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Welcome to the Auction Recap.

GoDaddy 18 years old. Sounds like a head shop. Or any brand but you have to admit it sounds like a bong house $490. Could be a brand. Not bad. Clubhouse. 17 years old. Over under $1125 $734. This would be a fantastic name for a bar. Dictionary word and dictionary words have increased a ton in value. Harder to brand but still doing well $1,528. This would be hard to brand, but who doesn’t love a one word .com. Very techish name. And the price shows others agree. 15 years old. $1,026. .Net is developed looks like a phone accessory site. Everything was going smoothly until that damn A crept up Those A’s are suuuuper shifty. Still a four letter. Love this name as a marketing company/domain sales name. I would take it if I didn’t already choose Rockey Donkey. One bidder. $710. The “The” adds some length to the domain but it works with this name. In my opinion. A $12 well spent. No bidders Looks like this name was renewed because it is offer counter offer with a BIN option. Maybe on this one. I know a lot of stay at home Moms call themselves this Doesn’t look like this one sold. Bin for $11. Over under $915 $744. Dang Your Really Yellow. I think this one ends up doing better although it isn’t yet $841. No vowels. Over 800 again. Amazing that people are getting $700 for these. The owners have to be excited $752. WordPress Juris Doctorate. But then again they can probably get more for it later so congratulations to the new owners $733. Domain Name Working Something. I’m partial to garden names but not a bad name for $12. No bidders Never picked up any bidders. BIN for 11 bucks. The double Xs are the top price at press time at GD $1,375. Looks like it finished that way too.


Nothing today.


Weird gap in the list today. The names from the list on the second should have ended today but looks like they will end tomorrow.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. that ends in a zero, no fours, and has an 8 is four figures every time Hard to believe that this domain sold for $195 a year ago. Despite the double threes it will be half the above IMO No 8’s but no 4’s either. I like the double 3.

Top 5 Estibot Values from the list- $35,000 $2,500 $2,400 $2,000 $1,900

Domain Spotlight: