I hate Network Solutions. They purposefully make is a pain in the ass to transfer domains away from them. Not only that But I went to access my account with the because I had a few names from NameJet sitting in there (kinda forgot about them when the baby was born) So I accessed the account and then took the domain lock off. Then I went to GoDaddy to place the order to transfer them and I get an email from NetSol that says “We have noticed potentially suspicious activity in your account and we have implemented security measures to help prevent unauthorized transfer of your domain registration(s) to another registrar.” Are you kidding me? Now I have to spend more time going through a process to get this removed. If your business model is to piss people off then you have succeeded. It just makes me wonder if they have ever considered why GoDaddy and Uniregistry and others are eating there lunch. It is for doing stupid crap like this and driving customer away.

Anyway… Sorry about the rant there. I hope everyone has a great and productive Friday!


Muncey.com Common last name. People, places and things will be named the same. 21 years old

Muncey.com: $1,225. Sweet name, very versatile.

KidSafety.com Didn’t think it would go this high but Kid safety is a billion dollar business

KidSafety.com: $4,450. Huge name.

Rosary.org Fantastic religious name. 18 years old. Catholics don’t like to spend a lot on domains though. Actually I have no idea, just sounds like it would be right

Rosary.org: $1,330. I love this in a .org. Great example.

BlueSwarm.com No bidders. Sounds techy to me. For $12 I’m pretty sure you’re not going to lose. The more I type this out the more I think I may just buy it

BlueSwarm.com: $135. This is a fun brandable.

FarmStop.com Nice short two word brand. Makes it sound like your product is straight from the farm. One bidder. 12 years old

FarmStop.com: $501. Sounds like a Farm themed B&B to me.

NHMO.com Old school cool. Like it used to be. Good letters for good uses. 12 years old

NHMO.com: $381. Need HMO. Don’t we all.

WJB.cc Should hit $100

WJB.cc: $211. Wyclef Jean Beats. I can keep it real.

WAAQ.com One more time. LLLL.coms with double vowels in the middle always are better than average

WAAQ.com: $238. Street spelling of wack.

OKNI.com I for International Under $100

OKNI.com: $381. I use to live on a street called Orkney. Almost sounds kinda like it.. not sure where I was going with that but I am not going back and typing something else.

Procrastinating.com I was going to buy this one but I think I’m going to wait a little while

Procrastinating.com: I see what you did there. Ok so how awesome would it be to build a site on this that promotes procrastination? Procrastinating? We are here to help! Check this out!” 2 days left


NBOT.com I have to admit, I thought there was Zero chance this would meet reserve. But it did

NBOT.com: $3,333. The bot after the Mbot.


HomesForSale.net I like this one a lot. A website as well. Tons of potential

HomesForSale.net: Auction ended unsold $4,999. Any real estate firm should want to own this. So many of them don’t get it.

Plumber.org Drew has a nice one here. $17 a click if you can get it

Plumber.org: Auction has ended Reserve not met $1,300. Great name, the .org detracts but $17 a click is nothing to scoff at.

HTML.com Wow! Pretty special name

HTML.com: Auction ended unsold $85,000. Incredible name.


DMN.com One of the best LLL.com this year in my opinion. Sure, many may sell for more but I think this is as usable of an acronym as there is in the English language

DMN.com: Reserve was not met at $59,500. Would have almost tripped his investment. I read today that he had an 80k offer on the name and said no. Looks like he will be going back to them if he still wants to part with it.

WPQ.com The Q actually gives it value now. Not just for quality any more

WPQ.com: the reserve was not met at $25,400. WordPress Quirks. Don’t get me started.

BuildConfidence.com One of the most important things you can do in life. I may have built too much

BuildConfidence.com: $2,300. My wife says I have too much confidence. I tell her that I am confident that that is not the case.

PCWM.com No vowels or V and I’m told that’s a good thing

PCWM.com: $508. The price agrees with you.

7UH.com Has $500 or $600 left to reach what I think is minimum

7UH.com: The reserve was not met for $501. Didn’t get to much more than when it sold in 2013 for $301.

89890.com I’m just getting this whole 5N.com thing figured out but according to my vast research this one is awesome

89890.com: $4,820. You knowledge knows no bounds..

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

SiteFest.com Solid name for a tradeshow that deals with websites. I guess that’s pretty obvious

SiteFest.com: Uh oh Namescon. SiteFest is coming to town!

PFTB.com Universally loved LLLL.com Although I met guy one time that refused to use the letter B so he may not like this one. Or maybe he loved it because it looked like breasts. I forget the story.

PFTB.com: The reserve was not met at $460. Please Find The Beach.

RepairSpecialist.com No bidders. Good name, especially if you are going to use suburls

RepairSpecialist.com: Sub domains would be great for something like this.

HerbSmoker.com No bids. Pretty sure this is worth more than $12

HerbSmoker.com: So for like Thyme, Rosemary and sage?

HighestPrice.com Whether highest price is a good thing really depends on which side you’re on. No bidders. 12 years old

HighestPrice.com: It’s worked out for Berkins and Schwartz.

MeanSlut.com I think she’s only mean because you called her a slut. Comedy value only

MeanSlut.com: Agreed on both parts.

6598.net Great numbers. The 4N.net market has been pretty flat but a good number will do well regardless

6598.net: Not sure the extension would hold this one back much.

ZVXQ.com I’m pretty sure no LLLL.com should sell under $100 at this point. And this one has no vowels or V so it should sell for $150 or more. Less than half that

ZVXQ.com: I think the floor is about 100 to 150. Could be higher. 

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  1. I had a few domains with them over the years. The easiest solution I found was to simply send an email asking for the authorization code for the domain in question. Yes, they are a PITA, and yes I would not use them if it wasn’t for a specific reason either. Once I had to call in and I was not happy with that process either. It shouldn’t be that hard to do a simple domain transfer.

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