Jul 25 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in bold.



PetsHealth.com Doing a little better than I thought but then again the pet care business is billions and billions of dollars. 18 years old

PetsHealth.com: $3,298. I think the word you were looking for was trillions traveling fast towards zillions.

Football.cc One bid at $20. 18 years old domain. Could be used for something like……football is the first thing that comes to mind

Football.cc: $799 didnt meet reserve. Dot CC names have been around that long? Learn something new everyday.

LittleBluestem.com One of the top selling native grasses in the Midwest. And plant names make great brands. No bidders. I guess I might buy it if nobody else wants it

LittleBluestem.com: $105. Grass seed and everything that goes into lawn maintenance adds up. info site with ads or set up a deal with a local nursery.

BECR.com Good acronym letters for the English speaking and such

BECR.com: $550. Anyone named Becer.

TheIntroduction.com No bidders. $12 Sometimes the only thing you need is The Introduction. Free slogan

TheIntroduction.com: $390. Dating site.

83870.com Haven’t seen many 5N.coms lately on Godaddy. My guess is people aren’t letting them expire anymore because they are finally figuring out their value. This is a nice one

83870.com: $570. Nice numbers and in a good order.

TrackMyCar.com I thought I could steal this one but 9 other bidders thought different

TrackMyCar.com: $1,225. Who are you going to sell this too? The Man?

Ovani.com Under $30 for a nice sounding, short, 5L.com

Ovani.com: $595. Would have been nice at $30. I still like it, sounds cool.

BWQB.com Be With A QB. A new quarterback dating service. Getting some good action

BWQB.com: $550. The domain or the QB’s? Yeah, that one was pretty bad.

PantyGirls.com Not sure why this is getting all the bids. I would think NoPantyGirls.com would be more appealing

PantyGirls.com: $795. Some people like a challenge? Yeah I don’t get it either.

GWQK.com Terrible letters so its very valuable

GWQK.com: $610. Great Work Quartz Kitchen. The next big kitchen brand.


SOBR.com 13 year old LLLL.com that people will see as Sober

SOBR.com: Auction ended unsold at $1,070. That’s what I see. Good name.

4GK.com Certainly worth more than the present $10 bid

4GK.com: Auction ended unsold $330. 4 Good Kids. That’s a myth.


Census.com As seen on DomainSherpa. Great name

Census.com: $58,000 Reserve Not Met. I agree, I just don’t know how I would build it out.

JCBM.com 18 year old LLLL.coms are a good thing

JCBM.com: $651. Its legal and I like the letters.

WUZ.com I think it does better than census

WUZ.com: $15,400 Reserve Not Met. Really like this as a brand.

T8.org I know numbers and shorts aren’t as good on dot org but this one is certainly worth watching

T8.org: $1,200. Street slang for Tate.

T9.org While you’re at it

T9.org: $1,000. It matches T8. Buy both

BloodDonation.com Great cause, great name, and not a lot of bidders

BloodDonation.com: $2,400. Awesome cause, saves lives everyday.

CandyCompany.com I don’t like it because I think its too generic but the thousands of bidders disagree. OK maybe not thousands

CandyCompany.com: $2,433. Everyone likes candy. Simple as that.

CFCP.com Top LLLL.com on Namejet today

CFCP.com: $732. Repeating C is strong.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

HighInColorado.com No bidders. Decent blog or site name for $12

HighInColorado.com: Hot Air Balloon Rides! That was a joke. this should ba a blog and affiliate for a supplier of marijuana.

6215.com Huge price but hasn’t moved up in days

6215.com: Solid name, Last I saw this was still at $12,500 and I believe it was a private sale so it may have not met reserve.

SAU.com Last chance. At $80…..just kidding

SAU.com: Reeeeal cute Shane.

3427.com Not a lot of 4N.coms at auction anymore. And each one seems to set a new high

3427.com: Big name here even with a 4.

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