Jun 11 2015

Welcome to the Recap.

Sometimes it surprises me the price differences you see from one market to the next. Aaron does a post called the Flippa Recap and some of the names on there I can’t see selling for that price anywhere else. Especially some of the domain hacks.


TCHC.com Repeating 2nd and 4th letters make me giddy. And its 17 years old. I’ll leave the jokes about 17 year olds alone

TCHC.com: $890. The Chicken Hut of Chicken. Obviously.

HKHF.com Another repeater. giggity giggity

HKHF.com: $709. Looks like C is more popular.

GreenSurvey.com Put green in front of any word and it seems to have value

GreenSurvey.com: $895. Survey company name or a company that surveys property or sell it to the owners of the plural which is a fully developed site.

KNDD.com Over under $500 based on DDZS.com

KNDD.com: $851. Don’t you know this is a fickle market? Prices for these and many others have been trending towards retail pricing. The floor is rising.

LGNN.com I’ll say $600 for this one

LGNN.com: Looks like this one didn’t meet reserve. I could be wrong.

SoundUp.com Nice brand for anything music related

SoundUp.com: $2,750. Wow. Sold for $18,209 on Sedo in 2006. Damn thats a loss. Or someone dropped it, if thats the case then Damn thats a loss.

Yakn.com There are more to domains than LLLL.com but this one is pretty funny. Fortunately been a while since I have

Yakn.com: $415. This could be a cool brand for a VOIP service. Yacking like talking. Or you could have a video site about people throwing up at hilarious moments.

PPGP.com Three Ps for $500

PPGP.com: $1,375. Pursuing Perfection Global Partners. I just came up with that. Pretty great right? if the owner uses that I should get a 5% roalty. Your welcome.

VVVXXX.com I know its a bit crazy but this may be worth the $12. I’m on the fence. No bidders.

VVVXXX.com: Ended with out and bidders. BIN at 11 bucks…

8922.cc It a big day. A dot cc has the most bids on the board

8922.cc: Pretty Great Numeric. 8= Fortune 9= Long Duration and 2&2= Double Love.


Anoraks.com Same thing here. Saw all the bidders and had to look it up. And again I have purchased a few of these. I really need to look up the names of the things I’m buying

Anoraks.com: $4,000 BIN. Ends with an S. Would make a great Ecom site.

GameMagazine.com Doing well and reserve has been met. Obvious use and this video game thing is really catching on

GameMagazine.com: 58 bids for $1,670. Gaming is huge. As the notes say “Grab a slice of the multi billion dollar gaming market!” Ok, but I want a slice of pie too.

AppDesigners.com HUGE name. Thousands of people looking for them. Reserve met

AppDesigners.com: 110 bids for $3,557. Love this name, I would have pegged it for more. One Job as an app designer would pay for it if that’s your thing.

LVVV.com Save five figures by adding in an L

LVVV.com: 17 bids for $700 auction ended unsold. Las Vegas Vivacious Vixen.

NameJet from 6/6/2015

OAH.com Anyone want to guess final price? If you get within $20 today I’ll give you a Rocket Donkey T-shirt

OAH.com: 180 bids from 172 bidders for $24,600 Reserve not met. I guessed $24,579. Well that sucks.

JJT.net Going to be hard to get these for under $1000 soon

JJT.net: 67 bids from 55 bidders for $1,215. Looks like that time is now.

HODU.com Solid CVCV.com. The consonants have taken over which have hurt CVCV values lately but to me that means its time to buy. When they’re down

HODU.com: 131 bids from 121 bidders for $2,200. Looks like it is a City and a river.

DomainPlace.com Great domain company name or domain blog.

DomainPlace.com: 76 bids from 66 bidders $308. Better not be another Blog! This is the only show in town. 🙂 Just kidding, personally I think the more info that is out there will only further the industry.

SpicyTuna.com Mmmmmm

SpicyTuna.com: 126 bids from 93 bidders for $2,530. I like spicy anything. The bidder alias that bought this is “TheTaste” wonder if they buy other food names.

OfficeCleaner.com If you clean offices at night I would think this would be a great domain to promote what you do

OfficeCleaner.com: 129 bids from 95 bidders for $3,700. Biggest name that sold on the NameJet list today.

Horsing.com People still love horses even though dogs get all the love

Horsing.com: 72 bids from 60 bidders for $595. Horsing Around.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

MyGreatKid.com Also known as Facebook. Previously a bumper sticker

MyGreatKid.com: People always seem to think this.

VK9.com Many of these have crossed $1K. This one is $400 short at press time

VK9.com: I like this one, Ending in K9 and you know how people feel about their pets.

2TR.com Same for this CCC.com

2TR.com: 2 Travel Rome. This is why I am a fan of domains like this especially if they have a 2 or a 4. versatile.

TheBestInTown.com Great marketing name for any local business

TheBestInTown.com: Great domain for a rating site for tourists. Best burger, best picture spot, best bar. Easy advertising.

RPSP.com Just buy it

RPSP.com: Yeah, Just do it!

Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

OAH.com: $111,000

OfficeCleaner.com: $22,000 ($7.02 CPC)

TCHC.com: $19,000

SoundUp.com: $15,000

HODU.com: $12,000

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