Jul 22 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in bold.

I got another inquiry on a domain I have over at Domain Name Sales. The 6th inquiry in 4 months on this name… Someone just buy the damn thing already! I am glad to be getting the interest but I want to ring the bell on this one and re invest in some other names, it’ll happen soon i’m sure.

On another note, I have decided to start working out and running again. I read this post and it got me motivated to get going.


SZRH.com If you guess the current price within $100 I’ll send you a T-shirt. Of course you can’t prove it. That and I don’t have any T-shirts yet

SZRH.com: $1,980. Weird spelling/ abbreviation for Sarah?

VM4.com Not as good as the first name but not too bad

VM4.com: $223. This sounds like a cleaner.

Jung.cc Chinese with a Chinese loved tld

Jung.cc: $140. Interesting. Didn’t go for as much as I would have pegged it for.

Investors.info Solid keyword for a dot info. Good affiliate and click price for stock stuff

Investors.info: Not sure what it got too but don’t think it hit reserve. Pretty good domain for a .info.


No Names from the list today that ended.


JHM.com Don’t know why, but this is my favorite LLL.com this week. And there have been quite a few

JHM.com: $30,429. Johnson Hotel Management. I guess I should get this and go into hotel managing. or I could sell it and make all the monies.

VQV.com Already at $20K. You’ll want to watch this one

VQV.com: Ended at $20,300 but didn’t hit reserve. I want to buy this one. Wife wont let me take out a second mortgage or sell a kidney.

VVVS.com You saw what VVV.com went for. Throw in an S and save yourself 40K

VVVS.com: $1,500. now that’s what I call savings!

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

8AP.com 15 year old CCC.com The 8 ain’t hurtin it too bad. Under $700 would be a great buy IMO

8AP.com: 8 Advanced Payments. Short aged and it has an 8. I am not seeing a down side here.

LogoDesigners.net No bidders. $12. Keywords better than $12, even as a dot net

LogoDesigners.net: Wouldn’t take much to get traffic here. Easy build out, then out source.

DropSales.com Great name to teach someone how to drop ship. No bidders. 12 years old

DropSales.com: Huge business online. Set up few for some passive income.

BJST.com Take a left at BJ Street and then a quick right at Divorce Ave

BJST.com: Tell that to that idiot Hugh Grant.

RRQN.com Its come to the point that you should buy all LLLL.com with a Q and no vowels or V

RRQN.com: I would argue that it has come to the point that you should pretty much buy any 4L.com if it is cheap enough.

QQjQ.com Which means this one is going to be worth thousands and thousands

QQjQ.com: Millions and millions.

WNQB.com Winning QB. You laugh but I get emails telling me things just like that. “Are you interested in my domain. It’s pronounced Winning QB”

WNQB.com: My favorite of all time is still “If you read it carefully it’s pronounceable”

7u.cc Closes today and proves that dot cc has awesome value for short numerics and characters

7u.cc: 7 Under. This is where I am going to post all of my 7 under par scores… so there will never be any posts.

BEHO.com The CVCVs are getting drowned out by all the “regular” LLLL.coms

BEHO.com: Beethoven’s nick name.

DavidLeeRoth.com The man, the myth, the legend. Mr. Van Halen

DavidLeeRoth.com: The current lead singer of Van Halen.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

JHM.com $112,000

VGV.com $76,000

Beho.com $20,000

VVVS.com $14,000

Investors.info $4,000

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  1. Ken O'Brien

    Hey Aaron,
    So you have had six inquiries in the last four months but you still own it…
    Everyone was wondering the same thing as Shane but now we really want to know how much you actually want for it?

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