Jun 13 2015

Welcome to the Recap!


GetGreen.com Has a good bid but could go higher

GetGreen.com: This domain did not meet reserve. Looks like this was a flip attempt? It sold on NJ a little under 3 months ago for $1,955

Sidda.com A girls name or what people from Boston call the person that watches their kids when they go to the movies

Sidda.com: $2,000. Sold exactly 3 years after it was sold on GD the first time for $701. Did Elliot buy this to couple with his dog walker sites? Sidda’s in Boston?

MJML.com I only see Michael Jordan when I see MJ. But I also see money here

MJML.com: $1,469. My favorite player of all time. He was still the highest paid athlete last year says Forbes.

HomeVendors.com Not sure if anyone uses the term but we all understand what it represents. Getting some good bids

HomeVendors.com: $455. Apparently the term was used more in 2011 when it sold for $2,300.

HXPD.com If you were guessing $1300 you are probably going to be right. I’ll pretend like I knew this would be over $1000 but my $500 bid shows you that I had no idea

HXPD.com: $930. I love doing the results, because I can say that I knew it would end under $1,000. Something Something Police Department.

DailyEssentials.com I think this is the name of my shampoo

DailyEssentials.com: $1,414. All I see when I look at this domain is vitamins. Perfect vitamin name.



Chopped.com Liked it last time, like it again. But I think Brannon ending their auctions at 9 am Central US effects their price. Maybe I’m overvaluing the North American buying market

Chopped.com: 23 bids for $4,600 ended without a winner. It’s a great name. I like it best for a motorcycle shop or something.

Continue.com My favorite name on the board.

Continue.com: 7 bids for $21,000 ended without a winner. Under sellers notes it says “Target Audience of Developed Website: Humans” Haha love it.

XZV.com Used to be one of the worst LLL.com you could own. Not any more

XZV.com: 10 bids with 1 pending for $12,000 ended without a winner. Things change pretty quick. Guess we will see what is around the next bend in the road.

GGGE.com Certainly worth more than the $100 bid

GGGE.com: 7 bids for $750 Reserve not met. Great Golf Game Education.

NameJet From the 6/8/2015 List

LDBB.com You usually won’t go wrong with a 20 year old LLLL.com. But only 33 bidders

LDBB.com: 107 bids from 78 bidders for $1,420. Lap Dance Big Butt.

CreditCardMerchantAccount.com This name is built around the HUGE CPC for the term

CreditCardMerchantAccount.com: 73 bids from 70 bidders for $400 Didn’t meet reserve. Long but it works.

Xake.com I always like the X names more than anyone else. Some day it may pay off

Xake.com: 77 bids from 69 bidders for $1,000 Didn’t meet reserve. This one reminds me of Sake!

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

OHLN.com Outdoor Something something something

OHLN.com: OHio Linemen. Football or power line workers.

PHNB.com Over under $478. Quite a bit off of that at press time

PHNB.com: Public Health Nursing Bureau

AmericanFlags.org Works perfect with the dot org. One of the few dot orgs that would work with an online store

AmericanFlags.org: We are a proud Nation as we should be so this one works even as a .org.

1345.cc Yup yup a LLLL.cc is about to hit $500

1345.cc: You have to have one of these on the list everyday don’t you? There growing on me a little bit.

PMNO.com This is a $700 domain but going for $100 at press time. This is where I am way off or way ahead of my time

PMNO.com: I like this LLLL. the letters are not in alphabetical order but it seems right because they are all next to each other.

63876.com No fours so $500 or more

63876.com: Good Numbers. I would guess more thank $500.

HashAwards.com You laugh but yet you know they have them

HashAwards.com: These are the kind of names you pick up now and wait till it is more prevalent and sell. Or if you flip it for 50k in a month like Berkens just did I guess that would work too.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

Continue.com $107,000

XZV.com $61,000

Chopped.com $18,000

Sidda $8,300

CreditCardMerchantAccount.com $3,100

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