Jun 26 2015

Welcome to the recap. My comments are in bold.

Have a great weekend everyone.


WKPQ.com One of the few older LLLL.coms (19 years old) to also be a good Chinese name. It’s old because its a TV/Radio domain that just happens to have a K and a Q

WKPQ.com: 19 bids for $600 Not a huge fan of the letters but I like that it is 19 years old.

NaughtyBird.com No bidders. Not sure if has any value but I would buy the app for 99cents. Seeing a game like flappy bird except the bird has a big dong and you have to keep him from hitting things with it.

NaughtyBird.com: 15 bids $90. 99cents? I’d pay $1.99.

SelectiveFocus.com Great blog name. Only one bidder. I have it, your wife says you do to

SelectiveFocus.com: 28 for $155 “She gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something. I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention”

BeautyShack.com No bidders. Upgrade name for a few companies

BeautyShack.com: 16 bids for $202 Not a bad name. Beauty is a HUGE business.

WMJS.com A lot higher than I thought it would be. Old radio name as well

WMJS.com: 47 bids for $910. West Mountain Jazz School.

CreativeLeaf.com Two word domain that would make a great brand. No bidders

CreativeLeaf.com: 4 bids for $40. Love it. 2500 to 3k all day to end user.

CandyPeach.com Also 12 years old and no bidders. Peach is the world’s favorite fruit smell. I saw that on Family Feud

CandyPeach.com: 7 bids for $114. Yum.

OnlinePregnancyTest.com “just pee on the keyboard and get instant results” And you know they will

OnlinePregnancyTest.com: I am just showing that as a BIN at $35,715. I cannot believe that the exact match searches on this is over 22k

FenceGuys.com A lot of companies with this name. Upgrade name and just one bidder

FenceGuys.com: 20 bids for $355. Love it. Buy it and sell it.

679333.com The triple letter 6N.coms are killing it

679333.com:36 bids for $ There are three threes!

PDTK.com A couple days out and already getting some good bids. K for Kute. Kite

PDTK.com: 79 bids for $905 Didn’t hit reserve. Purple Dog Tank Kite. A picture of a purple dog driving a tank is a kite I would fly.


FatBurn.com Doing amazingly well. Can’t believe it hasn’t met reserve at this price

FatBurn.com: 12 Bids for $5,100 Auction did not meet reserve. Solid domain name. The term Fat Burner is better but this one is short and I like that

Grunge.com So much more than an era of music. Great one word brand

Grunge.com: 13 bids for $3,000 reserve not met. Awesome name, could be an awesome brand. I am thinking clothing.

Mistake.com Another one of Ali’s names. The chances you take the more mistakes you’ll make. If you don’t want to make a mistake then don’t do anything.

Mistake.com: 15 bids for $4,999 reserve not met. They call me Ice Man, its the way I domain. Ice cold, no mistakes. Just kidding, we all do it.

Neuter.com Still Reek

Neuter.com: 9 bids for $500 reserve not met, still has 40 minutes left but I don’t think its going to go. Yeah… so it is a one word .com. Other thaNeuter.com: 9 bids for $500 reserve not met, still has 40 minutes left but I don’t think its going to go. Yeah… so it is a one word .com. Othn that I got nothing.

Bowl.net Nobody likes it but me. Can’t even get to $100 And the owner doesn’t want to sell it to me cheap for some reason

Bowl.net: 3 bids for $200 reserve not met 3 hours left at time of post. I like it. Could be a MJ name. sell it to Drew. He would only give him $75 though.


StingRays.com Without the S its a great brand. With the S its a site about StingRays. Team, car, or fish.

StingRays.com: 149 bids from 141 bidders for $8,100. This would be an awesome site as a car enthusiest history of the Stingray.

Cords.com When I wear cords and start a fire between my legs when I walk I know its time to take off some weight. Although I think the play is more the cords you plug in

Cords.com: 245 bids from 213 bidders $13,050. Not sure what I would do with this though. guess I am not sure how many electical cords are sold online.

ICAA.com Great LLLL.com and in my opinion, under $700 is a good deal, although that’s going to be my bid

ICAA.com: 141 bids from 116 bidders for $2,612. International Canvas Art Association.

OldBaseballCards.com No bidders. Not tons of value but if you bought and sold old baseball cards then I would think you would want to own this.

OldBaseballCards.com: Looks like this one never received any bids. I use to collect cards. Got too expensive and the market went soft.

557766.com This would fetch a great price at Godaddy

557766.com: 82 bids from 40 bidders for $3,200. Fatched a huge price here. 6N for 3k.

DN.tv I figured you guys would like this one

DN.tv: 89 bids from 76 bidders for $8,001 Reserve was not met. Domain Name TV. Its called Domain Sherpa. Maybe I am a “purest” but I would never spend this much on a .tv.

PhotoShare.com The generic equivalent of Imgur

PhotoShare.com: 114 bids from 102 bidders for $5,100 Reserve was not met. Great name. surprised it didn’t go higher than this.

QOZI.com Cozy? I may be reaching a bit

QOZI.com: 70 bids from 46 bidders for $995. I see Koozie like the foam thing you put on the outside of your beer.

No Results List-

KWDS.com And one more. I’m guessing all the bids have nothing to do with radio

KWDS.com: Kids With DS. Could be a great support site for this.


My Picks

DrupalDeveloper.com: 42 bids for $610. Yes WordPress is the most popular. But Drupal is still out there.

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