Aug 22 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in bold.


OnePill.com Great marketing name for a pharma company. No bidders. 12 years old

OnePill.com: $890. One pill can last up to 24 hours vs the competitor where you would need 8 pills!

HoseRepair.com Not sure if its a big enough category to have its own site but there are tons of hose repairs at the big box store. 10 years old and only one bidder

HoseRepair.com: #112. Could also be a miss spelling. only missing a ‘u’ to be house.

OKLC.com 10 years old. Oklahoma City something something. Over $100 at press time

OKLC.com: $1,591. Oklahoma City Learning Center.


HoldTheLine.com A decent call to action. Ok I think about the Toto song too

HoldTheLine.com: Auction ended unsold for $355. This is also a line from a Toto song.

LeftHook.com Great brand yet no bids. 1999 birthday

LeftHook.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. I would like right hook better.

LLHB.com Flip from Flippa to Godaddy

LLHB.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. Language Learning Something Something.

ForexStarter.com 9 years old. Great for a buildout to capitalize on those high CPCs. Gets a few hundred visits a month. At $60 at press time. Ends today, of course I accidentally said that yesterday but it ends at roughly 6 am central

ForexStarter.com: Auction ended unsold $80. Not a bad name.

DomainNamesForSale.com Obvious use for obvious people.

DomainNamesForSale.com: Auction ended unsold for $5,000. IDK what to do with this one.


SFRS.com Ending today. Most bids on the board

SFRS.com: $1,211. San Francisco Racing.

ESSK.com K at the end is now good. Just in case you didn’t know

ESSK.com: $744. Pronounceable.

Pho.xyz I like the dish and I like the domain

Pho.xyz: $155. Mmmm Pho.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

FashionAndFood.com Two things most girls (and many boys) love. No bidders $12

FashionAndFood.com: For models its more like fashion OR food.

JS9939.com The reason JS names are doing well is there is/are big gambling sites that start with JS and that has made the two letters synonymous with gambling in China. This one is doing very well

JS9939.com: I never knew what these were about.

JS9989.com Another one. I’m not saying buy these but there is opportunity in knowing things others don’t. Know that JS names are rising in value is something a lot of people didn’t know

JS9989.com: That is interesting.

JS9979.com Make sure to take a look at the prices on these below




JS9929.com All of these are over $200

JS9949.com Look how much the price drops when you add a 4

JS9949.com: Why do they buy these?… I feel like this would over saturate the market with you many different combinations.

Mofo.me At $10. Worth a little to some mofo’s

Mofo.me: Hahaha. I bet the .me registry charges premium for this MoFo.

JQ1.com Over $15K, maybe more by the time you read this. Can’t tell you a reason for this one. Can anyone fill me in?

JQ1.com: J for Johnson and Quarter One. Duh.

HBRM.com My favorite LLLL.com of the week. Ends a little later

OnHBRM.com: Hubert Bank Remington Massachusetts 

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