. Yes its a real thing $206. I feel like you made that up. But I don’t think people play banjos over here. An upgrade name for a few things and businesses $1,030. If this isn’t a brand for a power washer or pool equipment I will start one. If that was the case then I should have bought the name through. The double x is doing very very well. Probably because its the call letters of an awesome Latino music radio station $1,150. I feel like doing the salsa right now. 11 years old. Color + Noun is always a good by at $12. No bidders $623. A few agreed that it was worth more. You can win a poker hand with four 6s. And you can get a few Gs with them in a $2,028. Quad 6, nice. The K to the left and then no vowels or V is now fetching 4 figures $1,025. Killer White Taco Box. Certainly memorable. I can’t believe I’m now into 6 number dot coms. Coming next week 8 number dot coms $681. one less 6 one more 7 would have gotten a much bigger price.

Flippa- Not sure how the price hasn’t met reserve and is so close to the BIN Auction ended unsold at $2,800. Good name. It’s met reserve and would be a pretty easy buildout. Mine is Dakota Greywolf Sold by Auction $9,061. Big Johnson. Even on Flippa the double q LLLL.coms are doing well Auction has ended Reserve not met $700. Great comparable. — $245,000 Seller has some pretty good comps on this one to establish value. Usually they’re not even in the same ballpark. Auction ended unsold $2,800. Veteran seller. Great name. Didn’t get even close.

NameJet 19 years old. Purchased 19 years ago for a reason $1,319. Danish Bacon and Apple. 18 years old. Same thing here. Great age and ends in C for corporation $1,210. How Far People Care. A name for a run for a cause type of thing. Great name. Would be fun to build out. I need to make a younger kid though to help $4,725. Great name for a review bolg.


No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. If you own you really should want to own this one. Or maybe you just want to own a good Chinese I got nothing for this one. $800. That’s why I listed it. Its at $800 Nice. Sounds like a profit to me. I think I saw this go for $32 on eBay a few years ago Flanking Q’s. For some reason no bidders Should I bid or is the domain telling me not too????!?!?!? lol. Nice letters. N for Network Fire Department Minnesota. I don’t know a think about Cleveland other than its in Ohio and they have the Indians. Guess I would learn something if I built it out I like these kind of .info domains.

Domain Spotlight: