Jun 15 2015

Welcome to the Recap!
I am sorry about the delay. I had something come up that was unavoidable. Better late than never and I hope to catch up tomorrow. This is the list from 6/13.


SOTB.com 19 years old. Son of the something

SOTB.com: $1,036. Son of the British.

WTVI.com 18 years old. A tv station in Charlotte but they are on the .org

WTVI.com: $180. I would buy a LLLL.com over a LLL.cc any day..

BlueCrabs.com I had crabs. Pretty sure they weren’t the highly desired Blue variety. Over $1K at press time. 18 years old

BlueCrabs.com: $2,025. I went after Blue Clams before. Those suckers are buried deep. Great name.

XDBZ.com Also at $1K. Well its not actually there yet but probably will be by the time you read this.

XDBZ.com: $950. You were close. Within 50 and i’ll let you have the win.

FYP.cc You know I like to put at least one LLL.cc on every list just to say I told you so

FYP.cc: $276. Hadn’t noticed. almost $100 more than the LLLL.com at the top.

Drones.us We’re going to find out if .us can kill the value of a great keyword

Drones.us: $2,950. Was not expecting that… I would have said 3k to 5k is end user pricing on this one because it is a .us. Insert blind squirrel and acorn saying here.


BirthWatch.com No thank you. More of an innie than an outtie guy. No bidders

BirthWatch.com: Ended without a winner and relisted.

Contained.com Still like this one. Even in the past tense

Contained.com: Ended without a winner and relisted.

GoldenStateBasketball.com Last chance to get this before they become NBA champs. At $1

GoldenStateBasketball.com: Never got another bid.. ” I have never tried to market this to the Warriors which is their trademark, but perhaps an aggressive seller can make this a successful flip.” uh huh. not sure I would want to play on the legal court with this one.

Data.me I actually like this one with dot me. Data is very personal, especially if you lose it

Data.me: Auction ended unsold with 7 bids for $4,000. I like this one and I agree. I think it works.

NameJet from 6/9/2015

FCCM.com The best LLLL.com on the Namejet board today

FCCM.com: 158 bids from 86 bidders for $2,908. I like all of the letters and the cc in the middle is great.

No Results

JS006.com I haven’t talked about this much but if you’ve been paying attention you’ll notice that on Godaddy and Dropcatch that JSNNN and JSNNNN.coms have been going for higher and higher prices. I will be doing a post on these “other” numerics that have been fetching great prices in the next week or so

JS006.com: I will be reading that post.

OnlyNameLeft.com Not worth anything but reminds me of my thoughts when I see some of the names in peoples portfolios and I think “Was that the only name left?”

OnlyNameLeft.com: This is like saying “you can’t make money in domain investing anymore” There is ALWAYS more names.

27733.com Even at this price I’m thinking of buying it

27733.com: If you did will you tell me the price?

312222.com Even at this price I was not ever thinking of buying it

312222.com: Whoever did was 2 Drunk… hehe

9255.org 3N and 4N.orgs are still at a value in my opinion. Chinese don’t generally buy them but they are warming up to them or people are buying the in anticipation of them warming up to them

9255.org: I am not sure what the opinion of .orgs are in the Asia market is but I like em.

OutSick.com No bidders but I like it as a fun blog name.

OutSick.com: All I can thin of i Ferris Buellers day off.

LiveTrackers.com I’m not sure what you’re tracking live but I’m excited to see where it goes

LiveTrackers.com: Teenagers obviously.

FoodBash.com Short foodie name. And foodie is hot right now. And so are bigger belts

FoodBash.com: Food review site. people love to see something bashed. Could be a Gallagher skit.

Top 5 in Estibot Value

FCCM.com $30,000

Contained.com $23,000

SOTB.com $13,000

BlueCrabs.com: $10,000

WTVI.com: $1,800

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    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Good morning Dan.
      Haha I totally missed that one. Thanks for sharing!
      Now that I am thinking about it again I want to open a burger joint and call ‘South of the Burger’.
      Shane can grow the required veggies.

  1. ShaneCultra

    “Had a few things” I would say you have more than just a few things. Really surprised you’re keeping this up. You’re starting to be a better team player than a husband 🙂

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      The bench bed thing was not too comfortable so might as well be productive. Luckily my wife is understanding and forgiving or I would have vanished years ago. 🙂

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